What should I post on LinkedIn?

Do you struggle with what to write about on social media?

How are you getting on with LinkedIn? Here are some more suggestions to help you to create content. It's important to keep putting posts out there, but don't forget how important is it to keep commenting. Feel free to add a like, but please COMMENT!

You know the drill. 7 Words or more, create a conversation and get involved. Just like you would at a real-life event networking meeting. You get out what you put in

Your 5 suggestions for your content this week are here? My LinkedIn Post today is a video of this Each week I pick 5 different subjects and expand to give you some topics to talk about to add value to the content that you share on LinkedIn. Remember that only 1% of people on LinkedIn actually create content, so it won't be long before people start noticing you!!!

  • Winter Olympics Loads of coverage all over the media so it'll not be difficult to come up with some great ideas, but why not use the stories of some of these athletes to help you describe what you do and how it has helped your clients. Overcoming adversity. Rigorous training and practice. Exposure to new things. Facing your fear.

  • National Apprentice Week. This is a great bandwagon to get on. Have you had an apprentice before? Are you a serial hirer of apprentices? Talk about your best practices. List Do's and Don't's Talk about how some of your clients may have used apprentices. If you were an apprentice why not tell your story? There's more here. And for all you lovely Accountants & Bookkeepers how about this link?

  • Do you have any tips for attracting customers Talk about what you do, or what your clients do? Why not ask for some help? Create a poll to find out who does what or what works? Be prepared for an onslaught of marketers offering help . But if they are marketers, they may be connected to your potential clients, so this could be of benefit eh?

  • Recruitment Agency Expo. I noticed that this is happening this week. Maybe some speakers here would be great to connect with as they may be connected to your potential customers? But what about expo's in your field? Are there any coming up that you can talk about? Your customers will be attending, so if you talk about them, then your customers will be engaged don't you think?

  • What are you doing about energy costs? This is a big news story. Have you got any energy-saving tips? Do you have a good energy tariff, are you doing anything differently? Any top tips that you can share?


Do you still struggle writing Content for LinkedIn?

Only 1% of the 800 Million LinkedIn members actually create content, you are not alone.

This is why I have put together this standalone Content Writing Workshop.

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Delivered in just ONE 45 minute session. Yes I know I'm known for my 15-minute sessions, but I want to really inspire you to get posting more content and I need to have a bit more time with you.

I'm gonna dive deep. I'm going to get you thinking. You'll get a workbook and you'll learn even more about structuring and creating content and you'll be finding ideas all the time.

If you want to be front of mind and create content that counts then here's the link to book the very first workshop at a trial price of just £25.00.

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