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What Content Works on LinkedIn™️

Week 40 - The Monday Nudge

October already? Where did that sneak in from?

How are you doing? Really? How are you?

I've been talking to a few people this week who are struggling a bit. It's good to talk. Who could you check in with?

I've also spoken with people who are smashing it.

We only have three months left of 2023 so what are you doing to make it count? If you need a hand with LinkedIn™️ and marketing, you know that I'd love to help you.

If you've lost your MoJo with social media, why not use the last three months and the start of October to fire you up to take action?

Should we set up an accountability group? Meet maybe every week for a quick kick up the bum? What do you reckon? Let me know your thoughts, or why not drop-in to my LinkedIn™️ Surgery this morning at 10:00 am.

Have a stonking week and make it count!!

all the best


Here are My Ideas in Video Format

Here are my ideas for Content this week.


I was chatting with a guy fishing the other day. His carbon-fibre rod was £1,200 without all the other bits. That's a serious hobby and I learned a bit talking to him, so why not share your hobby? You will find other people who have the same hobby and you'll have something in common. So many people mention my guitars! SO come on, don't be shy.

Go Sober for October

This is a campaign backed by Macmillan Cancer Support to not only help people reduce their alcohol intake, but also to raise funds for much-needed help for families with cancer. They have an app and are gamifying the challenge. Have you reduced your alcohol intake? I talk to so many people who have either cut down or cut it out altogether and the benefits are huge. Let us know how you are doing. I love a nice beer, but for me it's moderation. Share your stories and maybe raise a bit of cash for a great charity.

Conference Season

With the Conservative Party Conference happening this week it got me thinking about other conferences. I've been to a few over the last few weeks and another on this Thursday too. Do you love a good conference? Or do they fill you with dread?

90 Day Focus

With just 90 odd days left in 2023, are you planning something to get done in that period? I have a few things that I haven't quite done yet this year. Are you planning a big push, or tidying everything off for a huge start to 2024? Share your plans, and get some accountability for free!! Do you have any tips to help us do more for October?

Strange Eating Habits

I'm writing this first thing in the morning (pre-7:00 am ) and noticed my daughter's prawn crackers in a Tupperware box and I sneaked a couple. Do you eat weird things at the wrong time of day? Or what about strange additions to your food? I love vinegar on my baked beans (try it). Share your funny stories, did you put in chilli instead of paprika or what about your family traditions?

What will you write about this week?

I'm here to help, just get in touch.

Have a fantastic and creative week


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