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What content can I write on LinkedIn for engagement?

Are you scared of creating content?

Sorry, I couldn't miss the Halloween reference. . There is nothing to be scared of with creating content, all you need to do is start.

As you know, every week I come up with some different ideas for you to get you posting and this week is even easier with so much going on.

What's stopping you?

Here are some more ideas for you - week 44

Bonfire Night In the UK we celebrate 5 November with Bonfires and Fireworks. What do you do? Is this an excuse to get some friends around or do you go to an organised event? If you have friends around do you have any traditions that you can share with us? Don't forget this would be a great excuse to get your camera out too! Are you worried about your dog at this time of year? You can write loads about Guy Fawkes night. Why not do a bit of research and compare the foiled plot with something that you've seen with your clients or your own business? Stay Safe. New Month It's another month so the chance for you to share some top tips for what we need to do at the start of a month. Do you have set routines for the end of the month? Do you have plans for when you start a month? Share some of your planning tips or maybe how you did last month or share some of the metrics that you measure. Busy School Term When our girls went back to school after the Autumn half term we knew the time would fly and there would be loads going on. How do you cope with this busy term at school? Are you a supplier to schools and look forward to this time of year? Are you a busy working parent trying to juggle everything going on this term? Share some tips to help us get through the fun of different projects and mock exams. Movember This is men's health awareness month and many blokes will be growing a moustache to get more men to talk and think about their health. What are you doing this month? If you are doing Movember, why not take a selfie at the start of each week and let us see your creation grow in front of us? If your partner is having a go what sort of things do you do to help them with their health? Do you know people in your network who are specialists in this field? Could you speak with them or invite them to your content? Come on guys, look after yourself and talk! National Author's Day 1st November is National Author's Day. How exciting. I GET A DAY. My book is close to launching, so keep an eye out for more news. But what about authors that you love? Could this be an excuse for your top ten favourite books? Top ten authors or maybe the best books that you have read that have helped you with your business? Or maybe a poll to see how people read, you know, kindle, audio or book. So many options for engagement this week. Ask people to recommend a book or why not say that you do not like a certain book and see what happens. Be ready for some backlash though if you do not have a good argument to back it up I reckon that this week is a great week for content so you should be able to come up with some ideas eh? If you get stuck, you know how to find me. Have a fantastic week and be safe if you are having a bonfire party. Don't forget my video. WATCH the video here. I know that I say this EVERY WEEK, but I am here to help so if you have any questions please drop them on the Private Alumni Group pages or send me a DM on LinkedIn.

I am so excited to share this with you

I've been trialling a new free challenge to help you to jump onto LinkedIn every day. I show you what you need to do each day and by the end of the week-long challenge, you will see a difference in your use of LinkedIn.

Here's a lovely message I had from one of my early adopters.

I’m on day 3 of the daily habit challenge and really enjoying it I haven't been using LinkedIn for quite a while and was a bit intimidated at the thought of trying to grow an audience on it. So I'm finding your daily habits really effective :) I’ve had more interaction the last few days than I think I’ve ever had!

If you want an energetic video from me every morning with ideas for what you need to do each day on LinkedIn then sign up today.

If you've joined one of my workshops this is a great refresher. If you've not been on my LinkedIn Daily Habit Workshop, then here's a chance to see for yourself why people love my workshops.

All for free for just 5 days.

Please let me know how you get on.

And don't forget to create your content this week. So much to talk about!!!

Have a great week and please shout if you have any questions

all the best


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