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LinkedIn Content Ideas. 5 Simple ideas and tips to grow your network on Social Media and LinkedIn™️

There seems to be a theme here this week

It's a crazy time of the year and this is when we can easily let our content slide. Especially since the recent algorithm changes.

One thing to remember - the power of consistency!!

Even when the numbers fluctuate, your engagement matters. So please keep up the momentum and keep adding your unique voice.

Keep adding value, and you never know whose day you might brighten.

If you get stuck, give me a shout and remember that even ONCE a week you are better than more than 95% of everyone else on LinkedIn™️.

Good luck


My Nudge is also a VIDEO

Here are my ideas for Content this week.

I'm seeing many people feeling overwhelmed at the moment and dropping LinkedIn™️.

Please don't give up.

It's important to create content at least once a week. 3 times is optimum, but even 1 post per week is better than 95% of people on LinkedIn™️ so you will be a winner!!

Just keep it real.

Be authentic.

Thanksgiving Thursday 24 November

Do you celebrate Thanksgiving? I was at an event the other day and we wondered if this custom would travel over the pond. I guess if you have American relatives or you have lived in the USA then maybe, but it's not a traditional custom in the UK. What do you do for Thanksgiving? If you are from the US why not educate us? We do not know, so it's your chance to share some of your customs. In the UK we have harvest festivals, so why not share your stories about this?

Black Friday

Is it me or is Black Friday now Black November? Is this YOUR opportunity to create a bit of activity around your offerings, do you send out messages etc for Black Friday? Are you fed up with all the Black Friday deals? Why not do a list of the 5 best deals you've seen. Or get people talking with a poll. If you are an Accountant or Bookkeeper why not talk about how discounting items can damage your profit and brand!!

Christmas Lights

I turned on the Christmas Lights! On Saturday I was involved with The Sidmouth Christmas Lights Switch-On. But this year, rather than being part of the band (We've done it for a few years). I was on my own. OMG, So much Fun. This for me is the start of the Christmas build-up. Do you have events in your town? Do you get involved? Do you like the Christmas lights in your town, or could we spend money in better places? Do you think it adds magic to the town and gets everyone feeling festive? Where are the best lights? What about sharing some photos?

Planning for 2024

Are you thinking about 2024, or still getting 2023 in shape? Share your thoughts on your planning ideas. I've been on a planning workshop and I am seeing more popping up. Are we too early, or is now the best time to think about what you want to achieve next year? Is planning a waste of time? What tips do you have for planning? Do you know anyone who you could recommend for this? Share your plans, or maybe what you planned last year and how you've got on.

Entrepreneurs’ Day 21 November

Are you an Entrepreneur? Or are you self-employed? My mindset was changed at the NatWest Business Accelerator workshop and since then I've been more Entrepreneurial and done things differently. What makes you an Entrepreneur? What do you love about running your own business? Share your successes and share the problems you have. Share what you did to get where you are. We all want to know what other people like us are doing, so why not share your journey to date? Break it down or maybe create an article on LinkedIn™️ as this is longer form content and stays around longer. This could also be a blog on your website!

The Launch of my New Platfrom

Over the past couple of months I've been building abrand new learning expereince to help even more people to get business from LinkedIn™️ with ease of use at the forefront.

I have now finisheed stage one!! 🥳

This means that my next LinkedIn Daily Habit Workshop will be delivered on this new platfrom.

And to celebrate and get some feedback i've reduced the price by 33% to just £100.00

Join now and get a live zoom call with me every morning for 5 days for just 15 minutes a day. I'll teach you my strategy to help you get business from LinkedIn™️. Become a thought leader and become creative and the go to person in your field.

But just in case you don't like it, I have a Money-Back Guarantee

Click here to book

Have fun this week and please do not stress about creating content. It's all about building up your trust, so be natural and be YOU.

Shout if you need a hand and keep an eye out for my next workshop


More Helpful ideas on my YouTube Channel

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