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What Content Works Best on LinkedIn?

Are you on Half Term yet?

Does this mean no content or more reason to post because you have more content?

Think about content this half term!!

If you are running around having fun or catching up with family and friends, then you'll be sure to find content. It's a great time to take photos and think about your content strategy.

But worry not, I also have some more new ideas here this week.

FIVE Fresh Ideas for YOUR Content - week 42

New Template Feature

Only available on the LinkedIn App. If you create a post on your LinkedIn App then you'll have this feature when you hit the 3 Dots at the bottom of the post. Hit the use template options and you can play around with the easy-to-use interface to create a meme. Similar to Canva, but on the go, it's dead easy. My post yesterday had impressions, so it's worth a try. Ask a question as I did, or come up with a quote.

Wear it Pink Day 21 October

Friday 21 October is Wear it Pink Day. It's all about awareness for breast cancer organised by the wonderful charity Breast Cancer Now. Are you wearing pink on Friday? Are you doing anything different in your business or are you involved in any charity work for Breast Cancer Now? This has been going for over 20 years and to date has raised over £37M.


I've had some lovely testimonials this last week. Have you had any? Why not share them? It will let people know what you do and validate how good you are. It may be that you have someone following your post, but they are unsure about working with you. Seeing some good news might be the catalyst that makes them contact you. You can anonymise them, or seek permission and get it out. People love to know how you help your customers. Just make sure that you don't make it look like a sales pitch!

Baking Week

This started on 14 October and runs until 20th so you still have time to come up with some bakes. Talk about your favourite cakes. Do you bake for the office or have you done any charity cake bakes? Share your love of baking and interweave what you do at work. Recipes and procedures are similar and there must be other analogies for getting the perfect mix. And lots of opportunities for puns!

Spreadsheet Day 17 October

For all my Accountant & Bookkeeper friends. Monday 17 October is Spreadsheet Day!! Spreadsheet Day commemorates the date that VisiCalc, the first spreadsheet program for personal computers, was released – October 17th, 1979. Do you use spreadsheets in your business? How do they help you? Could you offer some top tips on this special day? OR, how about a weekly series on the best ideas for making the most of the spreadsheet? How about a bit of fun and sharing some embarrassing spreadsheet moments?

There you, go, five more ideas to help you become part of the 1% club. I call it the 1% Club because only 1% of LinkedIn users actually create their own content.

Is this the week for you to earn your stripes?

I have also created a video for you

WATCH the video here.

I say this EVERY WEEK, but I am here to help so if you have any questions please drop me a DM on LinkedIn.

Would you Like to Be a Guinea Pig?

I'm on the lookout for up to FOUR superstars

I'm launching a brand new program to give you SALES and Business on LinkedIn and to prove the concept I'm gonna run the course at a knockdown price to give 4 the chance to try the course over 12 weeks.

I would love to work with some eager business owners who want to utilise LinkedIn like me and get actual sales and business from this incredible platform.

I've developed a targeted 12-week VIP 1:1 program and now I need to test it as a proof of concept.

If you want to grow your LinkedIn and get business and be known as an expert please read on.

In the next few weeks, I will start a very small cohort of up to 4 people where we'll work together to not only look good on LinkedIn but actually understand more about the sales process, engagement and even video.

Every week we'll meet up for 30 minutes and work through a sprint to have an optimised profile within 3 weeks.

I'll be on hand during the week if you get stuck and we'll be monitoring everything that we'll be doing.

We'll then look at strategy, sales process, role playing, confidence and everything that I am doing to really make sure that it all works and you get business.

I'll also have a monthly 1:1 with each student to make sure that we are on target.

The price for the finished article is not yet finalised but it's not gonna be at my normal level.

For this BETA Program though I'm going to charge just £300.00 per month per person.

If you want to grow on LinkedIn then please DM me and let's have a chat. Please only apply if you are keen to grow, develop yourself and be open to learning some new concepts.

The first step is to book a quick callwith me here

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