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How does Content Work on LinkedIn? My content exposed and explained with full analytics

NEW WEEK Commencing 09 September

My Weekly Blog: What Do I Do with Content Each Week?

Every week I review my content here on LinkedIn because I want to make sure that I am giving good value and that my content works and it helps people. I want it to make people think and that you get inspiration to create your own content and start building your own network.

And I also share all of my analytics. So that you too can see what actually works and what doesn't and hopefully give you a little guidance.


Previous Week My numbers this week have increased again with 216 people viewing my profile this week. 1,987 people have viewed my profile in the last 90 days. Up only 2% this week but still an increase!

Views This Week My numbers this week have dropped a bit with 206 people viewing my profile this week. 1,943 people have viewed my profile in the last 90 days. down 10% this week. Next week I have some conferences, so I am expecting a bit of an uptick!


In the previous Week

8,221 Down a bit from last week at 46 new followers

This Week - 8,263 42 new followers this week

688 Search appearances for the previous week and 749 searches this week. Up again.

Hashtag Follows Last Week 174

Hashtag Follows This Week 174 no change. Is this because I stopped encouraging people to follow me?

SATURDAY 9 September 4,047 impressions

On Saturday, I created a poll, because I wanted to know what people would spend on their business. As a small business owner, you could always think, oh, if I had this much money, I could do something.

Therefore, I came up with a fictitious £5,000, and I asked people what they would spend it on. But to give the poll more gravitas, I made a bit of a story and suggested some things that people would choose to write about.

I used bullet points to make it easy to read, and I stacked the bullet points in size order with the longest at the top and the smallest at the bottom. I also put my brand of yellow and green into play with heart bullet pints.

Whenever I create the poll, I always have three options, and then a last option which is another. I do this because if you don't put enough options, people won't vote. So you've got to give people a chance to vote.

So if you're asking, what snacks you prefer and you just put chocolate or crisps, someone who likes cake won't vote. To get more people to engage with the post you to add “other” as a catch-all.

What would you spend the money on?

If I gave you £5,000 to spend on your business right now

What would you spend it on?

No questions asked.

It's a gift.

But what would you do?

💚 Talk to a business coach to find the missing puzzle pieces

💛 Enrol in a training course to learn something new

💚 Take a holiday because you need a break?

💛 Hire a new member for your team

💚 Join a Hive Mastermind

💛 Hire a marketing expert

💚 Would you re-brand

💛 Get a new website

💚 Something else

And when you've done all that dreaming, what if you got a loan out instead?

Would this take your business to the next level?

Let me know your thoughts on the poll. And if you did do this, what did you and did it work?








#15minuteguy 👈 Follow this hashtag to see more of my content

💚 💛

I had 4,047 impressions, 15 Reactions, 119 comments, and 0 Repost

You can view this post here

SUNDAY 10 September 5,122 impressions

On Sunday, I shared a photo of my daughter and myself getting ready to go to her wedding.

This was about a month ago and we're now allowed to share the photos because there was a moratorium on them. Rather than just a post about a wedding I weaved into the story of being adaptable to your plans.

I did this because we had terrible weather for the wedding, but don’t worry, you can tell by the looks and our smiles that we did not let it ruin our wedding.

And so I asked people, What would you do if it rained on your parade?

Do you let bad weather mess up your plans?

Would heavy rain on your wedding day mean that the day was a disaster?

When I looked out at the rain today (after a glorious week ☀️ ) I was reminded of our daughter's wedding in July this year.

We had a run of lovely weather which made it fun and easy to set up the marquee, but the forecast for the day of the wedding, Saturday, was getting worse by the day. 😱

To be honest, we were looking at many different forecasts almost hourly 😂

But because we knew that it was going to rain, we changed our plans.

💚 The walk to the church would mean a friend stepped in and drove us

💛 The outside Putting competition became indoor beer-pong

💚 We ordered a load of matching transparent umbrellas

💛 We brought the outdoors in with an extra gazebo

💚 The photographer changed her plans

But more importantly, our mindset changed.

We were EMBRACING the rain, rather than fearing it.

And you know what?

The day was better because of the rain. 🥳

Everyone got into the spirit and had an amazing time. Everyone was inside which made for an incredible atmosphere and the photos were stunning.

So, if it's raining with you today, Embrace It!!

What stories of wet days can you share?








#15minuteguy 👈 Follow this hashtag to see more of my content

💚 💛

I had 5,122 impressions, 150 Reactions, 88 comments, and 0 Repost

You can view this post here

MONDAY 11 September 1,532 impressions

On Monday I always do my video and this week the weather was lovely and I was able to get out on my paddleboard and stand up.

So a little bit about different but there we go. I started off the content with a question about being stuck on LinkedIn but then gave people a note that I was paddleboarding.

Are you still thinking about creating content, but stuck?

Maybe watching my paddleboarding video with 5 content ideas will help you, will I still be standing at the end?

Each week I share five content ideas to help you with your blank screen.

Watch the video for those ideas, or check out my newsletter later today.

If you are still unsure why you should create content, here are Ten reasons for creating regular content

💚 Visibility and Engagement

💛 Audience Retention

💚 Building Trust and Authority

💛 Brand Awareness

💚 Staying Relevant

💛 Driving Traffic

💚 Engaging Your Audience

💛 Feedback and Interaction

💚 Consistent Messaging

💛 Boosting Algorithm Favorability

I want to help you to get more business from LinkedIn and this starts with content.

Please share your ideas so that we get more than 1% of people creating content.

Have an incredible week.

💚 💛



Previous Week

Dropped again with 1021 impressions. Reactions are the same at just 15 reactions, but comments have increased a bit to just 39.

Very similar levels of watch to last week. Views of this video are up a bit at 357 views and a few more video viewers at 320. Only 110 minutes watched which is a minute down on last week.

This Week

Up 50% this week with 1,532 impressions. Reactions are up a bit at 19 reactions, but comments have dropped to just 30 and there’s 1 repost.

Watches last week have increased just a bit. Views of this video are up a bit at 415 views and a few more video viewers at 367. Only 138 minutes watched which is a minute down on last week.

You can view this post here

TUESDAY 12 September 1,196 impressions

On Tuesday, I was trying to promote the workshop that I'm doing with Becky Craven. Because I didn't want to blatantly say that we had a workshop I created the post around the topic of working together. So, I used this amazing photo that we took when we were delivering flyers, and I asked the question, competition or collaboration?

Competition 𝐨𝐫 Collaboration?

"Working with a competitor will ruin your business". Here's why I am embracing my competition.

When you are in business there are many competitors after your customer base. Getting your prospects do things their way and charge their fees.

But what if your competition actually compliments what you do?

Meet Becky Craven, Instagram Guru. If you do not know this enthusiastic ball of energy, where have you been? (She's on my live show today at 12:30pm if you want to find out more)

Becky is helping people on social media (obviously not the best one 😂) and therefore you could think that she's competition.

But we need to be on more than one platform right?

Becky is the Instagram Queen and has been helping me to do better on that platform and I've been sharing my LinkedIn knowledge with Becky.

Our zoom calls end up with us sharing other ideas and she's become a great support for me with my business. A true friend. 🤗

And one day Becky agreed that my stupid plan wasn't in fact that stupid.

So in a couple of weeks, we'll be hosting a Social Media Marketing workshop and really working together.

We'll be helping small business owners to embrace not only Instagram and LinkedIn, but we'll also be helping them with photos and videos, live streaming and podcasting and also some great tips and ideas for networking.

10:00am to 3:00pm on Tuesday 26 September in The Exeter Hall in Exeter with lunch, refreshments and lots of hands-on training and support.

If you want to end the year ona. social media hign then you'll need to be there.

Tickets are just £145 -

Come and see Becky this lunchtime and ask your Instagram questions.

Do you work with your competitors?

o m



I had 1,196 impressions, 26 Reactions, 61 comments, and 1 Repost

You can view this post here

WEDNESDAY 13 September 840 impressions

On Wednesdays. Today, I gave a shout-out to Peter Watkins, because he sent me some goodies in the post.

But what I know I noticed was an amazing marketing idea and so I shared the marketing idea with everybody in the post.

I took a photo of what he sent me and I also added an image of the back of the business card because I thought it was a clever idea.

Because this looked very corporate in it’s feel this post bombed.

Do you see any clever marketing ideas?

Do you know anyone who has a great brand?

How often do you see Awesome Marketing from an Accountant? I really love the Business Card. It's a calculator on the reverse.

The lovely Peter Watkins from Blue Penguin Accountants sent me a little package yesterday, specifically his to-do list time planner pad.


It all came in a bright orange envelope and he dropped in a couple of pens and notepads too.

And his incredibly cool Business Card, with an image of a calculator on the reverse with the number 07734. Turn it upside down and it spells HELLO.

Who can remember playing with calculators in school making up words? 😁

This pad will be used every day and is a constant reminder of Peter and his brilliant accountancy practice.

How cool is that? 🥳

It's got me thinking about what I could do and also got me wondering about other businesses that we work with.

Who have you seen with great marketing?

What's the best giveaways that you've seen?

Thank you, Peter, This was a lovely package to open, and very clever.

What words can you spell on a calculator?

💚 💛



I had 840impressions, 11 Reactions, 39 comments, and 0 Repost

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THURSDAY 14 September 1,613 impressions

On Thursday, I was teaching my students at the LinkedIn Daily Habit Workshop all about content. Therefore I used this as an idea to find out why people are not creating content.

I made it into a poll to make it easy for people to engage with the post, but I did forget that I’d already created a post this week, so it wasn't as well received as I thought.

What is stopping YOU from creating Content on LinkedIn?

Are you paralysed by fear, or not sure what to write about or maybe it's something else?

It's all very well having an optimised profile and showing up each day. That's the first thing we do.

But if you do not create your own content people are going to find it harder to relate to you.

By creating content you will build up trust, a likeability factor and people will get to know you. The 3 Ingredients that help people to purchase from you.

You also gain

💚 Visibility and Engagement

💛 Feedback and Interaction

💚 Consistent Messaging

💛 Brand Awareness

So come on, let's be brave and face our fear, creating content is the way to go.

And remember that only 1% of LinkedIn members create content, so if you create original content you are better than 99% of your peers!

What's stopping you?

💚 💛



I had 1,613 impressions, 8 Reactions, 19 comments, and 0 Repost

You can view this post here

FRIDAY 15 September 1,197 impressions

And finally, on Friday, I always do my gratitude post.

I like to share my gratitude. I like to shout out wonderful people for helping me. I like to let people nominate other people who've done great things for them and just make sure that we're all having fun.

What's happened this week to make you grateful?

Who are you going to give a big hug to, or maybe a shout-out to say thanks for their help and support?

I am so lucky to have so many people who support and help me each and every week and this week has been no exception.

Who helps you? Who has your back, who's shoulder do you cry on?

Running a business can be lonely at times and having a great network makes it all worthwhile eh?

⭐️ 🥳 🙏 𝐅𝐑𝐈𝐃𝐀𝐘 𝐓𝐇𝐀𝐍𝐊𝐒. 🙏 🥳 ⭐️

What about YOU, what are you grateful for this week?

For me, it has to be Tracy Irwin for all her help with my coaching. And this week, thanks to her encouragement, I've been time-blocking an have smashed through loads of tasks that were building up. I'm going into the weekend feeling lighter. Thank you Tracy, a well-deserved kick up my bum. ❤️ 🙏. She has a program coming up, so get in touch!!

I also have to mention the wonderful 33rd Cohort of my LinkedIn Daily Habit Workshop who have been working tirelessly this week to up their game on LinkedIn. We've had fun and we have seen some fantastic optimised profiles with some great new banners and some very clever headlines too!! Thank you, gang, I love my training weeks and this week has been super fun. 🥳 🙏

Big up to the Relentlessly Helpful LinkedIn Nerd. Mr John Espirian. A true gent who knows so much, but is also so very generous with his time. I guess as a member of his awesome Espresso+ that's a given, but John has saved my bacon with my 404 issue that's all working now. Thank you as always John. Very helpful 🙏 ✅ ➕

Finally, big up to Phil Hobden and Oliver Kiddell from Wolters Kluwer for inviting me to be a guest on their awesome podcast this week. Great fun and lovely to get out to a different audience. Thank you guys 🙏 🎙️

Who's been instrumental in making your week a good one?

Give them a shout-out and share your gratitude 💚 💛

💚 💛



I had 1,655 impressions, 21 Reactions, 53 comments, and 0 Repost

You can view this post here

What are my thoughts on this week?

A better week, but with some obvious mistakes on the engagement. But What am I doing this for? I want to help people, people like Peter and my students with their workshop learning, so at the end of the day is it really about the numbers? My thinking is that with consistency there is something for everybody and not everybody is going to comment or engage with everything that I do.

Keep mixing it up and staying in your lane. But keep reviewing what you do.

There were not any Document posts from me this week.

What are you doing to mix things up and keep interesting?

Here is the breakdown.

Previous week

This week has dropped again, but 17,790 impressions are at a similar level although the graph says that I’m down 10% My peak last week was a similar number at 4,121, down a massive 32% With a peak of just 4,102. My engagement crashed again by 25% to just 506.

This week

This week has increased to 19,224 but the chart says a drop by 8% Not sure how this works. My Sunday post about the wedding was a popular post. My engagement bounced back by 7% to 659.

With the polls and the questions that I asked this week I was going to get better engagement so this is what we need to do more. Make it easy for people to engage!

Here are my five best-performing posts this week.

If you want a hand with your content, please get in touch, and sign up for my weekly email that gives five new content ideas each week. I call it the Monday Nudge. Sign up here

Connect with me on LinkedIn too.

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