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Ideas to post on LinkedIn This week

Now that you are reading this, why not use this time to come up with something to say on your post on LinkedIn? Did you know that if you are thinking something, then you'll probably find that someone else is thinking it too!!!

How about one of the following ideas..............

I've come up with seven, one for each day, or pick one for your weekly post? It really doesn't matter, just please try to post something.

  • Do you know about MTD? Making Tax Digital? If you are in the accounting space you are probably fed up with all the date changes. But it's been in the news again this week. Why not join the party and put YOUR spin on things.

  • Pronunciations. Bear with me on this. This is more a fun post, for say Friday or the weekend if you are so inclined. Think of some words that get people divided and ask the question. Here's some ideas. Is it Scone (gone) or Scone (Flown). Or what about David Bowie? I'm sure you have a pet one😁

  • What are you looking forward to? It's only 3 weeks until my anti-compete clause is over, so I am going to be making the most of this. What have you got to be excited about?

  • No petrol? How does this affect your business, or what parallels can you show in what you do in your business? For all of you in the accounting space, I guess it's like Tax return season?

  • On this day in History. Just google that phrase, or use this site that I found. Find something interesting and write about it in a way that shows what you do, or how you feel. Remember that "People buy from people who they know, like, and trust!"

  • LinkedIn comes up with ideas too. Here's the latest snippet.

  • Last night's TV. Vigil ended last night, which was gripping, do you have gripping times in your business? Strictly was back on! We all love a bit of glitz and glamour, but is its popularity waning?

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