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LinkedIn Content Inspiration - 5 Ideas for Content Creation on Social Media, LinkedIn™️ for Growth

Only 2 Weeks until Christmas

It's Week 50 of The Monday Nudge

Guess who'll be LIVE on BBC Radio Devon EVERY DAY this week?

YUP.  Me.  Each morning just after the 9:00am News I'll be Johns's guest and will be tackling his LISTS......  So I'll need to have my clever head on.


Are you going to let your LinkedIn slide now we are busier?

Please DON'T

Just create one post a week.  I have 5 ideas for you, so maybe you can still put a post out this week.

For a bit of fun, why not add a Santa hat to your profile pic? My post from the other week shows you how

This week I had a meeting with a guy who found me from a Google search.  This just proves that LinkedIn™️ works eh?  Come on, get creative!!

Good luck


My Nudge is also a VIDEO

Here are my ideas for Content this week.

You can beat the algorithm if you are consistent.

Fewer people are creating content because we are all time-poor, so why not capitalise on this and double your efforts this week?

It's busy.  I know that, but please try to do at least one spot this week

Shout if you need a hand

12 Days of Christmas 

Why not start a 12-day plan of content that gives away 12 top tips?  Call it the 12 Days of Christmas and share a bit of content each day.  You can pick absolutely anything. Why not repurpose a blog, or share some training videos or snippets that you've done?  You could have a really cool call to action at the end too.  Come on, get your thinking hat on.

Staff Christmas Parties

Share your plans.  I'm joining the Chamber of Commerce this week for the town business lunch.  When you're on your own the staff parties are a bit boring.  What are you planning ot what have you done?  Share your photos for inspiration.  Do you have quizzes or karaoke?  Do you invite partners along too?

Christmas Hacks

With only 2 weeks until the big day, what hacks can you share?  Do you have any things that you always do to make Christmas easier or more fun?  I use a spreadsheet to tell me when to do all the jobs as the Christmas Dinner is a big part of the celebrations.  But this year we're going out for lunch!!  Any decorating hacks or what about a top tip for wrapping?  I put tins of beans under the table to raise it enough so that I'm not breaking my back when we do the wrapping!

Last week of work

Many people I am working with finish this Friday.  WOW,  What about you?  Share your holiday opening times and some things that you may be doing to help your customers over the next few weeks.  If you are an accountant or a bookkeeper then let people know about your extended hours because of tax return season.

Vision Boards

I had a load of engagement with my vision board post at the weekend.  So much so that I'm going to do a live show to help people get involved.  Why not share your vision boards, your success and your mistakes?  Ask the question "Do you do a vision board?"  Ask people for ideas.  This time of year we do a lot of reflection and planning.  It's very topical and does invite debate!


If you have great ideas of content that has worked for you and you want to be featured in my Monday Nudge then please get in touch.


More Helpful ideas on my YouTube Channel 


My Live shows this week

Tuesday 12:30 pm 

PJ Livett - The Sex and Relationship Educator

Wednesday 12:30 pm

Shane Lukas - AVN  

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