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Unveiling the Magic: How I Craft and Manage Content Every Week. LinkedIn™️ Content Ideas for Growth

NEW WEEK Commencing 21 October

Every single Saturday I sit down and review my content on LinkedIn.

I review my content on LinkedIn because I want to improve what I do and I want to see how my content is performing I want to help other people to create content too.

💚 I want to take out the myths out of content creation.

💛 I want to take the fear out of content creation.

💚 I want people to see how and why I create every single piece of content.

💛 I want people to understand my thoughts about what I do.

And also, all of the analytics. In every post, I share my reach and engagement so that you can see that I’m just like you. Nothing viral, nothing out of the ordinary. Just consistency.


Previous Week

My numbers this week have dropped by 19% again so down to just 206 people viewing my profile this week. However, the number of people who have viewed my profile in the last 90 days is up to 2,227. Odd.

Views This Week My numbers this week have dropped by 6% again so down to 195 people viewing my profile this week. This is the first time my numbers have dropped below 200 for a few weeks. Funny because my content was performing well. However, the number of people who have viewed my profile in the last 90 days is up again to 2,254.


In the previous week my numbers were at 8,654 only 43 new followers.

This Week - 8,713 that’s 59 new followers this week. Up on last week! Reach this week has been better though which is great!

820 Search appearances for the previous week and 866 searches this week. Up a tad!

Follows Last Week 174

Follows This Week 174 no change. This has been static for a month now.

SATURDAY 21 October 1956 Impressions

On Saturday, I shared a video that I recorded when I was talking about the going getting tough the previous day. I asked the question, what do you do when the going gets tough? Because I had a really difficult week last week I wanted to share that by stopping, taking time out, and going for a walk, I got through it.

And I just wanted to share this with everybody else as well and just let people know what I was thinking. I don't normally do a video other than my live shows and my Monday nudge, but this week I didn't know what to write about, I was a bit stressed out, so I shared this video.

Again I was being authentic, open and honest and by doing this people see the real you and can relate to your journey. It garnered better engagement than normal Saturday content.

What do you do when the going gets tough?

It's easy to just sit and mope and feel fed up and low? But do you take 2 minutes for YOU?

I try to do a Reel on Instagram but fail because it all has to be done on my phone so I forget.

This is what I recorded yesterday. I forgot to post it 🤦‍♂️

But even during the most challenging weeks, like the one I've just had, there's always something to be grateful for.

You can find something to brighten up your day.

It's all about perspective, it can work wonders, even when things seem tough.

Sometimes life throws us curveballs, and it feels like we're navigating through a storm.

But don't give up

Just take two minutes out of your day pause, reflect, and reset.

That's what I do. I take a walk.

In the middle of the chaos and uncertainty, you will discover something truly remarkable. A glimmer of hope, a spark of inspiration or just peace.

Take a moment for yourself, just a couple of minutes, and set your intentions. Think about what you truly want to achieve in the coming days.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend

What do you do when the going gets tough?




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I had 1956 impressions, 36 Reactions, 55 comments, and 0 Repost

Views 479, Viewers 439 and Minutes Viewed 84 - Not bad for a 30-second video.

You can view this post here

SUNDAY 22 October 6675 impressions

On Sunday, it was our wedding anniversary, and so why wouldn't I talk about that?

A post for 35 years could go down as showing off or something else like that. So what I did was to add a bit of value around it, and made it a bit more interesting by illustrating what life was like in 1988.

I did a little bit of research to find out what actually happened in the year we got married and shared a few things around my findings. I love Google!!

I also shared some numbers, like, how many days we'd be married and the number of homes because it gets people talking about how time flies.

Do you ever stop and reflect on where the time goes?

Today is our wedding anniversary - 35 Years!! How on earth did that happen?

That's 12,775 days of marriage!

💚 1 awesome grandson

💛 47 different Jobs between us

💚 15 House moves (some of those were rented)

💛 2 beautiful daughters & 2 weddings and 2 lovely Son-in-laws

I am so blessed to have Debbie backing me, loving me, cheering me and just being there when I need a hug.

We met in 1986 as teenagers and married in 1988 when.....

💚 A loaf of bread was just 46 pence

💛 Edwina Currie caused a fuss with EggGate

💚 Bank of England £1 note ceases to be legal tender

💛 The magazine HELLO was launched in the UK in May

💚 The first BBC Red Nose Day raises £15,000,000 for charity

💛 Average house in Britain was £60,000 compared to £47,000 in 1986.

💚 Paul Gascoigne, 21-year-old midfielder, becomes the first £2,000,000 footballer

How things have changed. But our love hasn't!

Three cheers to Debbie. Thank you for everything but Thank you most of all for believing in me and encouraging me to keep doing what I love.

Are you ready for another 35 years? 😂

She really deserves a medal eh?

How long have you been married?




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I had 6675 impressions, 154 Reactions, 197 comments and 0 Repost.

You can view this post here

MONDAY 23 October 913 impressions

On Monday, I always do my Monday nudge and this weekend I was busy because of the anniversary I didn't get to record my content like I normally do outside.

So I did it in my shed, whenever I do a shed recording, it's not as well received. So I less reach and engagement.

Does Monday fill you with DREAD because you cannot think of content?

Are you scratching your head for Ideas? Did you know that by creating regular content you will have more people viewing your profile?

Regular isn't every day either. 🥳

Just posting ONCE per week will mean that you are creating more content than most people on LinkedIn™️

Here are my MAIN TOPICS for this week and if you watch the video I give even more ideas within each section.

💚 0:00 - Introduction

💛 0:08 - Halloween

💚 0:38 - Anniversaries

💛 0:55 - Comic Con

💚 1:15 - "I Care About You Day"

💛 1:33 - World Cup Final

💚 1:56 - Why Consistent Content Matters

I'm running my LinkedIn Daily Habit Workshop this week, so I will see some people creating content.

But what about you?

What's stopping you?




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Previous Week

I had 1,174 impressions which is lower again than last week. I’ve done a few videos in my garden! Reactions were higher at 28 as are the comments up by a healthy 18 to 45. For the video, I had 332 views from 105 viewers and 87 minutes watched. Which is also lower than last week. Interesting how the numbers are working this week.

This Week

This week I had 913 impressions which is lower because of the shed video. Reactions were lower too, at 25 as are the comments dropped like a stone down 18 to 17. For the video, I had 275 views from 248 viewers and 92 minutes watched, which is more than last week. Interesting how the numbers are working this week.

You can view this post here

TUESDAY 24 October 1,700 impressions

On Tuesday, I was stuck. What to write on LinkedIn. I normally have ideas bouncing around my head and have a few long-term ideas that need a bit of work. But today I was lost.

So I jumped into my photos on my phone and found a photo that I took in the week of this amazing board.

And it got me thinking about marketing. What do we do with marketing? So I asked the question to see what other people thought. It got a great reaction and engagement.

So next time you're stuck, have a look at your camera roll.

Do you love it when you see enterprising cafe owners with great marketing?

What signs have you seen recently that have made you smile, stop or even go inside and make a purchase?

Becketts Coffee House here in Sidmouth have some great street signs and this one caught my eye this week because it's obvious!

Sometimes stating the obvious is what we need to do.

I had a chat yesterday with a bookkeeper who wanted a hand finding clients.

When I asked if they told their existing clients that they wanted referrals it was something they had never done. 🤦‍♂️

💚 We need to shout about our service

💛 We need to tell people what we do

💚 We need a Call To Action

💛 We need to make it clear

💚 We need to be obvious

Take a leaf out of Becketts and let us know what you do!!!

Incidentally, I have space for a couple of Accountants or Bookkeepers who want a hand with growing their business, getting new clients or just having some accountability to get things done. Drop me a DM.

So come on.

Stop being VAGUE

Start being OBVIOUS




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I had 1,700 impressions, 47 Reactions, 68 comments, and 0 Repost

You can view this post here

WEDNESDAY 25 October 4510 impressions

On Wednesday, I was helping people on my training course with commenting and on my training course on day two, I get people to comment more because commenting is the currency on LinkedIn, but I'm finding that people don't do it. They just scroll on by.

So I tried a little poll and just started off the conversation telling people that you don't need to create content, although I've written a book all about how to create content and it goes against the grain.

But by doing something a little bit out of the ordinary, it gets engagement and this post flew with 4,510 impressions.

It also helped that it was a Poll too. I like to mix up the style of my content, so a poll every week or two helps.

For success on LinkedIn™️, you DO NOT need to create content every day.

But you do need to make sure that you show up regularly (every day) and do this little trick daily.

Actually, it's not a trick.

All you need to do is COMMENT.

Adding comments on other people's content is the BEST way to get traction, engagement and business from this incredible platform.

Think of LinkedIn™️ as a conference.

The Keynote speaker is the person "writing the content".

The audience makes "comments" when they network and chat with each other.

How many new contacts and conversations would you have if you went to a different conference every day?

Why not do this on LinkedIn™️?

Here's some tips for comments on LinkedIn™️

💚 Give someone a shout-out

💛 Show your personality

💚 Answer the question

💛 Add some humour

💚 Share top tips

💛 Give advice

💚 Add Value

What are you doing on LinkedIn™️? Content or Comments?

Any other tips?




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I had 4,660 impressions, 37 reactions, 146 comments, and 1 Repost

Likes 35 and Votes 157

You can view this post here

THURSDAY 26 October 1100 impressions

On Thursday I looked at my camera roll again and used that as an idea to help people create content.

So I actually told people to go and have a look at their camera roll. I found an image of me in front of a parabolic sculpture that was a little bit different and I shared with people.

My opening line talked about a surefire way to create content.

This didn't do as well as I was expecting and I think that’s because my text before the SEE MORE link was too much causing the second line to drop. It’s important that we hook our readers with the first couple of lines.

Here's a surefire way to be able to create engaging content for LinkedIn™️

When you are staring at your screen for inspiration and are stuck, then why not scroll through your camera roll on your phone?

I bet, within a minute, you'll find a great photo and then have something to say about it.

Go on. Have a look right now.

We take so many photos so why not use one or two?

💚 Scenes and landscapes

💛 Sunsets and Sunrises

💚 Family gatherings

💛 Funny shop signs

💚 Events & shows

A picture paints a thousand words

Please add some ALT TEXT so that people who cannot see the photo have a way of feeling the vibe.

And then share your story behind the photo.

This could be how you achieved something, how you have won an award or just an amazing view that brings you calm and serenity.

Less than 5% of people create content on LinkedIn™️ so with this little tip you can be better than 95% of LinkedIn™️ members!!

Come on, share your photos here too.

This is a photo of me at the weekend at Canonteign Falls in Devon in front of their parabolic sculpture. I don't always wear yellow 💛




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I had 1,209 impressions, 23 Reactions, 43 comments, and 1 Repost

You can view this post here

FRIDAY 27 October 585 impressions

Friday is always my gratitude post. Every single Friday I share positive things to help people think about positive things. I’ve actually been doing this since December last year!

I always share some photos. I normally create a collage with the photos but this week I used a document post, which is why I probably haven't had so many impressions.

The document post is a great way to share information, but it seems that it doesn't get shared as much as pure photo posts, so I need to do something a little bit different next week. Watch this space.

What was your week like? What are you Grateful for?

With everything going on it's easy to look at the negative, but by sharing your gratitude you'll start seeing more of the good.

I know that you may be struggling, or conflicted, but there is good in the world. ❤️

Just take five minutes and reflect on some of the good things that have happened this week.

⭐️ 🥳 🙏 𝐅𝐑𝐈𝐃𝐀𝐘 𝐓𝐇𝐀𝐍𝐊𝐒. 🙏 🥳 ⭐️

What are YOUR highlights for this week? How did it go?

Even your toast landing jam-side-up is a bonus 😂

I have had the most productive week EVER

So big thanks to my new coach, Jessica. She's actually my daughter and she's been getting fed up with how often I am in my shed. She now kicks my butt if I am in there too long.

She's come up with a work schedule and holds me accountable.

Without Jess this week I'd still be on my first funnel step. Thank you Jess ❤️ 🙏 🥳. ✅

I recorded my first Podcast. Rather than repurposing a LinkedIn™️ Live, this was an engineered podcast where I talked LinkedIn™️ Maestro Jeff Brown. It was great being able to just chat. Thank you Jeff. 🙏 ⭐️

Small Business Britain needs a huge shout-out. WOW. If you are running your own business where else can you meet up with people like you and get FREE support? I've just completed a 6-week program and now I've just been invited to a series of webinars to help me with other areas of running my business.

Check them out. Thank you SBB!! 🙏🥳

I've been learning Loads this week, not just with Small Business Britain, but also with David from Zenler who has been running a FREE workshop on Creating Funnels.

Always a mystery I know understand a Funnel. David has been awesome and making me accountable. Keep an eye out for my new learning funnel. I'll be sharing it very soon!! Thank you David 🥳 🙏 ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

So what about you?

How was your week?

Who can you give a shout-out to?

Have a fantastic weekend




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I had 1,063 impressions, 30 Reactions, 54 comments, and 0 Repost

You can view this post here

What are my thoughts on this week?

What a great week. I am really pleased with the reach that I have had this week and this week I have been doing less on LinkedIn because my new coach is pushing me to be more productive. My content has worked for me.

I was vulnerable at the start of the week and also shared our wedding anniversary, plus I gave away some top advice to help people get more from this platform.

What can you share?

Here is the breakdown.

Previous week

Last week reach was low across the platform so my impressions have dropped to 17,622 with nearly a 25% drop. However, the chart says a drop of 1% However, my engagement has shot up by more than 25% with 271 people engaging on my content on Wednesday alone. It just goes to show that reach and impressions do not count as much as engagement eh?

This week

This week's reach is awesome and my impressions have risen to 23,560 with an 18% increase!! My engagement the previous week was incredible and I’ve managed to increase on that too. I have worked hard to make my content engaging.

Are you making your content engaging? Will I want to read it?

Here are my five best-performing posts this week.

If you want a hand with your content, please get in touch, and sign up for my weekly email that gives five new content ideas each week. I call it the Monday Nudge. Sign up here

Connect with me on LinkedIn too.

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