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Social Media Content Creation Ideas for LinkedIn Engagement Strategy

Week 35 Monday Nudge

Good Morning and Happy Bank Holiday.

Are you going to be working today? I've obviously sent this out so I do a little bit, but my family are all sleeping so I do not consider this work, or intrusive.

What about you? Is doing what you love doing really work?

I think that's the benefit of running your own business. It works around YOU. For example, last week we had some sunshine and perfect paddle boarding conditions, so I went out for a paddle and some sun. I did my video this week on the sea.

Whatever you do today, have fun

Here are my five ideas for content this week. More details below, and don't forget my video which was on my paddleboard!!!

Here's that video

Please let me know what you think of the new look Monday Nudge and let me know if you have other suggestions of what you want to see each week.

Here are my ideas for Content this week.

Back to School

We are all thinking about going back to school now eh? Talk about the upcoming back-to-school season. Are you ready? Chat about the preparations for school, like getting shoes and uniforms, and shopping for lunchboxes, and school supplies. What about the protractor? Do they still have them? . Do you have any funny anecdotes related to the back-to-school experience? Will you miss the fun of the summer, or is it too long overdue?


I had Kathryn Frimond on my show last week talking about Sustainability. So why not use this as a topic? Talk about sustainability and its importance to you. Do you do any specific sustainable action? I said that I'd change my pensions to ethical funds for example. Do you have any policies in your business? Are you carbon neutral? Share your stories of your sustainability journey.

Air Ambulance Week

What a cracking idea. In Devon, we really need the local Air Ambulance because of the remote areas and the sheer distances to the big hospitals. What about where you live? Do you have an Air Ambulance? Do you do any fundraising for them? Have you ever been rescued by one, maybe you know a pilot? Why not do a bit of research and write about your local organisation?

The Autumn Business Period

Because we've only got 4 months left of 2023, do you find this part of the year a busy period? Is it busier than January? People coming back to work after the summer break all fired up wanting to make a difference. Are you doing anything different? DO you have to tweak your goals? Have you got any suggestions to make the next four months work for us?

Daily Routines

I shared a photo of me and my teapot yesterday on LinkedIn. I asked the questions about routines. Why not do the same, or let us know what you get up to? Are there any MUST DO things that mean you will not function unless you do them? Is a good workout your way to start, or the under the duvet until the 2nd alarm goes off? Share your routines that work and inspire someone today.

These are my ideas this week. You do not have to post on a bank holiday. But this is the Monday Nudge, so it wouldn't work tomorrow

Happy Monday, Be fantastic and have a lovely week.


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