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Review Of My Content for w/c 9 July 2022

Each week I review what I have done on LinkedIn and share it with you so that you can get ideas of what works and what doesn't. I currently have 5,296 followers so please bear this in mind if you compare your performance with mine.

Please let me know if this helps you or what else you'd like me to report on. Here's my week.I

SATURDAY 9 July 2,645 impressions

A couple of people had mentioned to me that engagement was down so I thought that I’s see what was happening with people in my network and posed this question using a poll.

Polls are not getting the love that they used to get, but they are still an easy way to engage with people. Only 46 votes but great engagement and impressions, so worth doing.

Here’s how I introduced the poll.

Have you noticed your engagement on LinkedIn has dropped a little this week?

I recently started doing a blog on a Saturday morning for my website that reviews what I do on LinkedIn during the week and although last week I saw a drop, this week it has bounced back.

But talking to a few of my lovely cohorts, they are reporting a bit of a lull on their favourite social media channel.

What about you?

Is it because LinkedIn has played around with their algorithm or are people trying to get away and have a break so there are fewer of us here to see your content?

Or is it because the weather in the UK at the moment is positively balmy (It is for us 😂) we are out more and enjoying life rather than being tied to our desks and phones.

My answer to my cohorts was to not worry about the lower engagement but to focus on creating content consistently. It only has to be once a week, but if it is done consistently, then you will get there.

I'd be interested to hear how you are doing, so please drop me a comment, but if you don't have time let me know on the poll.

Enjoy the sunshine this weekend.

I had 2,645 impressions, 35 comments, 9 Reactions, and 0 shares

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SUNDAY 10 July 616 impressions

Maybe I needed an image or people were not on the platform as it was so hot and lots going on, but this post bombed. Less than 1,000 impressions is not what I like. My measure is to get over 1,000 impressions per post.

I was so impressed with the tennis on Saturday I thought that it was a great story of how Elena went from one set down to smashing her opponent who should have won.

Here’s the content.

Do you give up or fight back when the going gets tough?

Did you see the Wimbledon Women's Final yesterday? WOW

This was a huge demonstration of resilience and believing in yourself. Gaining inner strength and pure focus.

Now I'm not a huge sports fan or know much about sports, but I can see a winner when they demonstrate certain behaviours.

Debs was watching the tennis whilst I was making a kitchen, hey that's how we roll! I popped in and saw the last game of the first set and I saw two players.

Ons Jabeur was absolutely smashing it and won the first set convincingly by 6:3. Elena Rybakina was looking out of her depth and a little like a rabbit in the headlights.

I said to Debs that you can see it in Elena that she's already lost and in the second set she lost a few points in the first game, but then something switched in her.

Elena gave it her all and totally owned the game in such a thrilling match with some great shots and awesome playing, by both women.

This was a great demonstration that we can achieve anything if we just focus and go for it.

What are you going go for this week?

I had 616 impressions, 6 comments, 2 Reactions, and 0 shares

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MONDAY 11 July 380 impressions

Video day. As you know I always create a video. This was week 28

My hook was not a hook and therefore my numbers were down, even more, this week.

This was the hook from 2 weeks ago

Do you have any idea of what to post about on LinkedIn?

Don't worry, here are some ideas for you.

What a rubbish hook!!!

This just goes to show that sometimes we forget what works. And the power of reviewing what we do each week eh?

I cannot wait to see how Monday performs this week as I will use the same hook!!

This post had 380 impressions with 71 views of the video and 44.6 minutes watched!

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TUESDAY 12 July 2,734 impressions,

I did another poll🤦‍♂️

I wanted to get some more interest for my LinkedIn Local and a Poll does better for me than a normal text post.

It was also interesting to see how many people go to 1 or fewer meetings per week!. I also tagged a few serial networkers in the post to try to get more reach, but they didn't comment so by tagging them I get penalised if they do not take part, so here’s a warning to you too!

Do not tag people for tagging sake!

Do you go to Networking Face to Face Meetings? Are they a necessary evil or do you love meeting new people and sharing stories and leads?

I've been invited to a new one for me today by local networker and IT Guru Martin Crockett. I'm a little nervous because it's new to me, but also excited to meet new people and with Martin there I'll know a friendly face.

Are the NERVES why you do not go to these meetings? Do you get anything from these meetings? Which ones work best for you?

My idea of these meetings all changed a few years ago when I met Vic Williams at one of his excellent LinkedIn Locals that he ran with Lesley Anderson. He has a few more up his sleeve, so keep in touch with Vic!

I loved the concept so much that I have my Second LinkedIn Local here in Sidmouth on Friday!!!! See comments for the link if you wanna come along.

The LinkedIn Local is more about meeting business people rather than the pitching that you get at some networks.

Chris Bentley runs Networking Notworking. I've heard great things about this one, but keep missing them🤦‍♂️. We also have Lord John Samphire and Jon Iacomino is a star networker too eh?

I'm sure I've missed a few so please let me know where else I should go.

I guess it's horses for courses and talking to a mate last night we found that between us we've been to many of the local events and have loved them all.

But my questions is how many do you go to a month?




I had 2,734 impressions, 62 comments, 11 Reactions, and 0 shares

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WEDNESDAY 13 July 1,878 impressions

I had a phone call from one of my previous cohorts on Tuesday night and he needed some help to get over his overwhelm with LinkedIn. So today I asked the question for him to try to demonstrate better use of this platform.

It was an interesting post and some great comments too. Great engagement.

Do you connect with EVERY connection request that you get? And could this mean that I have created a monster?

I had a chat the other day with one of my very early cohorts. He did the very first LinkedIn Daily Habit Workshop where I say you can do LinkedIn in just 15 minutes a day.

The trouble is he cannot stick to just 15 minutes a day🤦‍♂️

He's having too much fun🥳

He's accepting EVERY connection request even if they are in other countries and will never be a suitable client. His argument is that the more connections the wider the web.

I disagree and said to cut back on his use and delete ALL NOTIFICATIONS from his phone.

So does this make me wrong? Have I created a monster?

My whole idea of LinkedIn is to get people who do not even understand it or are afraid of it and help them to create a habit of just 15 minutes a day.

If you do just 15 minutes. day on this incredible platform then in one year you'd have done 65 hours of free marketing. Who doesn't want that?

Should I be taken to tasks for this chap's love of LinkedIn? ❤️

Do you do just a little bit each day and run away or are you addicted to the feed, the connections, and all the comments?

How can we help my friend?

How many of your connection requests do you ignore?

I had 1,878 impressions, 22 comments, 22 Reactions, and 0 shares

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THURSDAY 14 July 1,415 impressions

On Wednesday Evening i met with Maxine Cunningham and she explained all about her new platform, Pick My Brain.

I have signed up and have to list my accomplishments. which I struggled with so I posed this question.

What a lovely engaging post this was. I encouraged people to share their achievements whilst it also got people to remind me that I have achieved great things too.

I am so blessed to have so many friends on LinkedIn eh? This has all come from my consistency! Come on, get some consistency in your life too!!

It was a very short post too, so dead easy for skim reading.

What is your greatest accomplishment? Do you know what this is and if you share it here are you bragging or showing off?

Following a meeting with the delightful ball of energy that is Maxine Cunningham I am completing my Pick My Brain profile at the moment and I am stuck on this question.

I'm stuck because it means that I have to brag.

We are not good at bragging, are we? It's just not what we are designed to do eh?

How would you answer this question?

I'd be interested to understand how you feel when faced with this question. It feels like I am in an interview!

So come on, tell me what your greatest accomplishment is and let's have some fun today.

I had 1,415 impressions, 54 comments, 10 Reactions, and 0 shares

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FRIDAY 15 July 1,318 impressions

I broke all my rules on Friday 15 July.

I didn’t post at my normal time and I didn’t engage much with the post in the first couple of hours because I was out on my paddleboard!! I normally post at 6:30-6:45 before I go for my morning walk.

I needed a photo of Richard for this post and when I got to the event it was 8:00 before I realised I hadn’t created my post. 🤦‍♂️

The post from the last LinkedIn Local had over 7,000 impressions!

This really illustrates the importance of consistency.

Is the second time just as good as the first time? Or Better?

It’s like the second album or the sequel to the blockbuster movie, will it live up to expectations?

This is what we’ll be finding out today with our Sidmouth LinkedIn Local at The Balfour in Sidmouth. More local business owners getting together for a chat over coffee and bacon baps (Vegetarian options are available). Just to make connections and find out more about the local area where we live.

As Odessa Sherreard couldn’t make I have found a fantastic stand-in to come along and co-host with me. He’s not only my mentor and friend, he’s a well-known and respected local business guru. Thank you Richard Carpenter for stepping in and stepping up!

We’ll be meeting new people and just chatting but we’ll also have some top networking tips from Richard and I’ll be spilling some beans with some great tips on LinkedIn to help you get more from this incredible platform.

Some of us are also popping down to the seafront with our kayaks and paddle boards to make the best use of the weather.

As if that wasn’t enough I am meeting the superb John Espirian later in Exeter and looking forward to quizzing him on all things LinkedIn.

So, the question today is, was the second better than the first? Let me know when you found the sequel was better.

Have a fantastic weekend and remember the sunscreen.

I had 1,318 impressions, 30 comments, 30 Reactions, and 0 shares

You can view this post here

What a week, so much fun, but my consistency has slipped. I am pleased that I have embarked on this journey of reflection and I hope that it helps you to get more from LinkedIn.

Plus this helps my SEO on my website!

Here’s my not-so-good report from this past week. I need to up my game big time eh?

What are you going to do differently this week?

Do you want a hand with your LinkedIn Profile?

My mission is to help people to love LinkedIn and get into a great daily habit to help you to grow your business with a steady stream of warm leads.

In order to do this you need to have an Optimised LinkedIn Profile. I offer a free video review of your profile.

This is how it works.

I'll send you a video of me saying what I see when I look at your profile. I'll be honest, but you'll get some great pointers on how you can improve your profile. It's a great starting point and if you like what you see you can book a call with me to discuss how I can help. All I ask is that you sign up for my Monday Nudge. This is an email that I send each Monday with 5 ideas to help you to create a post on LinkedIn.

Click the button to book yours today.

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