It's nearly December, are you doing enough on LinkedIn?

Each week I come up with ideas to get you creating your own content on your social media

Here are your 7 ideas for this week

  • Tiredness and Stress I had a busy day on Friday and my post on Saturday asked about what to do when you are tired. On a Saturday this post has outperformed my normal response rate by about 4 times. This shows that a lot of people have thoughts about being tired or maybe stressed. Let's get people talking eh?

  • Gift Ideas for Christmas We all know that blokes are (generally) not that good at buying decent presents for their loved ones. My wife still brings up the SodaStream that I bought her for our first Christmas! We're still happily married though. Get people discussing ideas with a carefully crafted post. Talk about your successes or, in my case, failures. We are all thinking of what to get, so this will definitely help. Please TAG ME in this post so that I can get some great ideas.

  • MASKS Boris Johnson has reintroduced the wearing of masks in shops and public transport. There is a lot that you can write about this, but remember people are fed up so look on the lighter or positive side.

  • One Month of 2021 Left What things do you do for the end of year closing. Prep for the New Year? If you run a business service how are you helping your clients? Do you have any top tips for a great start to the new year?

  • Do you have any news? How was your 2021? Share what you have learnt, what you may do differently and maybe what you failed to do this year and how you plan to make sure you do it in 2022.

  • International Volunteer Day 5 December every year is International Volunteer Day. Do you volunteer? Are you involved with anything locally or globally that you are passionate about? Why not highlight your favourite charity? Write a post to encourage us to volunteer too.

  • Cyber Monday. The biggest day for internet shopping. Really? Do you do anything? Are you even aware of Cyber Monday? If you are not then many other people won't be, so that's a great excuse to write about it. It's dead topical and will enable you to talk about a deal that you may be thinking of.

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