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What will YOU post about on LinkedIn this week?

I post every day, sometimes even at the weekend. Please do not aim to do this from day one. Build yourself up to posting more by trying to do just ONE POST this week. Here are some ideas for you this week.

  • Should you follow your staff on social media? I found this Interesting article for you to take ideas from

  • Working at the weekend? I am in my shed at 6:00am on Sunday starting this email. It fits in with MY family and my early rising habit. But what do you do at weekends? Maybe use this as a POLL for your post. (I have just created a helpful video to show you how to create a poll)

  • Can we mention the C-word yet? It's only 82 until Christmas Day. What do you do in your business that means this is an important deadline?

  • Long Trousers I don't know about you, but walking the dog yesterday morning with my shorts on, just felt so cold, so today I have my jeans on. Why not post about your winter wardrobes, how Autumn coming signals different things for your business, or what it means with your planning. There are so many ideas around this. In fact, that's the subject of my post today!!

  • Ask for help When I needed a business bank account for my new business I write a post that asked which account would be best. I had loads of comments with different suggestions. My follow up post, when the bank card came, got over 36,000 views.

  • LinkedIn comes up with ideas too. Here's the latest snippet. Make sure you check your notifications for more inspiration.

  • The Great British Bake Off I think we are programme 3 of this popular series (the last series saw peaks of 10 million viewers. So you could talk about the parallels between this and your business, or something happening in your business. People can relate to baking. Try to come up with something that will help your clients see how brilliant you are. Maybe share a photo of your latest creation.

This should inspire you to come up with some great ideas for posting. Please tag me if you'd like my thoughts on your efforts.

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