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7 ideas for posting this week

  • Christmas Chocolates. Do people still buy Quality Street, or what about the new kids on the block. You could come up with some great fun polls on this topic. Didn't a tin of these sweets used to be about £10.00 in the olden days? Now I see that you can buy 2 for £7 in some stores.?

  • Do you do a Takeaway? I was sitting waiting for a takeaway that I ordered on Saturday night. (On a side note. When I phoned he asked me if I was collecting. I asked him if he delivered, he said no, so yes I am collecting.) Back to the idea, sorry. Do you have a takeaway night? Is it a special treat, does your household have different takeaways for the same meal so that everyone is catered for, or do you go with the majority? This is all like outsourcing., If you offer this service, why not weave it into your post? Do you want to give a shout out to a local favourite venue?

  • Central Heating. When did you last service your heating? We got home to a cold house after a 5-day break and the heating was not working. We've got it working, but we've now booked a service. Is servicing your boiler like keeping an eye on your business? What services do you offer that you can relate to your heating stories?

  • Real or Fake? I'm talking about Christmas trees. With COP26 still on our minds and more column inches about sustainability, what decorations are you putting up in the office or at home?

  • Another Christmas Party Called Off! We are starting to see action from the Omnicron variant with headlines like this. Here's the story on LinkedIn to get you thinking. When do you start calling things off for fear of the safety of your teams?

  • Do you take a winter break? We've just been away for a few days to celebrate a family birthday. A couple of years ago this was in Maderia. Do you have any winter sun to get away from it all? Is it mad going away before Christmas when everything is so busy (YES!!)

  • Do you have any BIG PLANS plans for 2022 that will help your clients? With another year fast approaching, have you given any thoughts to where you want your business to be? Your life to be? Share your plans and ideas to encourage your followers to take part in a discussion. If they have plans too, does your business offer anything that could help them?

Any other ideas? What are you posting about?

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