What Content Should I Post on LinkedIn?

Will you create any content this week?

Don't forget that to become noticed on social media you need to contribute too! There is content everywhere we look so there really isn't any excuse. Even if you chose the first option on my list and write about it, other people will, but they will not write in your style or with your personality, so just go for it.

Here are my five ideas for this week.

Royal Ascot

A big event in the Horse Racing Calendar and a great excuse to get a new hat. Do you like horse racing? Have you won big at the races? Do you dress up when you go to the races?

Fathers Day

Are you planning anything for Fathers Day? Do we celebrate our dads enough? Share some suggestions, or talk about what you are doing. Give your dad a shout out, what did he inspire you to do? Do you send a card? How many pairs of socks does one man need?

Dare I mention Love Island?

It's back on. That program where the youngsters go and have fun in the sun. Apparently, it's popular 😂. Do you enjoy watching 'real life' social experiment programs? Does this give us an idea of things going on today? Should it be on TV?

The Beach

The weather is getting warmer. Do you ever visit the seaside? Do you sit there with the kids and build sandcastles? Is it a big old day-trip, or are you lucky enough to live near a beach? Maybe you are planning to relocate so that you can be beside the seaside. What about rock pooling, or sea swimming?

Your View

Not your point of view, but that place you visit. The sea, the moors, the cityscape. Whatever draws you to take a photo. It may be your happy place, or it could be a stunning vista that you saw on a recent trip. If you travel around why not have a weekly theme of "Where in the world am I". It could be that you come here to meditate or just recharge your batteries.

If you would like to see me talking about these ideas on video, here you go

My previous weekly videos are on my YouTube Channel. You'll also find some helpful "How To" videos too! If you cannot see what you are looking for, let me know and I'll create one for you! I love creating content, but not sure what you want to see!!

If you have any questions please send me a DM on LinkedIn. I love helping people to get more out of this incredible platform!

Did you have a great week last week?

How was last week? When I looked at my diary for last week I wondered if I'd ever get through it, but OMG, what a week. So many awesome things happened, but the best was that I topped 5,000 followers on LinkedIn!! (See my post relating to this) That's 5,000 people who have elected to keep an eye on what I do. People who like my content. This is just down to me being CONSISTENT and this is why I keep exploring ways and ideas to help you to create content every week. As a celebration of the 5,000 followers, I have created a special LinkedIn Daily Habit Workshop for just 5,000 pence. You can book your place here. All the same benefits as the normal one, but a bit of a giveaway to say thank you to everyone who has helped me hit this number!!!

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