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How my content is working on LinkedIn

NEW WEEK Commencing 15 October

Every week I review my content on LinkedIn and share it so that you can see what is working and hopefully get some tips.

My profile views this week

Views Last Week 1,407 Was down last week

Views This Week 1,432 and 12% more views

Hashtag Follows Last Week 47 Just one more

Hashtag Follows This Week 50 three in a week.

This must be working because I Googled The 15 minute guy and came up on top! Get in touch if you want to create your own hashtag.

SATURDAY 15 October 1,868 impressions

I have a BRAND NEW workshop that I am working on but need to prove the concept. So what better way than to have a beta program?

Probably not the best day to launch a beta program, but I got great engagement and I shared the post a bit during the week.

Here is the post.

Have you ever been a guinea pig?

Have you tried something at a reduced price or for a bonus?

I'm on the lookout for up to 4 such people.

I would love to work with some eager business owners who want to utilise LinkedIn like me and get actual sales and business from this incredible platform.

I've developed a targeted 12-week VIP 1:1 program and now I need to test it as a proof of concept.

If you want to grow your LinkedIn and get business and be known as an expert please read on.

In the next few weeks, I will start a very small cohort of up to 4 people where we'll work together to not only look good on LinkedIn but actually understand more about the sales process, engagement and even video.

Every week we'll meet up for 30 minutes and work through a sprint to have an optimised profile within 3 weeks.

I'll be on hand during the week if you get stuck and we'll be monitoring everything that we'll be doing.

We'll then look at strategy, sales process, role playing, confidence and everything that I am doing to really make sure that it all works and you get business.

I'll also have a monthly 1:1 with each student to make sure that we are on target.

The price for the finished article is not yet finalised but it's not gonna be at my normal level.

For this BETA Program though I'm going to charge just £300.00 per month per person.

If you want to grow on LinkedIn then please DM me and let's have a chat. Please only apply if you are keen to grow, develop yourself and be open to learning some new concepts.

If you know of any superstars who want to help me and help their business grow, then please share this with them.

Thank you




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I had 1,868 impressions, 20 comments, 20 Reactions, and 0 shares

You can view this post here

SUNDAY 16 October 2,366 Impressions

I was sitting outside my hotel room waiting for my wife on Sunday morning and hadn’t been able to write a post for LinkedIn as my laptop was inside🤦‍♂️ SO I picked up my phone and tried the new Template Feature.

Well, that was a lucky accident. Look at the engagement I had!

Give it a go yourself.

Here’s the post.

Have you found the new LinkedIn Templates?

Only available on the mobile app, this nre feature enables you to create your own meme quickly and easily.

Great for when you have something to say.

Have you got this new feature? It appears when you go to post on your mobile app.

Have you used it?

Have a great Sunday




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I had 2,366 impressions, 52 comments, 24 Reactions, and 1 share

You can view this post here

MONDAY 17 October 1,347 impressions

It’s Monday so it means it’s Video Day

Did you know that today is Spreadsheet Day?

I have even more ideas for you to create content too!

Every Week I create a video to help you to come up with new ideas for creating content.

This is video number 42. So that means only 10 more to go 😱.

In the video, I go into greater detail behind the headlines.

Here are my Headline ideas.

✅ New Template Feature

✅ Wear it Pink Day 21 October

✅ Testimonials

✅ Baking Week

✅ Spreadsheet Day 17 October\

There's a load of content out there.

Go on, have a go!!

If you need a hand, please shout or if you have other suggestions please share them here.

I want you to be creating more content.




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Previous Week

I had 1,042 impressions, 38 comments, 17 Reactions, and 0 share 330 views with 124 minutes watched by 302 viewers

This Week

I had 1,347 impressions, 40 comments, 18 Reactions, and 0 share 381 views with 144 minutes watched by 351 viewers

Now I am perplexed. I was in my shed. So why have the numbers increased this week?

I’ll not complain, this is a good increase and shows that people like my weekly videos

You can view this post here

TUESDAY 18 October 1,033 impressions

I had a lovely message from Dave because he wanted to say thanks for the emails. It got me thinking that although we do not get feedback all the time, that people do actually like to see our content. This post is a reminder of that fact.

Do you feel that nobody sees your content?

Do you think that your emails end up in the bin?

Just because people do not interact or send you messages of love or thanks it doesn't mean that they do not appreciate you.

Many of us enjoy the TV, Netflix or a visit to the local Cinema eh?

But, when was the last time you wrote to any of the actors or directors to say how much you loved the content? 😂

This is exactly the same online or with your regular email broadcasts. You hit send or post and there it goes.

But please do not give up, because people are reading it and taking it all in. It's all about consistency and it is this consistency that keeps you front of mind.

I bet that if someone speaks to Dave about LinkedIn I am the first person he thinks of.

Just keep creating your content and DON"T GIVE UP.

✅ It's a Long game.

✅ It's a Consistent game.

But people do read it and appreciate your efforts. ❤️

Thanks to Dave for taking the time to drop me this unexpected note this week. 🙏




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I had 1,033 impressions, 34 comments, 24 Reactions, and 0 shares

You can view this post here

WEDNESDAY 19 October 1,346 impressions

I struggle in knowing what to say to people to get them to embrace all that is wonderful with Linkedin. It is an amazing place and has really helped me with not only my business but also, knowledge, connections and some wonderful friendships

Here’s how I broached the subject this week.

Here's an interesting question. Can you help answer it, please?

How do you explain to someone who doesn't know our 'LinkedIn Secret' just how good this platform is for getting known and getting clients?

Hey, and making friends too eh?

So many people just think that LinkedIn is

✅ Facebook for professionals

✅ A CV Uploading service

✅ A job board

✅ Loads of people selling stuff

✅ Rubbish

In just a few minutes I can convince someone that they are not seeing the full potential of this incredible platform and help them get started.

Some even come back and try one of my free challenges whilst others pay for my workshop.

But how can we have a few words, like a strapline, to help people understand this LinkedIn is so much more?

What would the strapline be if you owned LinkedIn?

And can you add anything else to my list of what people think of LinkedIn?

I cannot wait to hear your ideas!!!




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I had 1,346 impressions, 44 comments, 15 Reactions, and 1 share

You can view this post here

THURSDAY 20 October 553 impressions

Do you ask for Testimonials do you give them? I want to encourage people to get more so I made a video and explained how to do it.

Do you ask for Testimonials?

If you work with people and they are happy with what you do, why not ask for a testimonial?

This will give you validation when people are deciding if they want to work with you.

People love to give something back if they have had a great service from you and are happy to talk about how you've helped them.

If you have reviews elsewhere then why not go back and ask for a recommendation on LinkedIn too?

Did you know that you can save this to your LinkedIn profile?

If you do not have the Recommendations section set up, you'll need to go to your profile and hit the Add Profile Section button. This will open up your options.

Hit the Recommended Section and then hey presto you'll see recommendations there. Hit this and you now have a new section.

If you get stuck, give me a shout.

Let's get using recommendations more eh?

What tips do you have for getting recommendations?




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I had 553 impressions, 27 comments, 7 Reactions, and 0 shares

You can view this post here

FRIDAY 21 October 1,233 impressions

Did you have a good week? What are YOUR highlights?

Do you practice Gratitude too?

⭐️ 🥳 🙏 𝐅𝐑𝐈𝐃𝐀𝐘 𝐓𝐇𝐀𝐍𝐊𝐒. 🙏 🥳 ⭐️

If you remind yourself how things have gone and look for the positives you'll feel better.

Our brain is wired to look for the negatives, so this is a great way to reframe things that have happened.

Each Friday I share my gratitude and thanks to all the fantastic people who have been brilliant during the week.

Whom do you want to thank this week? 🙏

This week it has to be the AWESOME Authors who have appeared on the back page of my upcoming book, 101 Ideas for LinkedIn - Content Made Easy.

These are lovely people I now call friends and whom I met here on LinkedIn. Another reason I call this the "Incredible Platform."

They have each read a pre-copy and given me a glowing endorsement which will help people who do not know this new author to take a chance on his first book.

Have you been involved in a book before?

Thank you so much for your time, support and encouragement. You don't know what this means to me 🙏 ❤️.

Here they are in Alphabetical Order

⭐️ Amanda C. Watts

⭐️ John Espirian

⭐️ Lynda Shaw PhD

⭐️ Stuart Mason

⭐️ Zoe Whitman FCCA

Each of these wonderful authors has great books so please check them out.

Whom do you want to give a shout-out to this Friday?

Maybe Liz Truss? 😂

Let me know who has been awesome for you this week and give them a shout-out. Why not take my idea and do your own gratitude post?

Let's share the good news!

Happy Friday




#15minuteguy 👈 Follow this hashtag to see more of my content

I had 1,233 impressions, 57 comments, 13 Reactions, and 0 shares

You can view this post here

So that was an interesting week eh?

What a great week for views and DM’s but not so much on engagement. How odd.

The graph says I am down 18%

Last Week 15,078 Impressions and 648 engagements

This week 14,370 impressions and 454 engagements

I’ve been commenting a lot, but I’ve also been under the weather with my grandson's cold, so I guess that didn't help as I took a few afternoons off.

How was your week?

If you want a hand with your LinkedIn get in touch or reach out using this exciting new link

Or check out my latest challenge

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