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What does engaging content look like on LinkedIn?

Ashley Leeds The #15MinuteGuy and Author of 101 Ideas for LinkedIn - Content Made Easy available on Amazon     He is sat in a Christmas Hat next to a Christmas Tree and he is smiling

NEW WEEK Commencing 17 December

Every week I spend a couple of hours reviewing my content from the week on LinkedIn and I share my thoughts and findings for you so that you can see how content works and why I chose my topics.

This not only helps me, but hopefully you'll get some value from my experiments and even some inspiration to get out there and create you won content.

Views Last Week 1,679 the graph says up by 17%

Views This Week 1,710 the graph says downIt’s a rollercoaster, but less people are around this week so it really is no surprise. Too busy wrapping presents!

I have had 148 people look at my profile this week.

Hashtag Follows Last Week 83 up 3

Hashtag Follows This Week 89 Another 6 more, getting close to my first 100!

Followers Last Week 6,321 - This Week - 6,379 a 58 count increase this week, not bad at all considering the low views and engagement

SATURDAY 17 December 3,470 impressions

I created a Santa hat image for Karen and off the back of that she did a lovely post saying how lovely I was which introduced me to her network.

I wanted to highlight how helping people and giving your time and knowledge away for free does pay you back.

In this post, I asked the questions and had lovely engagement.

Have you given stuff away?

Do you do things for nothing?

It's one of my mantras I'm afraid. I cannot help myself. Maybe it's in my DNA?

Here's WHY

Because I started my working life in hospitality I have always been generous with my time.

I wanted my guests to enjoy their eating experience so I went out of my way to help them.

Funny, but they always returned and I did ok with tips 😂

During my sales career, I also gave away stuff for free. Sometimes it was a 'deal' but most of the time it was my time.

I could give away my time without my managers questioning what I did. Well some of them. Others were too focussed on my KPI's and my numbers.

I left those organisations.🤦‍♂️

My time would be to help them understand the product or service that they purchased from me (I never sold) . I'd revisit to make sure everything was ok. I phone up and do a quick zoom demo to help them.

I've had many jobs in my career, but nothing brought me more joy than being able to help people and make a difference.

But in the end, my numerous bosses could never see past the numbers or try to make more money from our clients and customers.

So when I found myself out of work again, it made sense to set up on my own. After all, it was my wife who pushed me to do it.

So here I am.

My own boss and now I can give away whatever I jolly well want.

Maybe a chat, or a quick video review of your LinkedIn profile, or a week-long video series to help you get a LinkedIn Daily Habit.

Or maybe just a Santa Hat!!

But all this giving away does come back to you.

Thank you to the lovely Karen Tisdell. A delightful LinkedIn Superstar in Australia.

Thanks to the wonderful Espresso + group from John Espirian Karen is in our circle and when she dropped a comment about a Santa hat I reached out.

Karen was over the moon.

So over the moon, she created a post about the experience.

And because Karen has thousands of followers I am now in other people's orbit too.

Giving stuff away. It comes naturally to me. But it is amazing how it does come back.

💚 Is it the universe?

💛 Does reciprocity really exist?

💚 Why don't we all work like this?

Hey, sales managers, you need to lighten up eh? 😂

What do you give away? How does it come back?

Thank you Karen. I cannot wait until 2023. It will be a ripper!




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I had 3,470 impressions, 32 Reactions, 64 comments, and 1 Repost

You can view this post here

SUNDAY 18 December 1,884 impressions

We went to a concert the previous night and through no fault, the gig ended up being unplugged. It was probably one of the best experiences of live music that I have had because the band were incredible and the audience reacted too.

But this also highlights how we can get into a pickle and it’s what we do to get out of it.

It resonated with many people so was a good post and I had loads of great engagement.

Do you ever do something and it all goes wrong?

Do find that you'd be better off just giving up?

I went to a concert last night and there was a huge bang on the stage and we thought the musician had an electric shock and was going to die!


He was playing away but all we could hear was a crackly noise.

The sound guy jumped on stage and it appeared to work after that, but not brilliant as you should still hear the crackle.

Luckily he was the warm-up guy.

The main act, The Sound of The Sirens, was on later so we assumed it would be all right when they jumped on stage.

Guess what? It was not.

The poor ladies were plagued with crackles and pops and their faces were brilliant as they battled through.

They never gave up. We had all braved the weather to turn up. We paid for our tickets and it was their last gig in a while as Hannah is very pregnant.

They wanted to give us a great concert.

In the end, they unplugged their guitars and played acoustically.

The audience went silent. You could hear a pin drop.

You could also hear the fabulous harmonies from Hannah and Abbie as they gave it their all.

I have never been to such an intimate gig, we were all willing them to keep going and they didn't fail to deliver. We were rewarded with great adlibs, funny stories and an experience we'll never forget. Thank you, Sound Of The Sirens.

This is a great example of how we can still do a great job when the gods are against us. We just need to adapt. Battle on. Be resilient.

When did something like this happen to you and what did you do?




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MONDAY 19 December 2,139 impressions

Is it worth creating content over the next couple of weeks?

Should you bother?

Why not?

If you're stuck, here are some ideas for you.

More detail in the festive video. This is the penultimate video for the year following my challenge to provide a weekly video to help you with content.

Nearly there.

Should I do it again in 2023?

✅ The Shortest Day

✅ Last Minute Gifts

✅ Christmas TV

✅ Christmas Dinner Hacks and Tips

✅ BBC Sports Personality of the year

I look forward to seeing your content this week.

Shout if you need a hand or if you have some alternative ideas!




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Previous Week

This post had 2,284 impressions, 46 Reactions, 43 comments, and 0 Reposts

558 views with 298 minutes watched by 473 viewers

This Week

I had 2,773 impressions, 29Reactions, 54 comments, and 0 Reposts

623 views with 205 minutes watched by 583 viewers Way up on any of last week because of the Christmas theme, but not so many minutes watched. Interesting!

You can view this post here

TUESDAY 20 December 3,364 impressions

I had a connection request from someone who I didn't know, but it turned out that they wanted to work with me.

I thought it would be a good idea to remind people why we should use a personalised message when we connect and how to add messages to our connection requests. I also wanted to explain the difference between a follow and a connect.

Although this post took me a while to create this will be lasting information that people can draw on at any time and therefore I have put this in my featured section have you connected with me yet or do you just follow me?

Do you send a message when you connect here?

Do you Connect or Follow?

Are you confused by all the options? And what about the mobile device then? That's different again eh?

If you send a message when you connect the recipient knows WHY you'd like to connect.

Isn't that a nice polite way to connect?

Some people just send requests willy-nilly. Is that the best way to make connections in 2022? Surely you want to know why?

What would you do in real life? Surely we need to be the same on social media too?

But then what if we go to CONNECT with someone and all they have is the FOLLOW button? Argghhh

Just hit the MORE button to switch it up.

I get asked these questions all the time so I thoughts I'd offer a hand with this document post. You can download the document too.

Do you connect or follow send a message or not?

Please let me know how you grow your network.

Still confused? Get in touch. Maybe it's time to do a video eh?




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I had 3,364 impressions, 26 Reactions, 57 comments, and 0 Reposts

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WEDNESDAY 21 December 1,646 impressions

I am not a fan of the long winter months and the short days so I always look forward to the shortest day.

I wondered if other people are the same, hence my post today.

What do you think?

Here's my post

Today is the 21 December, which is the shortest day of the year. My favourite day! So why not see what other people think? Am I the only one who loves today? It’s because the days will start getting longer!!

Here’s my post

What is your favourite day of the year?

Your Birthday?

Christmas Day?

Fundays and holidays?

What about today?

In the Northern Hemisphere, today is the SHORTEST day!!!


The nights are going to start drawing out.

The days will get longer. YAY

We can dream of the colour coming back in the spring and the warmer months. 😎 💐

I am not a fan of this time of the year. 😢

It's dark when you get up and dark before you finish work. So with today, we are over the hump and we can look forward to 2023 and all the exciting things that we can do.

Do you celebrate today or do you like nice cosy evenings in front of the fire? The guilt-free evenings watching a movie or binging a good drama?

Evenings where it's still light at 10:00 pm? Bring it on.

What about you? What do you think?

And please let me know your favourite day.




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I had 1,646 impressions, 14 Reactions, 51 comments, and 0 Reposts

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THURSDAY 22 December 2,370 impressions

In one of my 15-minute free calls, I was helping a guy sort out his profile and I tried to explain that his banner wasn’t helping me to understand what he did to help me. He’d paid good money for a designer to do his banner and did not get what I was talking about. So I thought that if he is lost then so will other people.

I also had an email from a prominent company suggesting ten different ideas for a banner.

This got great engagement and many people thought about what their banner is for.

I have also created a banner template in Canva that you can use to help you to design your own banner.

Are you happy with your Banner?

When was the last time that you gave it a little tweak?

Following a well-known brand newsletter talking about the LinkedIn banner, I was a bit surprised by their advice.

They suggested 10 different types of LinkedIn banners with ideas of photos and images.

What do you think?

This is what I teach in my 5-Day LinkedIn Daily Habit Workshop

💚 No photos of landscapes

💚 No intricate design

💚 No fiddly Canva images

Just plain text

Your banner is the size of my finger when I see it on my mobile phone so I cannot read small writing 🤦‍♂️

Why don't you use your banner like you'd use your Van Sign Writing or your Shop Front?

As soon as I see your banner I'll know exactly what you do. No ambiguity.

I've spoken to a few people this week who have their brand name on their banner but not what they do. It looks lovely and is well-designed, but it's not telling me what they do.

Below is a mock-up of what you could put in your banner.

I have a how to create a banner on my YouTube Channel. If you'd like the link please from me a DM

I'd love to know your thoughts and if your banner rocks, why not share a screenshot so we can see what GOOD looks like?




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I had 2,370 impressions, 20 Reactions, 60 comments, and 0 Reposts

You can view this post here

FRIDAY 23 December 2,121 impressions

It’s Friday so I always do a gratitude post.

Can you believe we are here already?

The Last Friday before Christmas!! Who's excited? Are you reflecting on a good week or too busy dashing around the shops?

⭐️ 🥳 🙏 𝐅𝐑𝐈𝐃𝐀𝐘 𝐓𝐇𝐀𝐍𝐊𝐒. 🙏 🥳 ⭐️

Who has made your week special? I love doing these posts on a Friday as it keeps me grounded and makes me appreciate how fortunate I am

Gratitude is important don't you think?

I've had some lovely interactions this week and here's my chance to say thank you.

First up is Sidmouth Mummers. That's me as King Tippoo as part of the traditional Mummers here in Sidmouth when we did our annual pub crawl. So much fun and so honoured to be part of this 200 year old tradition.

Thank you to Hayley Joy Weinberg - for her spontaneous shout- out when she did her live on Facebook. How incredible. Thank you Hayley ❤️

Thank you to Kayleigh Spowart ACMA and Debbie Wemyss for not only purchasing my book, but for also dedicating a post all about how the book is helping them. Thank you so much, this means such a lot 🙏

And talking of the book. Stephen Gibbens has started 101 Ideas for LinkedIn - Content Made Easy BINGO!! He's been busy writing posts from ideas in my book and quoting the item number. Thank you, Stephen, fun and genius 🥳

Big thanks to Des O'Neill for the inspirational book that he sent me. I've started reading and I am already impressed!! 🙏

Thank you to all you lovely people for the gifts and cards too. You know who you are. ❤️ 🤗

Thanks also to David FitzGerald from BBC Radio Devon for having me on his show again this week. We were supposed to be talking about Pubs and Live music but ended up talking about LinkedIn 😂. (I promise that was not my engineering). Thank you Fitz, great fun 🙏 🎤

What an amazing week.

What are you grateful for this week?

Who has made you smile?

Who was there for you when you needed a hug?

Have a Fantastic Festive Break and we'll all meet back here next year eh?

Thank you ❤️




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I had 1,546 impressions, 43 Reactions, 52 comments, and 0 Reposts

You can view this post here

That was the week before Christmas, less people here so less of everything, but still a fun week and some of my content I can definitely use again as it is helpful.

Last Week 21,072 impressions UP 13,5% and 701

This week 18,243 impressions Down by 13% and 480 engagements down by 31%. Not a surprise

How was your week?

Let me know or ask me any questions by reaching out on LinkedIn. I am always HERE

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