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What can I write about on LinkedIn for my content creation

Here are some Content Ideas

It's the first day of SPRING today!!!

And the clocks go forward at the weekend too.

I hope that this puts a spring into your step and that you get to create content.

I heard some tragic news about Xero that they are reducing the size of their workforce globally by 15% which means 800 job losses. Leigh Stallard from Satago, met with me and we recorded a video packed with LinkedIn profile tips for anyone facing redundancy.

He did such an epic job editing the video that I was inspired to create a page on my website to help anyone in this position. But you have access too.

Feel free to use these tips or share the page with anyone you know who is facing redundancy or just needs to tidy up their profile.

Are you coming to see us in Sidmouth on Thursday? Our LinkedIn Local is back. Details below

Have a great week!


Here are this week's Topics for Content

I recorded my video this week at my niece's wedding dressed in my best suit! I got so much content from this wedding which reminded me to tell you about content this week. It really is everywhere, you just need to look. What did you do this weekend? Have you been to a wedding or an event? Creating content is about letting people know who you are. You are building a relationship so that people will know, like and trust you. Here are my ideas.


I have just purchased some new shoes. They are YELLOW. Do you have a uniform at work? Talk about why and the benefits to your business. If you don't, why not ask if other people have uniforms. Do you branded hoodies or similar and have you purchased yellow shoes too? What's the best uniform that you've seen or even worn yourself?

First Day of Spring

Today is the first day of spring. There is so much that you can write about. Talk about why you love the spring, and share photos of the flowers that you see on your walk. Say what spring means to you and how you are embracing it in your business. Do you have spring promotions maybe talk about them, but remember not to be too salesy?


We spent last weekend painting the kitchen. Are you sprucing up your house for spring? Do you have any painting tips or stories of decorating disasters? Who chooses the colours in your house or office? Do you stick with white like we normally do and then go GREEN for a bit of colour? Maybe even share before or after photos, or write about why you use decorators.

Mastermind Group

I am launching a mastermind group soon which got me thinking Are you a member of a mastermind group? What mastermind groups do you join? What do you like about mastermind groups? Give us your tips, and tell other people what you are doing in your mastermind group. How do they help you and what is the best recipe for a cracking mastermind?


My last suggestion is Trade Conferences because this week we have the CIMA MiP Conference where I will be speaking. We also recently had QuickBooks Connect where they had lots of great speakers, and lots of amazing things happening there. Do you go to conferences, talk about the conferences that you go to. Why not talk about QuickBooks Connect, if you went? If you do attend any conferences make sure that you take lots of photos, and show other people what's going on.

Have a great week I am here to help if you have any questions. You know I want you to love I love LinkedIn I hope that these ideas inspire you to create some content this week. Remember........ By creating content you will stand out. People will see you as an expert and you'll get more connections! Don't forget my video explaining all of the above shot at the wedding!!! This Week's Video for you. Have fun! That's what it's about eh?

LinkedIn Local is this THURSDAY

It's our LinkedIn Local again in Sidmouth. Thursday 23 March at 7:30am

It's all about the networking. So plenty of time for a natter with other local business owners.

Just a little bit of formality with some LinkedIn and Content tips to help you get more from LinkedIn.

PLUS - This month our special guest is the lovely Aisling Magill who will be taking professional headshots to ensure your LinkedIn profile is current. Aisling will be joining us with her camera, giving you the opportunity to update your headshot.

You will be able to purchase the headshots on her website after the event, with the proceeds raised going to an important charity. Reminiscence Learning.

If you want to know more please get in touch or sign up using the button above

Remember what you need to do each day? It's all about creating a habit!

You should aim to do most of these actions every day!!

  • Check your notifications and respond to any comments.

  • Answer any messages

  • Respond to any connection requests

  • Make a note of your numbers for monitoring

  • Comment and like posts

  • Consider writing your own post. PLEASE aim to write ONE post per WEEK

  • Connect with someone

If you get stuck, just shoot me a DM on LinkedIn

The Next FREE LinkedIn Surgery

Hey don't forget the LinkedIn Surgery, get your place booked for the next one on 3 April

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