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Social Media Content Ideas- LinkedIn Ideas for Growth - 5 Suggestions for Engaging LinkedIn Content

Monday Nudge week 45

Did you celebrate Fireworks or was it a damp squib after storm Ciaran? I hope that you were safe and dry. You may have seen the viral video of a pickup truck on the seafront here in Sidmouth during the week. It wasn't me.

Nobody was hurt and it made for some good content eh? It just shows that content is everywhere

I'm doing another FREE Drop-In LinkedIn™️ Surgery today. We start at 10:00 so if you have any questions now's your chance. All for free. Today is 6 November 2023 but the link has all my future links too.

Keep an eye out for my next workshop, it's not until the last week of November, but I'm planning something super special....

Have fun this week and try to create at least one piece of content.

If you get stuck, please reach out.


My Nudge is also a VIDEO

Watch HERE

Here are my ideas for Content this week.

People buy from people who they know, like, and trust and by creating content people will see the real you and identify with you.

It doesn't matter what you talk about as this lets people know about your likes and dislikes and what motivates you.

You can turn the content into something that relates to your product or service or just add colour to your personality.

Artificial Intelligence

My post this week caused loads of engagement so why not jump on that bandwagon and ask about AI. Or maybe share what you are doing? Or perhaps you can share thoughts and fears. Everyone seems to have an opinion so if you get talking you'll get reactions. Maybe ask for the best AI tools or maybe you are looking for some new software and want some help. Or talk bout the recent AI Summit where Elon Musk tells Rishi Sunak AI will render all jobs obsolete.

LinkedIn™️ News

At the top of your home feed is a little block that shares NEWS.

This has given me an idea for my post today, so why not take a look? Just click on a topic and have a read. So many ideas every day!!

Talk Money Week

How much do you earn? That would be a good idea for a poll this week eh? It's money week, but we do not talk about money. Talk about your thoughts on money, or maybe you follow a money expert or guru. Have you read any good books on money that you can share? Or what about some things that you do at your business to help your team with money? If you are in financial services then capitalise on this week!!

DIY & Decorating

Do you DIY or decorating? Share your stories or top tips. Do you have any sources of inspiration? My daughters love Pinterest for this and whilst decorating our daughter's house she's had some great ideas. Some are hard work, but so worth it. Do you have any before and after photos that you can share? You can use some of your stories as parallels to running your own business and sometimes we need the pros. If you are that pro, then let's have a funny story!

Social Media Kindness Day 9 November

I don't know about you, but LinkedIn™️ seems to be very kind any day. But here's something else to talk about. Maybe do another poll about which social media you find the kindest. What sorts of things can we be doing to be kinder? What things do you do or what acts of kindness have you seen on social media? If you are in the well-being space maybe you can share some best practices or tips.

Here's to a cracking and creative week

But if you get stuck please reach out


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