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Ashley Leeds The #15MinuteGuy and Author of 101 Ideas for LinkedIn - Content Made Easy available on Amazon

WHY 15 Minutes a Day?

LinkedIn is the NUMBER ONE Business to Business social media platform so why do say just 15 minutes a day?

If you do 15 minutes EVERY day in just one year that is 65 hours of free marketing.

  • Linkedin
  • Amazon
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

Can you really do LinkedIn in 15 minutes a day?

YES.  You can do LinkedIn in just 15 minutes a day.


You just need to be disciplined.  Or at least have a plan.  A focus.  In my LinkedIn Daily Habit Workshop, I share the daily actions that you need to do. 

I call them my Daily Habits.

  • Check your Red Dots

  • Act upon Notification

  • Respond to Connection Requests

  • Respond to Direct Messages (DM's)

  • Comment

If you do this every day, and I mean every day, the LinkedIn algorithm will start to love you and deliver more interesting and varied content. (see my video that explains this)

PLUS.  By doing these actions every day, you'll have a purpose and because you are active every day you'll explore and find more things of wonder and start to love LinkedIn.  The more you do something the easier it becomes because it is becoming familiar.

Do you drive?  Can you remember when you first started?  How difficult did it seem?

That's exactly the same with an unfamiliar social media platform.

I want you to love LinkedIn and by getting into a daily habit you will.

For more information about my 15 Minutes A Day and what you can do watch my video on my YouTube Channel - How To Find Clients on LinkedIn 

Why not spend 15 minutes with me?

If you want to know more about how you can make LinkedIn work in just 15 minutes a day then book a zoom coffee with me.

07799 722607 

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