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WEEK 49 Monday Nudge Time

WEEK 49? I had to check

I have been seeing loads fo people worried about how poorly their content is performing on LinkedIn™️ and have also been talking about it quite a bit.


Just keep doing what you are doing.

My impressions have dropped like a stone. CRASHED


I am still getting good engagement (people liking and commenting) and I'm still getting people dropping DM's into my messages so just keep on doing what you are doing.

ONE POST A WEEK is enough

But if you can get that to THREE that's a great way to ensure that you will be front of mind.

Good luck


My Nudge is also a VIDEO

Here are my ideas for Content this week.

Please don't just skim this, read it and create some content.

I know you're busy.

But it's all about consistency.

You can email me at or drop a DM on LinkedIn™️.

Content is everywhere

Good luck

Christmas Cards

Talk about your Christmas card plans? Are you cutting back because of the cost of the postage? Why do you choose the Christmas cards that you do? Do you have charity Christmas cards? Do you send Christmas cards to all of your clients or a select few? Do you still send Christmas cards to your family? Do you get your children to design Christmas cards? And are you one of those people that write a long letter?

Numbers of Things

This Monday Nudge is all about the 5 ideas for content. But why not create your own lists? 3 things I do in my business. 7 ideas to help you to xxxx (xxx is that you do as a service). 3 things I wished I'd know before xxxxx (xxxx is the thing you are now doing). Think of a number, think of what you do or how your clients benefit from working with you and hey presto, you have some content. You could do this over a period of a week if you have a big list!!

Christmas Jumper Day (Thurs 7 Dec)

It's Christmas jumper day on Thursday the 7th of December. This is a day to raise awareness and a little bit of money for Save the Children. Do you have a Christmas jumper day in your office? Do you use it to raise funds? Is it just to have a bit of fun?

Maybe you have a Christmas jumper day every single Friday in December. How many Christmas jumpers do you have? I know of somebody that has got 31, so one for every day of December.

Selection Boxes

They are all over the shops at the moment eh? Do you still have them? I can remember as a kid you used to get a whole selection box. It was like you're getting a whole sweet shop. But obviously, nowadays you can get hold of all kinds of chocolate at any time of year.

Do you still like a selection box? What's your favourite selection box? Do you give your children selection boxes?

Winter Sunshine

With all this horrible weather we've been having, and the cold weather, I've seen a few photos of people away in the sun. I've also seen a few people sharing their summer holiday snaps wishing they were away. Do you ever go away for winter sun and how does it affect you?

We were actually away this time last year for my daughter's birthday in Morocco, and it was beautiful being away in the sunshine, but a real shock when we got back. So what are your thoughts on winter sun? Is it just too busy this time of year to go away and spend time away? Do you look forward to a break in January instead?

If you have great ideas of content that has worked for you and you want to be featured in my Monday Nudge then please get in touch.

In the meantime if you read this before 10:00am today (Monday) why not DROP-IN

Today is the 1st Monday of the month so I'll be here on Zoom with my free LinkedIn™️ Drop-in surgery to help you with anything on LinkedIn™️.

My topic this month is all about Making Connections


More Helpful ideas on my YouTube Channel

My Live shows this week

Tuesday 12:30 pm

Gary Jones - The Podcast Coach

Wednesday 12:30 pm

Hamish Edwards - From Co-Founder of Xero to Firmcheck

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