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How Does My Content Perform on LinkedIn?

NEW WEEK Commencing 3 December

Every week i review my content that I have created on LinkedIn and then share my thought's on my Blog. This is a great way to see how I write and then see how each post has performed.

I look at how many people have been to view my profile.

Views Last Week 1,636 up by a tad

Views This Week the graph says 1,656 up but a 24% drop Not a surprise as I’ve been away.

I have still had 138 people look at my profile this week, and connections requests!

Hashtag Follows Last Week 72 up the biggest increase of 8 more

Hashtag Follows This Week 78 Another 6 more

Followers Last Week 6,201 - This Week - 6,257 a 56 count increase this week.

SATURDAY 3 December 1,114 impressions

I shared my recipe for mincemeat last year so why not do it again. I’ve upgraded the images on the document post and used my darker green to share my new branding colours.

Looks like people enjoyed the post! The document post is a great way to share ideas and give things away! Check out my YouTube video that shows you how.

Have you ever made your own mincemeat?

Making your own mincemeat for mince pies isn’t that difficult.

It’s weighing all the different ingredients that takes the time. That’s why I use a bag of mixed fruit.

This recipe shouldn’t take too long and makes enough mince pies for a perfect Christmas.

If you make it today you can start baking next weekend and by Christmas (if there’s any left 😂) your mincemeat will be better than shop bought.

What special festive recipes do you make this time of year?

Please share your recipes below.

Have fun.




#15minuteguy 👈 Follow this hashtag to see more of my contentI had 1,114 impressions, 13 Reactions, 24 comments, and 0 Reposts

You can view this post here

SUNDAY 4 December 2,284 impressions

I was in Morocco to celebrate our daughters 30th birthday so what better testament to a celebration than to share what it’s like ot be a father. I had some wonderful comments, but also a troll saying that this isn’t Facebook. You will get these people now and again, but it’s how you deal with them. I put him straight ina nice way.

If people didnl’t like these types of posts we wouldn’t get any engagement don’t you think?

Do you stop a reflect on your child’s birthday?

It’s a happy celebration in the Leeds house today. Our little girl is 30.

I remember the very first day I met her.

3 weeks early was a bit of a shock and she’s never failed to enchant me ever since.

To be blessed with children is a special thing and I take my role as daddy very seriously.

I’m enormously proud of both our girls and what they’ve achieved and what they’re doing in the world.

As you can imagine I’m balling my eyes out looking through photos but the day of her wedding was such a special day and the ride to the event in a vintage camper van brings back wonderful memories.

To all you parents out there. Enjoy your children, they grow up fast.

They keep coming back which is delightful and they bring their own family too, which is another chapter.

Happy birthday Jessica ❤️

I had 4,575 impressions, 133 Reactions, 68 comments, and 0 Reposts

You can view this post here

MONDAY 5 December 2,139 impressions

It’s Monday, so it’s time for the weekly video. I started this last year and did a video each week. It’s a bit of work, but it get’s good traction and people are engaging with my videos.

Do you get stuck for content?

What can you post about this week on LinkedIn?

This is my 49th video in my weekly series to bring you ideas to help you come up with a post on LinkedIn

Only 1% of LinkedIn users actually create content so why not have a go?

My ideas this week are pretty much Festive ideas, but hey, we are in December.

Is your tree up yet? Why not share a photo?

Watch the video for some suggestions this week and feel free to share your ideas too.

Good luck this week




#15minuteguy 👈 Follow this hashtag to see more of my content

Previous Week

I had 1,303 impressions, 25 Reactions, 24 comments, and 0 Reposts

427 views with 131 minutes watched by 391 viewers

This Week

I had 1,643 impressions, 29 Reactions, 36 comments, and 0 Reposts

425 views with 136 minutes watched by 403 viewers Way up on last week. Good ole Christmas Jumper!

You can view this post here

TUESDAY 6 December 1,404 impressions

Because I was in Morocco I wanted to keep posting, but I also wanted to share my free surgery. These Event Posts do not do too good, but worth a try.

Do you want a hand with using LinkedIn?

Do you have any burning questions regarding how to use certain features or where you should start?

I’m hosting another free LinkedIn Surgery to help you get more from this incredible platform.

I’ll answer your questions, help you with ideas and this month we’re talking content.

What questions do you want answered?

Book your place now. (Limited to 50 places)




#15minuteguy 👈 Follow this hashtag to see more of my content

I only had 809 impressions, 7 Reactions, 13 comments, but 4 Reposts which will

You can view this post here

WEDNESDAY 7 December 1,566 impressions

Is today Hump Day for you?

Does your week have a flow?

I celebrate Wednesdays as Hump Day as it’s the middle of the week and down hill to the weekend

Not because I hate my job

Not because I love weekends

It’s just another mental marker for me

We use mental markers in many things in life. Like the petrol station that reminds you that you’re nearly home

Wednesdays give me a gentle reminder if I’m ahead or behind in my weekly plan

They remind me to pull my finger out if I’m a little behind. Or make me keep up the pace if I’m having a storming week.

Do you have markers in your weeks or months.

What do you do when it’s all going well?




#15minuteguy 👈 Follow this hashtag to see more of my content

I had 1,072 impressions, 12 Reactions, 29 comments, and 0 Reposts

You can view this post here

THURSDAY 8 December 1,221 impressions

My last day in Morocco today and one fo the things that I have been thinking about whilst on holiday is rebranding my business so what better way to find out.

Ask my connections.

They certainly delivered and added so much value to my post.

Have you done any re-branding in your business?

Did you hire an expert or just change your logo colours?

What tips, ideas and people can you share for those of us who need a hand?

My website contract renews in April and I’m thinking about a rebrand. I’ll be 2 years old by then

When I started my business it was all about coaching.

It’s now quite evident that I do LinkedIn training so is now the time to start thinking about rebranding?

Here’s the questions I have bouncing around my head.

💛 Should I bother?

💚 Where do I start

💛 Do I need a professional?

💚 Is it just a website makeover?

💛 is it just a case of new headshots?

If you’ve been through a rebranding exercise please let us know how it worked for you.

What are the pitfalls I should avoid?

What rebranding strategies have you seen work?

Feel free to tag your experts too. Let’s share the rebranding love.

Thank you




#15minuteguy 👈 Follow this hashtag to see more of my content

I had 4,211 impressions, 36 Reactions, 124 comments, and 0 Reposts

You can view this post here

FRIDAY 9 December 2,121 impressions

Every Friday I do my gratitude post and this Friday is no exception, although I have had a week off so I thought a photo from my holiday would help. Seem’s that it did!

How was your week?

Was it a doozy (is that how you spell it? Or was it not so good?

Can you find the best things from this past week to be grateful for?

⭐️ 🥳 🙏 𝐅𝐑𝐈𝐃𝐀𝐘 𝐓𝐇𝐀𝐍𝐊𝐒. 🙏 🥳 ⭐️

Here we are, Friday already, and I am sharing my gratitude and thanks to all the fantastic people in my network who have helped to make it a brilliant week.

If we look for gratitude you'll be surprised how much you find.

I do this every Friday. Another habit.

What are you grateful for this week?

I have actually been away!

So my first thanks are to my family for the lovely holiday in the sun. OMG, it's cold here today eh? ❄️

Thanks to all the hotel staff and the teams at the airports to get us there and back safely.

What about all the wonderful people who gave me loads of advice yesterday for my Re-Branding question? You are all lovely and remind me how fantastic LinkedIn is.

In no particular order, these people all reached out and offered me the chance to discuss my thoughts.

Vanessa Ashworth

Dora Aston

Denise Wall

Trudie Avery

Thanks to all my clients for bearing with me whilst I disappeared for a week.

I am also excited about the nearly full house for my LinkedIn Daily Habit Workshop that starts on Monday! It's gonna be even more fun next week!

And finally big thanks to everyone who has purchased my book. The messages and photos that I keep getting make me feel so special.

The photo was part of my 'marketing' whilst in Morocco this week.

Let me know why you are grateful this week and fingers crossed for your team in the final 8 this weekend!




#15minuteguy 👈 Follow this hashtag to see more of my content

I had 2,284 impressions, 46 Reactions, 43 comments, and 0 Reposts

You can view this post here

With a week away from proper engagement on LinkedIn (I was on holiday) I was expecting a poor result from my posts, but I hit lucky with the birthday post on Sunday and my Branding post on Thursday.

This week 16,548 impressions and 642 engagements are still up on normal

Back to normal again as I am back home and able to drop into LinkedIn more often.

How was your week?

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