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My Pick of Ideas for Posting on LinkedIn

Here's a breakdown of the Photo post.

Using your own photo's is a great way to share your personality, things you love and special occasions. You can also use Canva to create your own Meme's or use it as a way to highlight a point.

Here's the video that I recorded to show you how to do this using Canva and it was the subject of my post on Saturday.Using a photo or an image makes your post stand out. But it's not the best way to get a post doing well, but ironically the viral posts tend to have a photo attached .

You can also use the feature to add multiple images and it's these posts that do better. I guess it's got something to do with the dwell time eh? The more time you spend looking at images, the longer you are on the platform.

When you create a post on LinkedIn you have the option to add a photo, click this button and the rest happens for you. When the photo is uploaded you have the option to add alt text. This is the feature that Visually impaired users using screen readers will be read an alt attribute to better understand an on-page image.

What will YOU post about on LinkedIn this week? You made it this far!! Here is some inspiration for you. 7 ideas for posting this week. I have thought of 7 different topics and shared my thoughts to help you come up with something to post about this week. If you have a question, post it in the Alumni Group page and tag me. (This group is private for people who have been on the LinkedIn Daily Habit Workshop, if you'd like to be a member, send me a DM on LinkedIn and I'll invite you again)

  • Its November. There are only a couple of months left of the year. Talk about planning for the end of the year. What about all the celebrations coming up? What sort of things should your customers be doing now?

  • COP26 There is tons of stuff that you can write about this and climate change and maybe the little things that you do in your business.

  • Remember Remember 5th November Talk about why this happened, do people really know? Does that have anything to do with what YOU do for your clients? Do you celebrate? Have a party or go to an organised event. What about our furry friends.

  • What about Diwali? The Festival of Light There is loads to talk about here and with all the wonderful images you can come up with a great design.

  • The Rain. We've had loads eh? I hope that you are safe. How about writing top tips for indoor fun? Best waterproof coats. Services for clearing up the damage? You can come up with some fun or serious topics about the amount of rain that we've been having. How does it relate to what you do or what your customers do?

  • Alcohol-Free Beer Don't ask. I'm not sure where I come up with these ideas, but it seems many people are reducing the amount of alcohol they take. Do you? Have you got a favourite alcohol free drink? Do you drink Alcohol Free beer, can you recommend a favourite?

  • Covid Cases Rising. I heard a LinkedIn Live where the presenter said that she is not shaking hands. This is ME. Petrified and ULTRA careful. What are you doing? Do you have Covid safe facilities for your clients? Are you going to events? Are you wearing a mask?

  • BONUS 8th Item Ed Sheeran has a new Album. Following on from my mention of Adele, it's Ed's turn. He's got covid, so his promo work has all been on Zoom!! Plenty to talk about here. Incidentally. Adele's views on her new song on Youtube has now topped 125 million!!

This should inspire you to come up with some great ideas for posting. Please tag me if you'd like my thoughts on your efforts.

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