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What Content Works On LinkedIn? Content Ideas For Engagement

Week 36

Are we back to normal yet?

Some schools have gone back and others are back this week, so we will start getting back into the swing of things. (Idea No.1)



My reach and engagement have been down for the summer. Especially last week because I guess fewer people were around. I am looking forward to a much busier week on LinkedIn.

What about you? Don't worry about creating content today (Monday) But tomorrow will be a great place to start!!

And then again on Thursday or Friday.

You do not need to post every day. Honest.

Here are my five ideas for content this week. More details below, and don't forget my video in which I JUGGLE!!

Here's that JUGGLING video

Good luck this week and for those of you who booked the Drop-in, I'll see you later.

Here are my ideas for Content this week.

Back To Normal

With many schools back or going back are we going to get back to normal and start on our routines again? What are you looking forward to in September? What have you missed? Or maybe you loved the more relaxed atmosphere while the children were off. Talk about your challenges and your plans to overcome them. Do you ease in gently after the long holidays, or do you just jump in feet first? Good luck!

Secondhand September

My 2nd idea last week was about sustainability. Here's another idea. Organised by OXFAM to make us more aware of the environment and buy second-hand clothes. There are a few charity shops in every town, so there is no excuse. Talk about your great finds in charity shops. Do you volunteer to work in one of these shops? Do you donate, do you know any stats from these shops? What other places can you go to get things secondhand? What about your upcycling triumphs? A great excuse for some colourful photos eh?

National Payroll Week

All these different events give us so many topics to talk about eh? Do you have to worry about payroll and how does it affect you? What about your HR departments? Or maybe even talk about pensions? Do you do your own payroll and do you have any tips to make it easy? I know a lot of people reading this are Accountants & Bookkeepers so here's a great idea for you!!! Why do we need great payroll, what can we do to make life easier?

The Rugby World Cup 8-26 Sept

"Mais oui Mais oui". It's in France. Will you be watching and who will you be cheering? The All Blacks are the favourites again, but it doesn't;t mean anything. France is on home turf and England wants to prove themselves so it could be anyone's game. Will you be watching any of the games? Have you ever played rugby or maybe you help with the local youth team? You must have some stories to share about you and rugby.


My wife is creating one for the bolws club and one of my new connections is an Excel specialist. We all use them in one form or another, don't we? What do you use spreadsheets for? Share your top tips or some great spreadsheet that you have created. Why not do a poll to see who uses Google or Microsoft spreadsheets? Have you created a great business tool using a spreadsheet and could you share it?

Are you going to use any of these ideas? Please let me know if you have any suggestions for a future edition and I'll credit you with your topic.

Happy creating.


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