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What Content Should I Write on LinkedIn™️ - Content Ideas For Growth

Sorry to remind you, but it's December

Does that fill you with joy or panic?

With everything going on it's dead easy to let the content slide and end up missing a day or two or three and then a week. I was posting on Instagram and TikTok most days. It's now been a week so I know how easy it is to forget and then fall off the wagon.

It's important to do at least once a week. That's a sustainable habit to get into. Why not share how your week was? That makes an easy post to write and then this becomes a diary of your year.

Why not start now and then you're in a habit for 2024!

Good luck


My Nudge is also a VIDEO

Here are my ideas for Content this week.

When you are busy what is the first thing that goes?

Please don't give up on your LinkedIn™️ activity.

Here are five more ideas to help you create but if you get stuck, please give me a shout.

You can email me at or drop a DM on LinkedIn™️. I go in there now and then

Good luck

End-of-Year Rituals

What do you do this time of the year to tie off your loose ends? Do you have any rituals? Painting the office or a big clearout? Do you tidy the office ready for the new year, or are you too busy getting everything done before your break for Christmas? Do you go through your invoices and see what software or services you no longer use? Share some of your top tips or maybe what you'd like to do. Use your content as accountability!

National Hug Day

Boom!! Sunday 3 December is Hug Day!! How cool is that? I'm a hugger so guess what I'll be doing. Share your best hugs, why you hug and your reason for hugging. Why not do some research and share the science behind it? Who do you go to for a hug? Who do you know who gives good hugs?

Christmas Shopping Ideas (It's less than a month away now)

Do you have the annual struggle of finding the perfect gift—especially for those blokes who might need a nudge in the right direction? Ever gifted a frying pan to your wife and lived to tell the tale? I did How about sharing your triumphs and maybe your mishaps too? You can turn gift-hunting stress into a lively conversation and maybe get some decent suggestions so you are the top dog this Christmas!! Please TAG ME in this post so that I can get some great ideas and not get left in the doghouse

Childhood Toys

My wife found what she thought was an action man at the jumble sale for our grandson. When I saw it I noticed it was a Steve Austin toy from the 70's and I even showed them his bionic eye! This was a toy that I coveted as a kid. I was a big fan of the 6 million dollar man. What toys do you remember from your childhood? What toys did you want, but never had? Have you since purchased them? I know a lot of us have huge Lego sets nowadays but what about sharing some funny stories of toys gone by? Remember the Stch-a-Sketch?

Who to Follow on LinkedIn™️

If you have been on LinkedIn™️ a while you probably have your favourite people that you follow. Why not share them with your audience? Give some of these people who bring you joy a shout-out. We do not see everyone on here, so get sharing and see what happens. Write about why you like them or maybe compile a list. I saw a long post recently of an A-Z of cool people. Please remember that if you tag too many people and they do not comment on your post the LinkedIn™️ Algorithm works against you!


Good luck this week.

You know I'm here if you need a hand and don't forget this coming Monday is the 1st Monday of the month so I'll be here on Zoom with my free LinkedIn™️ Drop-in surgery to help you with anything on LinkedIn™️.

My topic this month is all about Making Connections


More Helpful ideas on my YouTube Channel

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