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What should I post on LinkedIn - 5 Ideas for you!

Five new content ideas for you this week

Where does the time go? I do hope that you are trying to come up with a post each week. You need to be visible. If you are taking a break though, make sure you do. LinkedIn will still be here when you return!

It was lovely to see some of you this week at our Monthly Catch Up. The next one is scheduled for Monday 6 September. BOOK HERE. More details are below.

The football season has started already? WOW.

As you know, I record a video each week too. Here is This week's VIDEO

If you have any questions please drop me a DM on LinkedIn.

Good luck this week.

Here are my FIVE ideas for this week, week 32!

The Premiership has started already

Is this early? I cannot remember the football starting this early. Maybe it's because of the World Cup later in the year? The Premiership started this weekend. Will you be following the matches? Do you have a favourite team? Are you a real fan? Talk about the ups and downs of being a fan. Or mix what you do with the teamwork of a good game. In light of the recent awesome performance from the lionesses maybe you'll be watching more women's games this season.

Have you been trolled?

I had my first negative comment his week and I won't lie, it upset me. Here I am trying to create positive content and this individual thought that they would bring some negativity to my content. The thing to do is ignore it and block them so you do not have to listen to any negativity. Do you have any funny stories of how this has happened to you? How did it make you feel? What did you do to overcome it? You cannot please all the people all the time, so just move on.

Food Festivals

It seems to be the season for food festivals. Have you been to one recently? Do you go to every festival that is nearby, or is it a special treat? What sort of foods do you like? Talk about the great work that some local food producers are doing. Do you have any recommendations for us?

Difficult Decisions

Talk about some of the difficult decisions that you've had to make recently. But more importantly, you need to share how you overcame them. We all face difficult decisions so you talking about yours, will resonate with your connections. Spread some positivity.

International Cat Day

Are you a dog lover, or a cat lover? If you are the latter, then you'll be able to celebrate International Cat Day. I know a few people in my network who'll be creating content around our furry friends. Talk about why you love cats, how many you have or maybe how they help you with your wellbeing.

What else you should be doing on LinkedIn

Don't forget your everyday steps to create a sustainable habit.

You should aim to do most of these actions every day!!

  • Check your notifications and respond to any comments.

  • Answer any messages

  • Respond to any connection requests

  • Make a note of your numbers for monitoring

  • Comment and like posts

  • Consider writing your own post. PLEASE aim to write ONE post per WEEK

  • Connect with someone

Check out my Radically Different Workshop

Rather than doing my 15 Minute a day workshop, I am trialling a one-off Single Session. Yes, you heard me right. 90 minutes on Friday 19 August of all my content. With follow up emails every day to keep you accountable and remind you what you need to do to optimise your profile and get more from LinkedIn.

All this and backed up with my Money-Back Guarantee I'll deliver all my content to help you to start getting more from LinkedIn. Here's what you get.

You'll get a workbook to help you with your learning and a 1:1 on completion of the email task list.

By the end of the training, (1 Week after starting) you will have

More profile views

Increased SSI score (LinkedIn have an internal tool that gives you a score)

Improved Profile

More enjoyment from using LinkedIn

If not I will refund your money. In full, no quibble!

Here's the link to book and find out more

But don't just take my word for it. Have a look at my recommendations at the bottom of my LinkedIn Profile.

I just need to think how I can last 90 minutes when I am The 15-Minute Guy

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