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What do I post on LinkedIn?

Here are some ideas to help you to post on this incredible platform.

Many people say to me that they do not know what to post or have a clue. I will be dropping suggestions in here weekly to help you come up with ideas to get you posting with confidence. Remember that NOW is the best time to post, but maybe after a walk or a shower, you may have an idea. We cannot all think of things to say can we eh?

Here are some ideas for posting this week

  • I went to pick sunflowers on Saturday so I posted about that. What did you get up to over the weekend?

  • What are you learning at the moment? I am learning a new song to play on my guitar. You can weave your work into personal things and vice versa. A new song requires a plan, listening to the track and loads of other things that I can turn into a post about business.

  • Do you have any big deadlines? How does that make you feel?

  • Have you made a big purchase recently, talk about what you did to make a decision?

  • Give Kudos to someone for doing something great. A co-worker, a client. Your boss!!

  • Talk about your plans for this week. Ask your audience to act as your accountability buddy.

  • Who gave you some wise words this week? Share what they said in order to help your connections think about it too

Have Fun Posting!!!

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