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What to Post On LinkedIn: 5 Ideas for Growth. Create Engaging Content for LinkedIn™️ Strategy plan

Monday Nudge WEEK 41

Do you ever have periods of EVERYTHING happening at once?

I think I am still functioning. (just) I have had the most amazing four weeks ever. I've spoken at many events and driven nearly 1500 miles.

But I've not got many IRL events on my calendar now. (IRL is In Real Life, I'm down with the kids). So I can now catch up and get planning 2024.

Am I too organised or are you in the same boat?

Whatever your plans, don't forget the content!! You'll find my 5 ideas below.


My Video this week was recorded when I was up the ladder painting my daughter's house and because the road noise made the video poor, I have used Descript to fix the video and add some text. You can see the video here.

Let me know what you think.

Have a lovely week

all the best


Here are My Ideas in Video Format

Here are my ideas for Content this week.

Busy Periods

Following my busy month or so it got me thinking if you ever have busy periods, or do you plan accordingly? I guess as a speaker you don't want to say no to certain events eh? Share how you managed. Share your tips. What about sharing why you said NO to certain events because you know your limits?

Down with The Kids - Language

My IRL reference above got me thinking. Do you use the 'kids' way of talking?

What sort of language are you using so that people understand what you're talking about? Are you choosing this new language? Is it bants? Is it banter? What are you talking about?

Fire Prevention Week

Did you know it's fire prevention week this week?  Are you making sure that you are safe for fire? Do you have a fire officer at your work? Do you have smoke alarms? Share your fire prevention tips, or what about your procedures? Can you recommend anyone who can help?

National Savings Day 12 October

It is National Savings Day this week, so what are you doing to make sure you are saving enough? Are you putting money away regularly? Are you using ISAs? Are you using piggy banks?

And what about premium bonds? Have you had a big win on the premium bonds recently? Do you know anyone who can help you? Can you recommend any books related to this subject?

Hospice Care Week

Hospice Care Week.  So talk about the local hospice. Do you do any fundraising for them? Have you had any voluntary work that you do with them as well? We need to give a shout-out for all the hospices helping all our loved ones.

Don't forget that content is everywhere! Still stuck? Have a look at your phone. Any photos?

Have a fantastic and creative week


More Helpful ideas on my YouTube Channel

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