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What shall I post on Social Media?

Here's some ideas to get you posting on LinkedIn and your social media channels

What will YOU post about on LinkedIn this week? I's the middle of November with loads going on. So that you do not drop your social media ball, here is some inspiration for you.

7 ideas for posting this week

  • Abba are No 1. 40 years after their last studio album and the world has gone mad for this latest release. Knocking Ed Sheeran off the charts and making poor Adele sweat about her release next week! You can find out more here You can write about how they have stood the test of time and how your business does too. There are many parallels. Hey, let's face it people love Abba, so it will resonate eh?

  • Christmas Adverts. John Lewis, McDonald's and Aldi have been splashed all over our screens. Do you look forward to these epic commercials or do you not care? It's a special time of year and the advertising agencies are very busy. Do you change your marketing at this time of year?

  • Chamber of Commerce? Do you belong to a local Chamber? or what about the FSB? Do you hold office, do you need to get more recruits? Does it help your business, or do you like it to help the community?

  • The Channel Tunnel Back in 1994 the trains started running for the public under the sea to France! Have you ever been on the train? What other wonders have happened in this time? Do you have any huge things in your business that have revolutionised things?

  • Top Tip Tuesday. Why not have a go and offer some tips. If you know stuff, share it with people in some easy to understand tips.

  • Christmas Lights Switch On. The first opportunity after Remembrance Sunday, many towns have their annual Switch on events. Does your town have one? Do you get involved? Do you sponsor anything in your town?

  • 17 November is Guinness World Records Day. Do you have a dream of becoming a record-holder. If you could hold a world record, what would it be? If you’re serious about breaking a world record, you can even apply on the Guinness World Records website.

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