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What Can I Post on LinkedIn?

Here's some ideas to help you with creating content on LinkedIn.

Will you create any content this week? What content are you going to create this week? Don’t forget that creating content will get you noticed and it’s not that scary. Here are some ideas that I’ve come up with whilst running around enjoying the Bank Holiday Weekend

Jubilee Weekend Share what you got up to. We'd love to know as we want to compare how we got on . It's human nature!! Plenty of celebrations? Too much food? Did you have a cheeky Pimms or some nice wine? Did you have time to catch up with family and friends or maybe do some charity work? Did you see any of the TV coverage? Great Britain being great eh? Garden Wildlife Week This week it's all about celebrating the wildlife in our gardens. I was at a party this weekend and we're talking about the different birds and owls that we have locally. Do you encourage wildlife in your garden? WHats the most exciting thing you've seen in your garden. Maybe get some photos up? Le Mans 24 Hours This incredible race is going ahead again this week with the highlight on Saturday. Loads to see and do. Have you ever been? Do you have a story to share? My ancient VW Camper needed a new radiator when we went! Have you ever done anything for 24 hours? Do you like motorsport? Covid It's still around, but how are you dealing with it. I've written before about how I am worried and kept myself safe, but even I am being more relaxed. I've been to a party, been on a plane and off to another accounting conference this week in London! Are you starting to go out more? Maybe come up with a poll to see what people in your networks are doing? (Polls are not getting the same traction that they di so that's probably why you are not seeing so many) Live Music Have you been to see any live music recently? Queen and Adam Lambert have been doing a few gigs. Heck, even I did a gig! In Sidmouth, we've had a Jazz and Blues festival so it's been great to get out again and see live music. Who is your favourite band? What was the best gig you ever went to? Who would you like to go and see? If you would like to see a video of this? IT'S HERE All my other videos are on my YouTube Channel. Don't forget your every day steps to create a sustainable habit? You should aim to do most of these actions every day!!

  • Check your notifications and respond to any comments.

  • Answer any messages

  • Respond to any connection requests

  • Make a note of your numbers for monitoring

  • Comment and like posts

  • Consider writing your own post. PLEASE aim to write ONE post per WEEK

  • Connect with someone

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