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What Content Works on LinkedIn and Instagram?

WOW. That's it all done. Both daughters married and a blooming awesome party at the weekend to celebrate our youngest daughter's wedding. The rain actually made the event better!!

How about you? How was your weekend?

Are your children on school holidays? Are you on holiday or planning one in the next 6 weeks?

So what happens to social media in your absence?


Have a holiday, have a break, and take some time off.

It will all still be here when you get back. It's all about balance.

I'd be interested to hear how you are getting on with your content and if you like this Monday Nudge. Let me know your thoughts, suggestions and ideas of what else I can do to help by dropping me a quick email

Have a fantastic week!!


watch the video HERE

Here are my ideas for Content this week.

Because of the wedding, I've got loads of content, loads of stories and a ton of photos.

When you go away on holiday, make sure you take plenty of photos as this will be your content when you get back. Try to find similar businesses to yours while you're away and do a comparison.

Just because you are on holiday shouldn't stop you from coming up with ideas. All you need to do is keep an open mind.

Here are my ideas for this week.

Emotional Days

Our daughter married her sweetheart on Saturday. It was an emotional day for many. Do you have emotional days? How do you cope? Do you like a good cry? What do you do if you see someone struggling? Do you embrace your emotions?


It's the holiday season. Are you going away this year? Has the cost of living crisis affected your decisions for a break this year? This weekend the RAC has estimated that around 13 million car journeys happened. Did you venture down to the Westcountry for a break in Devon or Cornwall?

Edinburgh Festival of Arts

If you've never been to Edinburgh, then this time of year is a real treat with the Arts Festival, so much to see and do and there is also the Edinburgh Military Tattoo which is another amazing spectacle.

Summer Blockbusters

Unless you've been living under a rock you'd be well aware of the new Barbie Movie that has just been released. Plus we've had Indiana Jone and Mission Impossible. There are a few other good movies coming out over the summer too. Do you love a good movie, will you be going to see Barbie? (The trailer looks hilarious) What is it about summer blockbusters that you love? How about creating a poll of the best summer blockbusters? Or maybe the worst movies of all time. So many topics you can pick up from this idea.

Last Days of School

Seminal moments for parents this week eh? Last days for our little ones moving up to big school. School proms and our older children finishing school for good before university, college and work. Can you remember your last days of school? Do you have any advice for parents coping with the fun this week?

What will you write?

You've got this!!!


Tuesday 26 September 10:00am - 3:00pm

I am hosting, along with the super awesome Becky Craven an event to help you get more from your online marketing.

Becky is an absolute genius and so much fun. Between us, we'll be helping you with your Instagram and LinkedIn as well as weaving in some podcasting and live streaming, networking and phone camera skills.

It'll be fully hands-on and we'll be working in small groups with breakout sessions to ensure that you get the maximum value.

We're still working on the content but have got 20 super early bird tickets available at just £55.00 each. The prices include a light lunch and refreshments as well as networking opportunities.

Keep your eyes peeled for more details. Prices will increase on 1 August

You can find out more at Eventbrite HERE

Tuesday 26 September 10:00am - 3:00pm


My Next Free Event

Drop into my zoom and I'll help you with LinkedIn



And The Featured Section!

Free Surgery Zoom Ticket

Remember what you need to do each day? It's all about creating a habit!

You should aim to do most of these actions every day!!

  • Check your notifications and respond to any comments.

  • Answer any messages

  • Respond to any connection requests

  • Make a note of your numbers for monitoring

  • Comment and like posts

  • Consider writing your own post. PLEASE aim to write ONE post per WEEK

  • Connect with someone

If you get stuck, just shoot me a DM on LinkedIn

Have a lovely week

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