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What should I post on Social Media?

In this Monday's Nudge Blog

  1. Headline ideas for posting this week

  2. News of my BIG NEW Creating Content Course (and Super Early Bird offer)

  3. Your Daily Habits (your must-do actions)

  4. My exciting Show this Tuesday

  5. Full Breakdown of ideas for posting this week

  6. The Next LinkedIn Daily Habit Workshop

So here are my ideas for this week.

As you know (I keep banging on about it) only 1% of LinkedIn users actually create content. What's stopping you? This week, you'll have less competition because the corporates will be reducing their content!!!

  • Easter

  • Pets

  • Bank Holiday

  • DIY

  • The Masters

See Below for a breakdown.


MY BIG ANNOUNCEMENT Content Creation is now 30 Minutes a day!!! My original One-Off 45-minute Content Creation Workshop is now a daily course for one week at 30 minutes per day. There is just so much to share with you that this is the only way that I could think to deliver this content. It starts on Monday 9 May at 11:30 and will run all that week for 30 minutes each day. I've even booked a content writing specialist to join me for one day too. I'm so excited, to celebrate the fact, that I am giving away a super early bird price until midnight today. (Monday 11 April) Rather than the early bird of standard price (£95.00), if you book today, you'll get the whole course for just £60.00 You can book on my swanky new platform using this link.


Don't Forget your everyday steps to create a sustainable habit? You should aim to do most of these actions every day!!

  • Check your notifications and respond to any comments.

  • Answer any messages

  • Respond to any connection requests

  • Make a note of your numbers for monitoring

  • Comment and like posts

  • Consider writing your own post. PLEASE aim to write ONE post per WEEK

  • Connect with someone


Full Content Breakdown

Please note that as people will be away on holiday for some or all of the next couple of weeks that there will be fewer people actually creating content so you'll have more chance of getting noticed. On the flip side, there will be fewer people using LinkedIn so there will be fewer people to see your post, but I reckon this is the week to post if you want to give it a go.

  • Easter There is absolutely a lot of things that you can talk about his week. Family traditions. The first holiday of the year. Easter Eggs. Fun with the children. Hot cross buns and simnel cake.

  • Pets When I wrote about one of our Guide Dog puppies I had over 50,000 views, so everyone loves a pet story. It makes you more human and who can resist sharing their treasured pet memories and photos. How about a search for the funniest pet name?

  • Bank Holiday This weekend we have 2 bank holidays!!!! What will you be doing? We will be interested to hear about your plans. We'll celebrate if you are taking time off. Easter is a time for families so are you using the time off to catch up with family?

  • DIY Sadly Easter is also the start of all the big DIY stores' discounts and marketing campaigns to get you doing DIY. Did I read somewhere that this is also the biggest time that Accident and Emergency departments are inundated with people falling off ladders etc Tell us your plans. You can also interweave what you are doing with how you plan your work in business.

  • The Masters Golf is back on the TV and after watching the wonderful film this week, The Phantom of the Open many people will be glued to the TV. Do you like/play golf? Can you put a spin on the Masters and share any of your sporting achievements? Or what about your greatest sporting misdemeanours?

If you would like to see a video of this? IT'S HERE

LinkedIn Daily Habit Workshop On Monday 25 April I'll be running my tried and tested LinkedIn Daily Habit Workshop. Every morning that week I'll be hosting a zoom workshop from 08:45 for just 15 minutes. You'll get a workbook to help you with your learning and a 1:1 on completion of the workbook. By the end of the week, you will have

  • More profile views

  • Increased SSI score (LinkedIn have an internal tool that gives you a score)

  • Improved Profile

  • More enjoyment from using LinkedIn

If not I will refund your money. In full, no quibble! Here's the BOOK HERE link to book and find out more But don't just take my word for it. Have a look at my recommendations at the bottom of my LinkedIn Profile. Cannot make it every day? Don't worry, I record every session and share them immediately!

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