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Ideas and extracts of my content on LinkedIn

My week on Linkedin

I thought that it would be a good idea to share what I write about on my Linkedin Posts to help give you more ideas to talk about and what you could do. This is fro the week from Saturday 18 June 2022

SATURDAY 18 June 2022

I talk a lot about motivation and imposter syndrome so my post today reflected on that. This was a pure text post.

Here’s the hook

Do you sit in your shed/office and wonder why you are not like all the big players in your industry?

You see them doing great things and think to yourself things like..

🤦‍♂️ "I am not worthy"

🤦‍♂️ "They are better than me"

🤦‍♂️ "I should do something else"

🤦‍♂️ "Maybe I should get a proper job"

OMG, do not worry, because we all have these thoughts now and then. I definitely do.

But if you just keep going. Do a little bit each day and you will get to where you are wanting to get to.

I had 1,692 impressions and 22 comments

You can view this post here


SUNDAY 19 June 2022

This Sunday was Fathers day so I shared a photo of my dad.

Here’s the hook!

Happy Fathers day!

For all those dads out there. We salute you.

Has your dad inspired you?

Meet my Dad.

I only had 814 impressions. Is this because we were all seeing our fathers?

You can view this post here

This week I have been talking about all kinds of things and even did a blatant SALES post and here I am saying not to sell on LinkedIn🤦‍♂️


MONDAY 20 June 2022

Monday I created another video with my 5 ideas for content creation. Week 25 of my weekly videos series of ideas for creating content.

The top tips were

✅ Glastonbury

✅ Fear

✅ The Longest Day

✅ Exams

✅ Funny

This post had 1,232 impressions with 288 views of the video and 124.4 minutes watched!

You can view this post here


TUESDAY 21 June 2022

On Tuesday I did a post about being busy as I had two lives and a load of meetings. I suggested some ideas to help get through a busy day.

Post Hook

What do you do when you have a FULL DAY?

Maybe one of the following?

✅ Write Lists

✅ Make Plans

✅ Worry it'll not work out

✅ Run around like a headless chicken

✅ Just get on with it

This post had 1,798 impressions

On Tuesday Lunchtime I did my Live! This week with Sam White. You can watch the show here It was a fun interview and Sam was a delightful guest.

This post had 1,928 impressions with 213 views of the video and 691 minutes watched! 25 Peak Live Viewers.

You can watch the show here


WEDNESDAY 22 June 2022

Here’s the start of my post for Wednesday. It was a photo Post.

Have you hit a target or a goal recently?

This is me after hitting my BIG goal on Monday Morning. Not the best photo, but you can see the joy in my eyes eh?

I want to be fitter.

I want to be like Dave Stickland (The fit old guy) because as we age our muscles waste away and we lose our strength.

So I set out to do

💪 150 Press-ups,

💪 150 Squats and

💪 150 Situps.

Yeah I know. Me!

140 days ago I couldn't do 1 press-up. 😂

I talked about just by doing a little bit each day you can build up to great things. It just takes time and for me this feat took 140 days. That’s 20 weeks, but I did it. What have you got to do that you could break down into easy chunks?

This post got 4,152 Impressions with 111 comments.

You can view this post here


THURSDAY 23 June 2022

I was lucky enough to receive a parcel of Curry samples in the post, so I wrote about it.

Do you like a good curry? Are you a mild🌶 or a HOT🌶🌶🌶 ?

I had an unexpected parcel arrive yesterday. Thank you Sokhy🙏

This was a photo post again.

This post got 2,251 Impressions with 66 comments.

You can view this post here


FRIDAY 24 June 2022

On Friday I did my SALES post.

I have just created a LIVE Workshop and I want to let people know about it so I created an event on LinkedIn and linked this to my Eventbrite page.

Here's the hook

Have you ever set up a LIVE training event and stressed that nobody will come?


I've been procrastinating and worrying for so long, but you know what? Sometimes you just have to go for it.

I have so many friends who helped me to drum up interest and ended up with some lovely comments that will turn into testimonials because people were so kind.

I had 1,841 impressions with 73 comments and 2 shares!

You can view the post here

If you want to join me here's the link to book your place


Not a bad week eh?

Creating content is all about consistency and I do many things regularly. I have routines and try to keep posting the same time each day. I also post at weekends but these go out a bit later. If you want a hand creating content please get in touch.

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