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What should I post on LinkedIn?

This is from my Monday Nudge Email. If you'd like this delivered to your inbox every Monday click the button and sign up. I'll also record a personalised review of your LinkedIn profile if you like.

Are we back to normal this week? How was your Easter break? This topic is one of my ideas for this week so read on for some ideas to help you create content. If you want more help in structuring the perfect content check out my new workshop. (See Below)

If you want to listen to some ideas for LinkedIn then I'm in a Content Creation Podcast with Anna Bravington. HERE

Here is your inspiration for this week.

  • Returning after a break. Many of us have had a bit of time off work this last week. Are you recharged or coming back to a deluge. We're all interested in what you did and so will your clients. Share how you managed your time off. Did you take your laptop, or was it a proper break?

  • 2022 Betfred World Snooker Championship We're in the middle of snooker's biggest competition. Is this your sport? I'm so old it's Ray Reardon and Hurricane Higgins but there will be a lot of people glued to the tv. Especially for the finals at the weekend. There are a lot of tactics in this game, just like business. Surely you can find some parallels?

  • CPD Personal Development When you see me walking I've probably got my headphones plugged in. I'm not listening to the new George Ezra album, it's podcasts and Audiobooks. I wish that I had been aware of the rich and diverse world of self-development when I was younger. What do you do? Share your take on all things learning. Have you paid money for workshops or training kits?

  • Stop Food Waste Day No, I hadn't realised this was a day too. But it gets you thinking eh? What do you do to use food? I've made banana cake a few times recently with our black bananas. Do you have any recipes or ideas to reduce food waste? More inspiration here

  • MAY Yes, another month will be here on Sunday. In Padstow, they celebrate 'Obby Oss. Many people dance around the Maypole. What else will May bring? Another Bank Holiday. Warmer weather. How does the start of the month work with you?

If you would like to see a video of this? IT'S HERE

If you have any questions please drop them on the Private Alumni Group pages or send me a DM on LinkedIn.

Would like to know how to Create Content that Counts? My fully revamped Content Creation workshop starts on 9 May at 11:30am for 30 minutes each day that week to help you have more structure to make sure that your content works. £95.00 for access to all five days of live zoom calls (All recorded to watch back) I'll be sharing everything that I do to get engagement and stay current. With so much time for the workshop, we can have discussions and on Thursday I even have the wonderful Odessa Shereard joining us to give us her take on content. With high post engagement Odessa knows a thing about creating great content. You can book on my Learning Platform using this link.

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