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What content works best on LinkedIn? Content Ideas that are most popular on LinkedIn?

NEW WEEK Commencing 04 November

On Saturdays, I sit down and look at my content for the week so that I can write this blog. This also helps me to understand where I am, what I'm doing and what content is actually working.

I also write a blog to help people with ideas for content. And this content blog turns into my Monday Nudge. Which you can find here.

It's really useful to review what you get up to because you can see what works and what doesn't. Also by reviewing what you've done in the week, you can check that you've responded to every single comment.

And have you looked at who's been commenting regularly? Maybe you could reach out to those people and say thank you for commenting on my post.

Just another way to get in touch with people and build up that know, like and trust. Within this blog I also explain why I chose the topics that I spoke about so that you can probably get an idea of what I am doing.

What inspires you to create content and do you review what you do?

Profile Views;

Previous Week

My views have remained static but with 203 people viewing my profile this week. This is up on last week although the last 90 days has seen the figure drip a little.

Total views in the last 90 days is 2,247

Views This Week My views have dipped below 200 again but i’m pretty steady with 182 people viewing my profile this week. Total views in the last 90 days is 2,240 a slight drop on the 90 day period. But I am down by 18%


In the previous week my numbers were at 8,785 that’s 72 new followers.

This Week - 8,848 that’s 63 new followers this week. Not as many as last week.

856 Search appearances for the previous week and 717 searches this week. Down a tad!

Follows Last Week 174

Follows This Week 174 no change. This has been static for a few months

SATURDAY 4 November 1,384 impressions

Saturday last week, I talked about reviewing my content and I shared the reason for doing so.

This post got 1384 impressions.

I shared some screenshots from my blog.

Later on dropped the link to the blog in the comments

Do you review your content to see how it works?

Every Saturday I analyse all my content and write a blog so that I can see exactly what works and what doesn't.

It takes a while, but it really does help.

Here are some reasons why I spend an hour or two hunched over my laptop.

💚 I have more to share with my VIP 1:1 Clients

💛 It gives me ideas for my students

💚 My Mastermind learn more too

💛 It keeps me accountable

💚 It helps me learn

There are some great analytic tools with creator mode so why not have a look and see what you've been up to? It even shows you your best-performing posts.

You do not have to create content every day either.

Do what works for you and compare yourself with YOU.

That's all I do.

Oh, and I am consistent.

How are you getting on? Have you found the analytic tools?

I'd better do a video eh?




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I had 1,384 impressions, 24 Reactions, 47 comments, and 0 Repost

You can view this post here

SUNDAY 5 November 4,339 impressions

When we get to bonfire night, I've always thought it's not long until Christmas. This is when we start seeing Christmas decorations in the shops. So my idea for content today was Christmas because I saw a report that more people are putting more decorations up to make the winter seem more fun.

So I wondered if people are putting their own decorations up and asked the question to invoke engagement

When do you put your Christmas Decorations up?

Our band did a gig last night and had to move Santa out of the way to put up our banner. The restaurant was even more festive.

Is that too early?

Don't worry this photo is an old one. We'll wait until December.

But a recent article by John Lewis & Partners said that people are putting up their festive decorations earlier and maybe having more than one tree.

I do hope that this wasn't inspired by my wife.

She LOVES Christmas and one year we had 7 trees. 🤦‍♂️. That's a story that will take too long. We now only have 2.

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts and if you have multiple trees let's have some photos. It'll give us all ideas and inspiration.

Let's face it, it's dark, it's damp and it's a long time until the sun starts shining and the daffodils are out, why not add some glitz and glamour and a little sparkle?

Let me be the first to wish you a very merry Christmas 🎄

When do you start?




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I had 4,339 impressions, 31 Reactions, 96 comments and 0 Repost.

You can view this post here

MONDAY 6 November 1,171 impressions

On Monday, I always create a video about 5 ideas on what content to create on LinkedIn. It makes it easy for me to come up with Monday’s content!

I've got the ideas, I just share them in a video and each week I try and come up with a different style of video to keep it interesting rather than sitting at my desk every single week.

What do you find is the hardest thing about Creating Content?

From talking to many wannabe LinkedIn™️ creators I find that the difficulty lies in actually coming up with an idea.

That's why I create this video every Monday

💚 To give you the confidence to have a go

💛 To be there when you draw a blank

💚 To help you become a creator

💛 To give you ideas

Less than 5% of LinkedIn™️ members actually create any content so it's really easy to be better than 95% of people on here.

Why not have a go this week.

In the video you'll find FIVE new ideas for content. And some DIY insights from our project house!!

Go on, get creating 🥳

You can do this. 😁

If you have any questions though. I will be hosting my Monthly LinkedIn™️ Drop-In Surgery this morning at 10:00am

💛 It's Fun

💚 It's Free

💛 It's on Zoom

💚 It's open for everyone

Come and ask me a question, get me to review your content, help you with your banner or just come in an see me explain Streamyard and Live Streaming.

Link to join in the comments.




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Previous Week

This week I had a huge increase on last week with 1,539 impressions. Is this because of the new style? 39 reactions which is up too. And comments are back up to 55. For the video, I had 484 views from 432 viewers and 142 minutes watched, this is up about 40% from the previous week. My idea worked!

This Week

This week I had a reduction from last week with 1,171 impressions. I was at the house where we are getting ready for our daughter, so it was a change of scene. I had fewer reactions at just 24. Comments dropped 26 to 29. For the video, I only had 60 views from 358 viewers and 144 minutes watched. The views number doesn't make sense when compared with the views from last week. In fact more minutes have been watched this week.

The weather isn’t good today so I will probably go back to the new style video.

You can view this post here

TUESDAY 7 November 1,235 impressions

On Tuesday, I saw- I saw the Lidl magazine saying that they'd won an award. So with everything else, all the other awards coming out, I asked the question, was it worth doing awards?

I got a few queries. And questions. Not my best post. And maybe that means that people are fed up with awards or maybe the image lacked some inspiration?

Sometimes your posts just fail.

Have you noticed the latest marketing by Lidl? Are you bothered?

We've just had the AE Awards, and last night was the LUCA Awards with all the superstars of the Bookkeeping world.

I love seeing people being rewarded for their hard work or contribution to a cause.

We need to celebrate success eh?

But is all the extra work and effort worth it?

I bet if you speak to Ami Copeland about the LUCA Awards from the

ICB UK (Institute of Certified Bookkeepers) she will be buzzing today.

And rightly so.

Our unsung heroes go about their work helping people and doing their best, so when an award comes along it makes it all worthwhile to get some recognition.

I want to hear about YOUR award, please

💚 What does it really mean to you?

💛 What have you done with it?

💚 How did you celebrate?

💛 Was it worth it?

Come on, shout from the rooftops

You deserve it!! 🥳




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I had 1,235 impressions, 18 Reactions, 17 comments, and 0 Repost

You can view this post here

I had a repost!! Now the beauty of it is, that getting a repost is it's gone to a totally different location, so more people are seeing me. Another great reason to create content

WEDNESDAY 8 November 3,117 impressions

On, Wednesday, I asked the question about positivity. This was because I was nominated for an award for positivity, someone said, Why are you so positive?

So I tried creating a new post. I, paraphrased Mo Gawdat, the author of Solve Forl Happy, and turned it into a poll with over 117 votes.

It’s funny how ideas pop into my head!! But as this was asked by one of my connections I started to think about how I could explain my positivity.

What makes someone a positive person?

I have been asked to share why I am a positive person so here goes a post that will take me outside of my comfort zone.

I am a Glass Half Full type of person and always look on the brighter side of life, but why?

I always like to think that there is always someone worse off than me and I count my blessings.

Every day.

here's something that I am paraphrasing from Mo Gawdat (Author of Solve for Happy)

Think about the guy with the Ferrari, he is probably thinking about the next Ferrari or the private jet and how he can get to that next step.

But if we change our perspective and look behind us we see things differently.

💚 The Ferrari guy is better off than the lady who takes the bus

💛 She is better than the chap on a bicycle

💚 and this chap on the bicycle doesn't have to walk!

So if something happens to me that seems unfair or not what I was expecting I just look for the positive in the situation.

I have been writing this post a while and deleted loads so maybe a blog post should follow.

And move on.

What do you do to stay positive?

Are you a glass-half-full kind of person?




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I had 3,117 impressions, 17 reactions, 64 comments, and 0 Repost

You can view this post here

THURSDAY 9 November 1,259 impressions

On Thursday, I did a huge road trip. I was in Bath for lunch and then in London for, dinner because I had a workshop on Friday. I travelled with a friend and met a few people, so I gave them a bit of a shout-out.

To make the post stand out I created a collage of the people I was going to see as an engaging image. I use Canva, on my YouTube Channel I have a Canva help video. You can view one of my Canva videos here

And I asked the question, what is your best road trip because this brings people into the conversation rather than just viewing my shenanigans.

What's your best ROAD TRIP?

I've got a busy couple of days where I am meeting loads of amazing people and ending up in London on a game-changing workshop tomorrow!

Starting off in a bit with a Seafront Walk with the lovely Katherine Dyer.

We always put the world to the right. We also share the highs and lows of being self-employed. Two heads are better than one eh?

Then Later I'll be joining my very good friend, Odessa Sherreard for a drive to Bath to meet up with John Espirian and a load of wonderful LinkedIn™️ and Marketing buddies.

Whilst there I'll be helping Ami Copeland and Elizabeth Carter with a LinkedIn™️ training session for their Bookkeepers Summit.

Then it's on the train to London......

Nothing planned this evening, so if you want to catch up, give me a shout

Early night so that I can go to the workshop.

More on that on Saturday.

If you are at any of these events today, please say hi

What was your best road trip?




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I had 1,259 impressions, 32 Reactions, 61 comments, and 0 Repost

You can view this post here

FRIDAY 10 November 1,674 impressions

Finally, on Friday, I do my gratitude post. Every single Friday without fail

I do a gratitude post.

This week was a little different because I was on my laptop and I was unable to do some of the things I normally do when I've got two screens, a mouse a bit more time and decent WiFi.

But I still managed to put a few photos together and share what made me happy for the week. 1,674 impressions is pretty similar to what I normally get for this post, and lovely to see people jumping on and shouting at other people.

It's Friday which means Friday Thanks! 🥳☀️ What are YOU Grateful for?

Do you count your blessings and reflect on all the positive things for the week and feel happy?

I've been sharing my gratitude every Friday to spread some positivity, to get us thinking that we don't need a Ferrari to be happy.

We just need enough and to know what that enough is.

I'm in London as I write this so that's awesome and the fact that I'll be learning loads today is even better. I'll report on this next week.

I've also been enjoying having our grandson here and seeing his face with the sparklers at the weekend.

This week has been about friends. Good friends who I can talk about anything with. Thank you Katherine Dyer and Odessa Sherreard for just being there.

As a solo business owner, it's tough riding this rollercoaster so it's brilliant to be able to have a natter. Who's in your corner? Give them a call today.

Big super thanks to the amazing Samantha Mullins (FCIPD) who said YES when I asked can we record our conversation about Employee Advocacy for a podcast. See in the comments for the link to that episode.

Finally big thanks to Mark Masters and John Espirian for the inaugural MATEY event in Bath yesterday and I finally got to meet the effervescent Melanie Goodman

What have you been up to this week that gives you gratitude, that makes you happy or who has been helpful to you?

Don't be shy

Shout from the rooftops and lets all have a fantastic weekend




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I had 1,674 impressions, 37 Reactions, 54 comments, and 1 Repost

You can view this post here

What are my thoughts on this week?

Not as good a week as previous weeks, but still up there. I was out of the office for a couple of days which made it harder to stay engaging on the platform and I had a poor post on Wednesday.

My video had less engagement on Monday so this week I’ve created a talking head style video i the shed with slides. It took me a bit longer, but it looks more polished than just standing on the beach.

It’s all about the engagement nad some of my content didn’t get the normal level of engagement.

Previous week

Last week's reach was awesome, and my impressions had risen to 23,560 with an 18% increase!! My engagement the previous week was incredible, and I managed to increase on that too. I had worked hard to make my content engaging.

This week

This week's reach has dropped by nearly 30% impressions are at 18,182. Engagement has dropped too to just 721.

I need some big content ideas this week!!

Here are my five best-performing posts this week.

If you want a hand with your content, please get in touch, and sign up for my weekly email that gives five new content ideas each week. I call it the Monday Nudge. Sign up here

Connect with me on LinkedIn too.

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