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How Do you kNow if YOUR Content is working on Social Media?

My Weekly Blog: What Do I Do with Content Each Week?

Commencing 26 August

Every week, I review my content. I look at LinkedIn and go through all of my posts for the previous week to see exactly how they have performed.

I look at the analytics and work out what I've done right, what I've done wrong, and so that every week I improve what I do.

The reason I do this is so that I can carry on making sure that my content works and that I'm hitting the mark and creating engagement content that people like and engage with.

I also share this so that you can get some inspiration too. I also share all my analytics so that you can understand what can be achieved with your content.

My engagement this week has dropped like a stone. I put this down to less people online because of the UK Bank Holiday.


Previous Week My numbers this week have increased with 181 people viewing my profile this week. 1,954 people have viewed my profile in the last 90 days. Up 2% this week.

Views This Week My numbers this week have increased again with 193 people viewing my profile this week. ( I was on a networking Zoom and had a few connections from this event) 1,963 people have viewed my profile in the last 90 days. Up 7% this week.


In the previous Week

8,084 This week the increase isn’t so huge, but still 63 more people following me!!

This Week - 8,175 Great news by joining that Zoom event! 91 more people following me!!

562 Search appearances for the previous week! Because of the Zoom this has increased as I have 620 searches this week. Up again.

Hashtag Follows Last Week 169

Hashtag Follows This Week 170 up 1 again! One every week, I’ll take that

SATURDAY 26 August 1,381 impressions

I did a post about social media because there's a struggle on social media, and I asked people what they thought about the struggle on social media.

And, owned up, did I struggle too? I keep forgetting to do my posts on TikTok and Instagram, but the one thing that I wanted to point out is it's all about consistency.

Do you feel like me sometimes with the struggle of social media?

Which one to be on? What's best on different platforms? The fear of missing out because you are not doing one of the main ones?

We all struggle with social media.

Yes, I struggle too. 🤦‍♂️

💚 I may be OK at LinkedIn but I never touch X or Twitter.

💛 I forget about Instagram and TikTok

💚 My Facebook I really only use for my music endeavours.

In my LinkedIn Mastermind this week we talked about content planning.

We have been finding that it has been difficult to keep coming up with ideas regularly.

So we brainstormed some main topics and pretty quickly came up with 30 ideas that we could all write about.

The other issue we discussed this week was having the plans in place to actually just show up.

How many times do you intend to create some content, but get carried away with work and then when you look it's another day? 😂

YES, this one happens to me. I create a video on my morning walk and then I forget to upload it to Instagram. What is the point of that eh? I've done the hard Work. 🤦‍♂️

So where are you struggling?

How can we help each other?

What ideas do you use to stop you struggling, or do you find it easy?




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💚 💛

I had 1,381 impressions, 12 Reactions, 25 comments, and 0 Repost

You can view this post here

SUNDAY 27 August 2,135 impressions

We all do the same thing every day eh? It makes it easier for us when we have routines and rituals and I thought this would be a good topic to discuss. I wanted to see what habits people have and asked questions around the book Atomic Habits.

I asked people about their ritual and started off with a photo with me and a teapot? This is just a selfie, no special photographers which makes it more real.

So what things do you think? What do you have a ritual about?

Do you start your day with a ritual? A Habit?

Do you need a brew to kick off your day, or is it a walk or maybe Yoga?

Whatever it is, I bet that you have a default setting when you get up.

For me, it is a pot or two of TEA!! Nice and strong, and maybe a rich tea biscuit 😁

But this sets me up for the day. Yes, it has caffeine, but by coffee time I drink decaffeinated tea and coffee. Don't worry, I'm not bouncing off the walls. 😂

But having a routine, means I get things done.

This is part of my morning routine.

What is your morning routine and does it work for you?

Inspired by James Clear's book Atomic Habits, I have quite a few daily habits to help me get things done and I wondered if you have any habits that you do each day.

So here are my questions to get you thinking. Please only share your clean answers 🤗

💚 What works?

💛 What do you struggle with?

💚 Am I the only person who uses a teapot for tea?

Have a lovely Sunday, whatever your vice or habit ❤️




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💚 💛

I had 2,135 impressions, 22 Reactions, 85 comments, and 0 Repost

You can view this post here

MONDAY 28 August 1,186 impressions

Every Monday, I do a video with 5 ideas for content on LinkedIn, and this week it was a bank holiday, so I was never going to get a huge number.

But, because the weather was fine over the weekend, I did my content on my paddleboard.

Do you post on a Bank Holiday? Are you stuck for ideas?

What would you do if you were given five ideas to help you create your content this week?

Every Monday I create this video to help more people create content.

People like YOU!

💚 To help you get more people to view your LinkedIn profile

💛 To help you overcome the fear of creating content

💚 To help you become known for your content

💛 To help you stop that blank feeling

💚 To help You get noticed

In the video I talk about 5 different topics and break each one down, so there are probably twenty different topics to talk about!!

And I did it on my paddleboard while trying not to get blown out to sea. 😂

Have a fantastic Bank Holiday and I look forward to seeing your posts this week.




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💚 💛

Previous Week

Up again with 2,630 impressions. But reactions were down to just 25 reactions, but with more comments up to 52 that's better engagement and this is what drives views!

Views of this video are down again. Not by much, but still down. Is that because I shared the topics? I’ll drop that this week. Here are the numbers - 536 views. 170 minutes viewed which is down half an hour and only 493 video viewers.

This Week

Up again with 1,186 impressions. But reactions are down massively to just 15 reactions, and comments have dropped by nearly half to just 33 that's got to be because of the bank holiday and because I create so much content the video doesn’t have so much time to run.

As you’d expect, because of poor engagement Views of this video are down again. 342 views and only 305 video viewers. Only 111 minutes watched which is an hour down on last week.

You can view this post here

TUESDAY 29 August 1,756 impressions

I did some juggling because of the post that I did the other day, I thought it'd be handy to have a juggling photo in my assets to get a point over about all the juggling we do in our businesses and then I thought it's a bank holiday, everyone's trying to juggle their family and kids and work.

So I used this photo that was taken over the weekend. It really illustrates the struggle we have juggling family and work. I asked this question, “We've only got four days this week, how can you be focused to get five days of work done?”

The photo helped because people didn't realise I could juggle. So this is the idea for my video this week!!

Are you still juggling work and life during the holidays?

We've only got 4 days this week, how can you get focussed to make this week count?

After the bank holiday coming into my shed this morning I feel a little out of sorts, because I have 5 days of work to do in four days.

Do you feel like this too?

I added a comment on a post yesterday about my busy September, so many great things to do but where do I start?

Here's what I've done

💚 I've got a Pen and Paper and written a list

💛 Listed everything that I have coming up

💚 What needs to be done for each thing

💛 What is the most important

💚 What assets can I re-use

💛 What needs other people

I'm feeling better already.

What about you?

What tips do you have to make this week easier?




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💚 💛

I had 1,756 impressions, 42 Reactions, 70 comments, and 0 Repost

You can view this post here

WEDNESDAY 30 August 2,341 impressions

There have been a lot of hacked accounts on LinkedIn so I wanted to let everybody know about the security warning. The best way to share this information is visually so I created a document post with several pages helping people to have two-factor authorization.

I’ve saved the post in my shortcodes so I can share this with people when they connect.

Are you Secure? Has your account been hacked?

I've seen a few notes recently about the hacking of some accounts and wanted to ensure that we are all safe.

I've also heard of a guy who has LOST his account because LinkedIn could not verify who he is.

What would you do if you lost all your details stored on LinkedIn?

Don't even think about it.

Here's what you should do NOW.

💚 Download all your data then make sure that you have all the security up to date.

💛 Make sure you have a recovery email and phone number.

💚 Set up Two Factor Authorisation on your LinkedIn?

Below is text that I borrowed from Oscar Rodriguez who is VP at LinkedIn Product Management.

I'll drop the links in the comments, but my slides should help you too.

Be safe and please shout if you get stuck.




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💚 💛

I had 2,341 impressions, 22 Reactions, 55 comments, and 1 Repost

You can view this post here

THURSDAY 31 August 1,003 impressions

Every first Monday of the month I run a drop in session to help people with LinkedIn and I always share this on my posts with an Event Post (See how to create these here )

Unfortunately I got the date wrong so ended up with two of these posts today which really messed everything up. Lesson learned. CHECK the date. Because people have said that they are coming I can now message them within lii to let them know and send a little reminder!!

I love the event post, you should check it out!!

Do you struggle with making images or graphics for your business?

Are you fed up because you have to rely on someone else and sometimes it takes too long?

Do you want to do a bit more with Canva?

Every month I offer a free LinkedIn Drop-In session for anyone who wants a hand with LinkedIn.

💚 I share top tips

💛 I'll review your profile

💚 I'll answer your questions

💛 Comment on why your post may have bombed

Every month I also choose a topic to discuss.

This month it is Canva

Do you want some more ideas to make Canva even better, or are you starting out with Canva?

Don't worry, we can cover all this on Monday and I'll also be sharing how to create a banner.

Sign up to get a reminder and make sure you follow the link to get the Zoom details via my Eventbrite page.

What are you struggling with?




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💚 💛

I had 1,003 impressions, 13 Reactions, 40 comments, and 0 Repost

You can view this post here

FRIDAY 1 September 1,425 impressions

On Friday, I always create my gratitude post. I've had another busy week, and it's always great to say thank you to everybody who's made it worthwhile and helped me along the way.

Showing gratitude is a great practice to get into. Do you show gratitude?

What are you grateful for? How many helpful friends do you have?

It's Friday Thanks and my chance to share my gratitude for the week and this week it has been my friends helping me that I am grateful for.

⭐️ 🥳 🙏 𝐅𝐑𝐈𝐃𝐀𝐘 𝐓𝐇𝐀𝐍𝐊𝐒. 🙏 🥳 ⭐️

Today is the day that I shout out all the wonderful people who made a part of my life this week and share my gratitude.

It is so important to share gratitude and to be grateful for all the amazing things that we've got.

Who are you going to thank?

First off thanks go to the AAT for booking me for their Conference later in September. I will be sharing my tips and advice with their delegates to help even more people Love LinkedIn and gain confidence on this incredible platform.

Big thanks to Pavol Rovensky and Richard Uridge for jumping onto my Live LinkedIn Show this Wednesday when my guest couldn't. log in. I talked about Marketing for Accountants & Bookkeepers and these two fine chaps jumped in to answer questions about their marketing. Thank you, gents, 🙏 𝘛𝘸𝘰 𝘢𝘸𝘦𝘴𝘰𝘮𝘦 𝘧𝘳𝘪𝘦𝘯𝘥𝘴 𝘸𝘩𝘰 𝘴𝘢𝘸 𝘢 𝘨𝘶𝘺 𝘴𝘵𝘳𝘶𝘨𝘨𝘭𝘪𝘯𝘨

Big up to Leigh Stallard for his observations and advice on my marketing of our Social Media Workshop that Becky Craven and I are hosting here in Exeter on 26 September. He shared some great ideas that I'll be implementing. Sharing ideas with your friends helps you see things that you are missing. Thank you Leigh 🙏🥳 ⭐️

Thank you Phil Hobden for enlisting me to help with a collaboration with Wolters Kluwer. I love it when people give me a shout out of the blue, and you know me, happy to help. Looking forward to working with you Phil. 🙏 ✅

Finally a big Thank you to Becky Craven for holding my hand as we canvassed Exeter City Centre this week sharing our flyers for our workshop as mentioned above!! We had a real laugh and then found a bright red garage door for a photo. SO great to bounce ideas off this fun lady. Thank you, Becky. ❤️ 🙏

And for anyone else who has been awesome this week. Have a great weekend.

So come on then, who has impacted your week?




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💚 💛

I had 1,425 impressions, 21 Reactions, 46 comments, and 1 Repost

You can view this post here

What are my thoughts on this week?

This week has been disappointing to say the least but we have to remember that everybody is off this week because of the bank holiday and therefore there are less people using social media. I do not get upset or hung up about the fact that we have the odd week of dipping and diving what I'm expecting next week is a massive increase because people are back on the platform and therefore I'm going to make sure that my content hits the mark.

As long as we are being consistent and we're creating content then people will still see us. It is when we stop because we're not getting any engagement, Remember that there are a lot of people who just look and do not engage with your content so keep it coming even if you have a bad week

How do you measure your content performance? Do you review your activity?

How was your week?

Here is the breakdown.

Previous week

Last week was a belter!! A staggering 29,210 impressions, up a massive 43% With a peak of 8,901 l;ast Sunday!!! Even better, my engagement has leapt by 55% to a whopping 935. That’ll be the controversial post eh?

This week

This week has dropped like a stone with only 17,398 impressions, down a massive 32% With a peak of just 4,102. My engagement has dropped by a whopping 37% to just 582. Thanks for the Bank Holiday. NOT

Here are my five best-performing posts this week.

Our Event is coming up real fast.

Get more from your presence on Social Media


If you want a hand with your content, please get in touch, and sign up for my weekly email that gives five new content ideas each week. I call it the Monday Nudge. Sign up here

Connect with me on LinkedIn too.

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