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What Content Works on LinkedIn™️ - Content Ideas for Growth

This time next week is Christmas Day

Thank you so much for still subscribing to my Monday Nudge, it's been fun creating content ideas for you each week and this helps me grow too so we are all winning.

I'll be bringing you more of the same in 2024 and will also be sharing some extras to help you get more from LinkedIn™️ and help you to grow your personal brand.

I am so excited for next year and I have some epic news that I cannot wait to share with you.

But until then

Please have a wonderful Christmas and do not stress about creating content.

We are allowed a break.

But if you do want to create content, you'll find some more ideas below.

Stay safe and I'll see you after the event

Good luck


My Nudge is also a VIDEO

Here are my ideas for Content this week.

Just keep at it and you never know you may get a shout-out on a popular podcast for having the post of the week!!!

YES.  That was me.  Mark Williams (Mr LinkedIn) Has the LinkedInformed Podcast and gave me a mention in dispatches for my post about the landline.  Not quite post of the week, but it did make my day. 🥳 

His podcasts dig deep into LinkedIn™️ and well worth a listen.  This week's episode is HERE

If you don't create content, then you'll never be on a podcast

Come on, forget the excuses.


Merry Christmas

Elves on Shelves 

Have you taken those staged creative photos with those elves on the shelf?   Why not share your imaginative ideas and inspire others?  Give us some tips.  Share why you do it.  Is it for you or the kids, or did someone bet you large sums of money?  What a great way to spread some joy and fun this week.  Ask people to share their photos!

Christmas Eve

With Christmas just around the corner, why not share about your family traditions? Do you celebrate on Christmas Eve? What makes it special for you? Whether it's cosy movie nights, indulging in mince pies, or spending time with friends, share your festive plans and get people talking about the fun to come.

Out Of Office

As the year wraps up, many of us are winding down at work. Are you setting up an out-of-office message and fully embracing the holiday break, or do you have unique plans for keeping things active even during the festive season?  Share your top tips for making your business work over the festive season.  Will you be working in the downtime, or is it a full switch-off and recharge?

Keeping Active over the Break

Staying active over the holidays can be a challenge, is it essential for overall well-being, or can we take a break? Whether you're hitting the gym, spending quality time with family, or enjoying outdoor activities like a refreshing walk in the woods, share your plans and inspire others to incorporate wellness into their festive season.  Maybe you have a Peleton on your wish list?  What works for you, or can we take a break?

Shortest Day (22 December)

The winter solstice on December 22nd marks the shortest day of the year, but it also signals the promise of longer, brighter days ahead. This is my favourite day of the year.  Why not tell us about your thoughts on this special day and your anticipation for the coming spring? Are there other days to celebrate?  Am I mad for liking this day or are you a fan too?  Just think, the nights will be drawing out!!  BOOM!

If you have great ideas of content that has worked for you and you want to be featured in my Monday Nudge then please get in touch.

Ashley 💚 💛

More Helpful ideas on my YouTube Channel 

My Live shows this week

Tuesday 12:30 pm 

Mark Ormrod - Royal Marine Commando who lost three limbs whilst in Afghanistan talks to me.  This guy is super inspiring so you may want to join in.

Wednesday 12:30 pm

Francesca Tricarico - Accountant and Big LinkedIn™️ User.  She is a superstar on LinkedIn™️ so if you want any inspiration to go big in 2024 then be sure to tune in.


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