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What does content look like on LinkedIn?

My Week on LinkedIn

I have been creating content every day for the last 16 months since I started my new business. I realised that when i started I wouldn't have any income, so to keep costs down I have been sharing my thoughts on this incredible platform.

When I set up I was planning to coach Accountants & Bookkeepers, but a well structured Anti-compete clause from a previous employer meant I had to do something different for 6 months.

And that is why I am a LinkedIn trainer. From the depths of despair when I didn't know what I could, to finding something that ignites my passion and enables me to help people with their marketing plans too.

Because I am finding that people are worried about what to post on LinkedIn I have written a book (due for release in October 2022) and I am now sharing my content analytics so that you can see how it all works and hopefully pick up some ideas from me.

Here's my latest figures.

SATURDAY 20 August 525 impressions

I was blown away with a movie that I watched the previous evening, but this wasn’t a good enough post to create decent engagement. Maybe I should have had an image in the post too.

Here is and do highly recommend this movie

Do you ever watch a movie and say OH WOW?

We watched Thirteen Lives last night and were introduced to Rick Stanton.

Rick is a retired firefighter whose hobby is cave diving.

But because of his experience and expertise, he is widely regarded as one of the best cave divers in the world and was key to the rescue efforts during the Thai Cave Rescue in 2018.

Rick really is a hero, but an unassuming one and very humble with it.

The movie tells the story of the incredible story of how 12 boys and their football coach got caught in a cave when the rains hit and they become trapped.

I'll not tell you any more about it because Ron Howard has created a phenomenal movie. (it's currently on Amazon Prime)

Watch it and you'll see why I am now a huge fan of Rick.

Whom do you admire for their acts of courage, bravery or just gritty determination?

If you've seen the movie, what did you think? (no spoilers please 😁)




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I had 525 impressions, 2 comments, 3 Reactions, and 0 shares

You can view this post here

SUNDAY 21 August 4.998 impressions

There are always lots of people asking me questions about hashtags so I created a post to help people understand that we only need three hashtags.

This post was a cracking one because it was giving away my knowledge for free and also got people taking and sharing their ideas.

Here’s the post.

How many Hashtags do you put in a post on LinkedIn?

Do you know why it's best to just use only 3 or 5 at the most?

I get lots of questions regarding Hashtags. The main thing to remember is that three is all that you need.


Here's a real-life example.

Hit the three dots at the top of this post and then click on the 'copy link to post' hyperlink. Then paste this into a browser or a word doc and you'll the URL of this particular post.

In this post when you look at the URL you will see my personalised LinkedIn URL. In my case, it is 𝐚𝐬𝐡𝐥𝐞𝐲-𝐥𝐞𝐞𝐝𝐬-15-𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐮𝐭𝐞-𝐠𝐮𝐲

Then you'll see the three Hashtags as words in the URL like this


The activity and number string is what LinkedIn add to create the unique URL.

You'll also notice that it lists the hashtags in the order that I added them to my post.

So any more than three and they'll not be used.

If you include the hashtags in the body of the text (Not recommended) then that's the order they'll be displayed.

You'll also notice that I use four hashtags. I have my own hashtag at the bottom. This is 15MinuteGuy. 😁

I include this because this is my personalised hashtag and if you follow this hashtag you have more chance of seeing my content. It saves you ringing my bell 🔔. But if you do hit me bell...

I hope that this helps, but please shout if you want to know more.

So do you use hashtags? What is your personalised hashtag?

Please share it here and we can follow you too!




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I had 4.998 impressions, 82 comments, 41 Reactions, and 1 shares

You can view this post here

MONDAY 22 August 901 impressions

Are you stuck for content ideas?

Here are five ideas for your content this week.

✅ Give away a top tip

✅ Its Bank Holiday this coming Monday

✅ Reading & Leeds Festival

✅ Video Intro

✅ Summer Reads

Every week I produce a video to help you get ideas to create content so that you can be one of the 1% of people on LinkedIn who create content.

This is WEEK 34

Be front of mind, get people looking at your profile and just get known rather than scrolling.

I break down each topic in the video to give you even more ideas.

If you get stuck send me a DM. My mission is to get more people loving LinkedIn. When you love something you do it more eh?




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Previous Week

I had 1,230 impressions, 27 comments, 16 Reactions, and 1 share 240 views with 119 minutes watched by 227 viewers

This Week

I had 901 impressions, 21 comments, 19 Reactions, and 0 share 201 views with 113.2 minutes watched by 182 viewers On a par with last week, but no sunshine!

You can view this post here

TUESDAY 23 August 2,134 impressions

I was talking to my current training cohort about the value of commenting so I created a post so that they could see the value of the comments on LinkedIn.

Seemed to do alright.

Here is that post.

Do you comment on posts, or just a thumbs up?

Did you realise that commenting is the currency here on LinkedIn?

If you think of LinkedIn as one big networking meeting such as a breakfast meeting or BNI or a LinkedIn Local then you are on to a winner.

What do you do at these networking meetings?

You say hi, you chat, you have conversations and you speak to one another.

How many times at a networking meeting have you just put your thumb up instead of replying to a question or adding an opinion?

Go on, get chatting, start a conversation. When you comment on a post, add a bit of value.

Is saying well done or just agreeing with an original post adding any value?

Do you like to comment on posts? Or do you think that a thumbs up is enough to show you've read something or agreed with it?

Let's hear your thoughts today and let's start a conversation...




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I had 2,134 impressions, 72 comments, 9 Reactions, and 1 share

You can view this post here

WEDNESDAY 24 August 3,739 impressions

With my book going off to the editor I need to work out the next steps and pricing is c=going to be crucial. I want this book to help as many people as possible so want to keep the price below £10.00 but I do not want it to appear too cheap.

What better way to get help than to ask people on LinkedIn. They will all have an opinions dn also share what they know.

This is also a great way to get people thinking about the upcoming book.

Here’s my post and I start with with a few questions.

Can you help with a pricing question, please?

How much would you pay for a book?

Is it over £20.00? Or do you want something around £5:00?

I guess it depends eh?

I've just submitted my book to my editor 🤢 but the next step is to decide on a price. This is where you come in 🙏

The whole idea of the book is to help more people to create content because so many people struggle with ideas.

My book is a small paperback around 104 pages A5 size.

It's a book to help you come up with ideas for creating content

It has 101 individual ideas (which I expand upon) to inspire you

It shares my thoughts for why you should create content

It's not a LinkedIn for dummies type book, it's something to pick up when you have a no news day and need a bit of a nudge. Maybe something to keep in the loo 😁.

It's got sections to record what and when you wrote about so that you can easily repurpose and monitor the effectiveness of your content too.

I want to keep it affordable, but if it's too cheap it will not sell as people have a perceived value. 🤦‍♂️

What would you pay for a helpful little book like this?




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I had 3,733impressions, 96 comments, 13 Reactions, and 1 share

You can view this post here

This just goes to show how lovely my network is and how people LOVE to help.

THURSDAY 25 August 2,039 impressions

Have you seen this EXCITING new LinkedIn feature yet?

Yes, Exciting. 🥳

It's a much better way to add links to your posts.

LinkedIn DOES NOT penalise you for using links.

But, if you use a link it pushes people away from your post and therefore the engagement can be much lower than if people stay with you.

Not any more. (I'm testing that theory today). Let me know what happens if you click the link.

This feature is exciting because it keeps you linked to the original post (mobile device) so when you've been off to see the link you end up back on the post.


If you click my link and sign up for my Monday Nudge then as a thank you, I'll happily do a video review of your LinkedIn profile.

This feature is currently on rollout, so it may not be with you yet and sadly only available on mobile devices.

What do you think?




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I had 2,039 impressions, 29 comments, 13 Reactions, and 0 share

You can view this post here

FRIDAY 26 August 2,121 impressions

We had the Red Arrows supposedly coming to Sidmouth so I though this would make a great idea for a post and it got some good engagement. It actually transpired that they had to cancel. But we still had a lovely day!

Have you seen the Red Arrows this year?

They are in Sidmouth later today.

How incredible to be able to fly with such precision. How much practice must these pilots do to be that awesome?

I'm no fighter pilot, but I do try to practice things so that I get better. I do a little bit every day, it may not be enough, but at least I am moving forward.

My students this week are all moving forward too. I've seen some great strides and wonderful banners and headlines. But we are not all the same. It takes some of us a little longer and it is this that makes us unique.

Go at your own pace. You do not need to be a Red Arrow pilot. You just need to be a little better than yesterday.

What do you do to make those movements each day?

I cannot wait to see the Red Arrows again, it's always a big feature in the calendar here and the weather looks great, we've got our Pimms and picnic sorted. If you are coming to Sidmouth, come and say hi.

Top tip, park outside and walk in, the roads will be carnage when they have finished!

Have a fantastic Bank Holiday Weekend and keep moving forward.




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I had 1,242 impressions, 40 comments, 20 Reactions, and 0 share

You can view this post here

The graph says I am up 0.6%, but the numbers say differently again eh?

Last week 14,783 Impressions and 499 engagements. Seems to me I had a better week this week eh?

I have hit over 1 Million impressions!!! See my post next week for more information!

Good luck with your content. If I can help please get in touch.

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