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Week 27 of my Weekly Review of my LinkedIn Posts 9 July '22


Here’s some irony

With everything that I was doing last week, it looks like I didn't actually create a post on Saturday?

How bizarre.


I was noticing that people were talking about being overwhelmed. I also had a planned Special Show all about VA’s so to get people thinking about outsourcing and to stop doing everything.

Here's the post and a hook with capital letters.


I am seeing quite a few posts recently from people with this feeling.

People I thought had their $h!t together.

But I guess we are all vulnerable to this feeling, especially when we care too much and want to help eh?

We need to stop and take some self-care. We need to realise that we cannot do it all and that the most important person in our lives is US.

You do not need to keep working, you have to take some time off.

I'm very fortunate because I've structured my business to allow me free time during the week and I have an awesome advisor in my Debs who keeps me grounded and gets me out of my shed.

Let me know if you have spotted the signs and what are you doing now to make life a little easier.

...........for me it's just a 2 letter word.


You just have to be comfortable saying it.

Have a fantastic Sunday and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine

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Monday Nudge Video day and it was Independence day too. Here’s the post

Happy Independence Day to all my American friends!!

Do you struggle to come up with fresh ideas for your content?

EVERY WEEK I create a video to give you ideas for creating content.

This is Monday 4 July Week 27 in my 2022 series! (All my previous 26 videos can be viewed on my YouTube Channel if you want to see more ideas but that's a lot of video eh? 😂 )

My five content ideas this week.

✅ Tour de France

✅ School Holidays

✅ Plastic Free July

✅ Quote of the week

✅ Industry News

Watch the video to get more ideas of what I mean.

Only 1% of people using LinkedIn actually create any content, so it is not difficult to get yourself noticed on this incredible platform.

Why not have a go today.

Please reach out if you want a hand or if you have some great ideas for content as I am constantly trying to come up with something new 🙏

This post had 524 impressions with 110 views of the video and 49.8 minutes watched!

Almost half of the previous week. This could be down to the fact that my Monday nudge pushed people to my YouTube channel. But checking that channel I’ve not got any extra views there either. I have seen people saying that they are getting less engagement this week. That’s my post for today sorted eh?

You can view this post here


I had an email on Monday after my Monday Nudge saying about my choice of words in my email. I was heartbroken because I do not ever do anything to upset people. But hey, it was a genuine mistake so this was my apology and it got some great engagement.

What do you do when you put your foot in your mouth?😱

We all make mistakes or drop a clanger eh? I'm sorry, it was my turn yesterday🤦‍♂️

I had a lovely email yesterday in response to my Monday Nudge. This is a weekly email I send to anyone who wants 5 curated content ideas every Monday.

It acts as a nudge to inspire people to create content.🥳

But yesterday, I'm my Monday Nudge, I talked about working mums. And I didn't mention other working parents. SORRY.

I am sorry for this oversight and I really didn't mean to cause any offence.

I work with a lot of mumpreneurs and a couple of groups that are pretty much 'working mums groups' so my bias is towards that community and when school holidays come along I feel for them and try to help where I can.

My idea this week was to talk about how you cope with the school holidays.

The email hit me like a bolt out of the blue and I felt sad all day for making such a silly mistake, but I guess it goes to show that I'm only human. And my feeling sad shows how much I care.

The email did not berate me as the emailer understood that I never meant anything by my comment, but it acts as a reminder of the world that we live in today and that I need to check my content a little better.

So if you make a mistake do you apologise?

What gaffs have you made?




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Tuesday Live Show details


I haven’t done a poll in a while plus I was keen to see how many people dilute their social media activity. I’m of the belief that if you concentrate on one thing you’ll be brilliant rather than trying to spread yourself too thin.

See what you think about the hook and my post to explain why I want to find out more.

Are you a jack of all trades? Do you use other social media to run alongside your work on LinkedIn?

I'm interested to find out if we have our presence over multiple channels or if we master just one.

I know of people whose strategy is to be on multiple platforms and some who stick to what they know or what works.

The biggest growing demographic on Tik Tok is the over 50's so is that working for you and what about Twitter.

I also hear of Pinterest and Snapchat as good places to go and who knows about Reddit?

With so many channels all vying for our attention please let me know what you do.

Go on, don't be shy.




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Here are the results.

Wednesday’s Live Show Details


Thursday was when I did my Live show with Hayley all about VA’s and why we should think about hiring one. I was hoping to get a few more people than normal on my lives so I did extra to what I normally do. I do not tend to write a post on the day to publicise my live broadcast as I think this is extra to my normal activity, but maybe I should re-think my strategy?

Here’s what I wrote and I have just noticed that I did not put on any hashtags. 🤦‍♂️

Have you got too much on? How can you make life easier?

I was chatting with the lovely Kim Searle on my 15 Minutes for Accountants & Bookkeepers Live Show yesterday and we were talking about overwhelm.

I keep seeing many posts about it too. 🤦‍♂️

We talked about how we get too much to do and we do not give ourselves a break. Our little goblins inside our heads are telling us to keep grinding.

But how do we stop ourselves getting to there in the first place?

I've created a special VA show, here today at midday.

On the show, I'll be chatting to the awesome Hayley Smith about how a VA can help us. I am currently writing a book which Hayley is going to help me with, but VA's can do so much more.

I'll also be joined by a couple of superstars who have embraced the VA world. Dawn Jarvis and Christopher Tester

Between us, we will really get a chance to grill Hayley and find out once and for all what all the fuss is about and how we can stop this feeling of overwhelm.

Do you use a VA?

Are you thinking about it?

Are you overwhelmed?

Let me know how you are getting your work done whilst balancing everything else in your life.

Join us today if you have any questions that you want to answer about this awesome topic!

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This is interesting, although I had more LIVE viewers to this LIVE show, I have had fewer people watching. Is this because of the length?


I was chatting with someone in the week who was the CEO of their company. They were the only employee as they are self-employed. Is CEO too grandiose? I wanted to explore what other people thought and for a bit of fun on a Friday, I created this post.

Do you have a really cool job title? Or is it standard such as MD or Partner?

With my LinkedIn coaching, I speak to people about their job titles and this got me wondering what you think when you see some unusual job titles.

Do you think these titles are a bit sad or are you thinking wow, I want to know more about this person because their job title is intriguing?

There are some wonderful job titles across LinkedIn that always make me smile so I wonder why we stick with the traditional naming conventions.

Are you really the CEO of your self-employed business? Can you be the managing director if you do not have any staff to manage?

But then again would you hire a Chief Fairy, Unicorn Writer or even a 15-Minute Guy? 😂

Please let me know what you think and if you have a great job title or you've seen some wonderful examples please let me know.

Let's have a bit of fun this Friday and let's get creative!




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Another week of content and this whole blog has taken me an hour to complete. I need to think of quicker ways to make this easier on a Saturday eh? All part of the learning journey, but by reviewing what I do each week is helping me to see a pattern and think about my content!

Do you review what you do on a regular basis?

My week is better than the previous week so thank you if you have contributed.

If you want a hand with your content please get in touch. Check me out on LinkedIn and send me a DM. I also run a LinkedIn Daily Habit Workshop to help people get more from tis incredible platform.

In just one week I guarantee that you'll get more love for LinkedIn and on top of that I'll show and help you how improve your profile, you'll get higher views and your SSI Score will be increased too. Hit the button to find out more.

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