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What will YOU post about on LinkedIn this week?

Did I say the other week about using your post to ask for help? My post where I asked for names for branded clothing got nearly 4000 views! 7 ideas for posting this week

  • Should you follow your staff on social media? I found this Interesting article for you to take ideas from

  • I had a break this week. Do you take time off work? How does this affect you or your business? Talk about the benefits of taking time off, or maybe special places that you've been.

  • The nights are drawing in. It was nearly dark by 6:30 pm down here last night. Why not talk about how this is a period that you like/embrace/dislike and talk in a positive way about how it can be turned around to a positive.

  • Did you have the sun yesterday? What a glorious day eh? A bit of unexpected sunshine. Talk about this and what things you did, or what about unexpected things and what you've done when an opportunity pops up!

  • Energy Prices. We cannot ignore this. Do you have any tips? Anything positive?

  • Weekend Sport. Tyson Fury won again!! And he also apparently pocketed $10 Million. There has to be plenty to write about here eh?

  • Photos. I've talked about scrolling through your photos on your phone to give you inspiration. I've been purposefully taking photo's to give me something to post in the future. When you are out and about think about what you see and take a photo for a future post!

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