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What Content Works on LinkedIn?

What is stopping you from doing a post on LinkedIn?

In my new book, I break down the reasons why we do not want to create content. Most of it is in our minds and we can use neuroscience to help us get over ourselves. The book launches on 16 November

Here's an extract from the book on page 21

Excuses as to why we don’t post.

Here are some things people say to justify their lack of posting on social media. I run through these excuses in my training because we all like to make allowances for ourselves as to why we don’t do something. It’s our brain’s raison d'etre, it has to keep us safe, so we tell ourselves all these excuses (and more) as to why we shouldn’t post.

  • I’ve got no idea what to post.

  • People will dislike me for being too much in their face.

  • I am busy working on the perfect content to share.

  • My connections don’t care about seeing my posts.

  • People already know what I may write about.

  • I’m afraid of being judged.

  • Posting is too complex, only influencers should be posting; and

  • It’s just not my thing, I only like scrolling.

It’s time to put on your big-person pants and just go for it. What’s the best that can happen?

Stop with the excuses, they are just excuses.

Let me know if you have any other excess that I can use in my training workshops and my next book.

My book launches next week. How excited do you think I am right now?

Stop it with the excuses, here are some more ideas to help you with week 45

Top Ten Lists In your business, you know so much. So why not share your Top Ten? Top Ten ideas to help people. Are you good with software packages? Why not Top Ten ways to make Canva easy to use. or Top Ten Outlook Hacks? My Top Ten ideas for productivity. You could come up with a huge list and make it your thing to do a top ten each week. I could probably write a book just about top tens. (now there's an idea...) International Stress Awareness Week A week to talk about stress, and share your experiences. How did you overcome stress? Top Ten signs of stress. What about mindfulness, can you recommend anyone to help? What did you do when you noticed someone you know was going through stress? Does your company have any policies to help your team members? So much to talk about. Reach out to people who you know are showing signs of stress. COP 27 This kicked off yesterday. What are we doing about climate change? Do you have anything that you can share? Do you follow the programme? What things are you doing to do your bit? What tips have you got? Maybe a 'top ten climate-changing ideas' anyone can do. Can you see a theme this week . What about the irony of everyone travelling the world to get to Egypt? Remembrance Day 11 November sees us remembering our fallen heroes. With the war in Ukraine, it's even more relevant today. Do you do anything in your business? Do you have stories to share? Do you get involved in the poppy appeal? Will you be going to the parade on Sunday? What does it mean to you? Tax Return Deadlines Have you done your tax return yet? The HMRC are getting ready for the influx of returns coming in. Have you finalised your numbers or do you leave it until after Christmas? Are you in the Accountants & Bookkeepers camp and have a busy period coming up? Or are you organised and helped your clients to get ready? Do you have a top ten list of what to do to make it easy? Do you get a refund or a huge tax bill? With my new book coming out it doesn't mean I'll not be sending you these emails each week. Just pick one topic this week and come up with your post. Once a week is a huge step and from little acorns.... If you get stuck, just shout. Don't forget my video. WATCH the video here. I know that I say this EVERY WEEK, but I am here to help so if you have any questions please send me a DM on LinkedIn.

Fancy a Free and Easy Challenge?

I am so excited to share this with you

I've been trialling a new free challenge to help you to jump onto LinkedIn every day. I show you what you need to do each day and by the end of the week-long challenge, you will see a difference in your use of LinkedIn.

Here's a lovely message I had from one of my early adopters.

I’m on day 3 of the daily habit challenge and really enjoying it I haven't been using LinkedIn for quite a while and was a bit intimidated at the thought of trying to grow an audience on it. So I'm finding your daily habits really effective :) I’ve had more interaction the last few days than I think I’ve ever had!

If you want an energetic video from me every morning with ideas for what you need to do each day on LinkedIn then sign up today.

If you've joined one of my workshops this is a great refresher. If you've not been on my LinkedIn Daily Habit Workshop, then here's a chance to see for yourself why people love my workshops.

All for free for just 5 days.

Please let me know how you get on.

And don't forget to create your content this week. So much to talk about!!!

Have a great week and please shout if you have any questions

all the best


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