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How do you know if your content is performing when you create it on LinkedIn or Instagram?

NEW WEEK Commencing 22 April

Every week I review what I do on LinkedIn.

This is for two great reasons.

One to help me, but more importantly I want to share what I do so that you can see that it is not too difficult to create a bit of content.

You can see why I created the post, the actual content and how it performs and my thoughts on the week in general.

Views Last Week 1963 viewers in the last 90 days. And a massive 253 people looking at my profile in the last week that’s up by 80 people. WOW. 38% up on the previous week.

Views This Week It says down by 42% but it says 1975 views. 1963 viewers in the last 90 days. And a massive 162 people looking at my profile today (Sat 29) but 279 yesterday? I’m not at all confused 😂


Last Week 7,343 added another 68

This Week - 7,387 which means that I have added only 44 but I was in a meeting and on a plane for a huge chunk of time this week. Just shows that activity is key!!

527 Search appearances last week! 621 searches this week a very tidy increase eh?

Hashtag Follows Last Week 134

Hashtag Follows This Week 134 No change again. That’s four weeks now so I m going to change my normal sign-off and not mention the hashtag and see what happens.

I am seeing quite a few people adding a corporate sort of sign-off, I wonder if it works. I am now changing my sign-off to see what happens. I’m gonna drop the follow my hashtag because it is not working.

Here’s my week commencing 22 April 2023

SATURDAY 22 April 1,828 impressions

Following a chat with Clare Palmer I wrote about her findings with her habits and created an interesting engagement with this post.

When you speak to your clients you find out loads of things that you may just take for granted.

When was the last time you had a proper chat with one of your clients in a chatty way rather than a business way?

Do it. You never know what you’ll find out.

Here’s the post.

How do you fit everything in?

How do you manage your workload?

Is this you? Or do you ask these questions of people who seem to have all their ship together?

I am seeing a lot of people struggling with overwhelm and signs of burning out. So I wonder how you are coping at the moment and what you do to manage your time in your business.

I chatted with one of my early students yesterday and she told me that she still does her 15 minutes every day.

She is on LinkedIn every day and by doing this simple routine each morning she is set up for the day and to everyone else, she appears on the ball and focused. BOOM!!!

But like you and me, she is a swan!

All elegant and sorted above the water, but OMG what's going on beneath the waterline?

Funny eh?

No matter what people think we are just doing our thing but I bet you have a little routine that you do every day.

💚 Email management

💛 Client correspondence

💚 Social Media

💛 Team Briefings

💚 Marketing

💛 Legislation

💚 Client work

There are loads of things going on but how do you manage your time?

Are you a swan?

Please let me know what routines you have to do each day to set you up for the day.




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I had 1,828 impressions, 18 Reactions, 50 comments, and 2 Reposts

You can view this post here

SUNDAY 23 April 1,425 impressions

I was invited to an event that sounded awesome, but as I was hosting my regular open mic I had to decline the kind invitation. But I was then in a group of people all talking about the event and I really felt as though I was missing out.

I run the open mic because I have loads of friends who love music. Just like me. So I couldn’t NOT do it.

But that didn’t stop my fear of missing out.

It turned out that the event wasn’t as good as we all thought it would be 🤦‍♂️

I was the one having the most fun.

Do you ever get FOMO? You know, the Fear Of Missing Out?

I got it big time this week when a few of my friends booked a table at a big awards show on the same day as our Open Mic. 🤦‍♂️

I couldn't go I did contact the organisers to see if they could move it, but that didn't happen.

But here we are having fun at the Balfour Arms in Sidmouth at the end of session Jam.

We had a great time and to see live music raw and honest is a real treat.With an open mic, I encourage people to come and have a go.

Bring your guitar or keyboard and play in front of the most gorgeous audience ever. We even have such superstars as Odessa come along and sing acapella. I can confirm that she has an incredible voice. 🥳

Every single person in the audience wants you to succeed and you'll always get a huge round of applause.

It is the humble open mic that many famous musicians cut their teeth, you've probably heard anecdotal stories from the likes of Ed Sheeran and George Ezra.

You can see in the video how much I am enjoying playing with everyone. (You cannot see the audience joining in). The whole pub was buzzing.

So I may have had FOMO, but I know who had the most fun.

Isn't music just awesome?

Do you play? Do you go to open mics?

When was your last FOMO and how did it pan out?

Big thanks to @Sarka Andersonova for shooting the video!




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I had 1,425 impressions, 38 Reactions, 32 comments, and 0 Reposts

546 people actually watched this video. How cool is that. 139 minutes were recorded as being viewed!

You can view this post here

MONDAY 24 April 1,936impressions

Monday’s mean my weekly video. Dead easy. Do something regularly and you don’t need to think about what to write or talk about!!

Did you know that only 1% of LinkedIn users create content.

That means to stand out mjore than 99% of LinkedIn users all you need to do is write a post!

YES. It really is that simple. But hang on. What can I write about?

Here are 5 Ideas to help you to create content. 🥳

Every week I send an email to people who want to be seen on LinkedIn. These people use my suggestions to create content.

So when you sit at your desk to create content and have a blank, here's a video to help you.

You've got this.

Imagine what could happen if you created some content every week?

What ideas will you write about his week?

What did you do at the weekend?

If you are still stuck, drop me a DM. I want you to love LinkedIn. ❤️




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Previous Week

I only had 1,827 impressions 21 Reactions, 42 comments, and 0 Reposts. This also means a lot more views. 570 views up by 217!!! watched by 507 viewers with 158 minutes viewed that’s up an hour!!

This Week was another jump up on last week. I had 1,933 impressions, 38 Reactions, 75 comments, and 0 Reposts. This also means MORE views. This week it was 581 views up a little watched by 505 viewers down 2 but with 199.9 minutes viewed that’s up another 40 minutes. See, video does work. I guess it helps as I had the sea behind me!!

You can view this post here

TUESDAY 25 April 1,399 impressions

I had a great idea for a post today but ended up doing the Penguin Post and had great fun seeing everyone's thoughts.

Sometimes the ridiculous posts are more fun and get great engagement. I saw a friend posted a picture of a couple of cocktails and she’s had more engagement with that post.

People want to be real and not corporate so why drop corporate-looking posts all the time?

What could you do to show more of your personality?

Did you know it's World Penguin Day today?

So my question is, "Do you like a Penguin"?

World Penguin Day has come about because it's the day that Adélie penguins start their migration.

But it got me thinking about all the amazing chocolate biscuits we have. I was inspired by Vicki Farr so thanks for that Vicki!! She asked why we have all these days. That's another post eh?

What's your favourite?

The Top 5 in the UK are

💚 Chocolate Digestives

💛 Shortbread

💚 Chocolate fingers

💛 Jaffa Cakes

💚 Chocolate Hobnobs

Just for fun, what is your favourite biscuit, is it the penguin? When did you last have a penguin?

But more importantly.......

Do you DUNK 🤦‍♂️ 😂




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I had 1,399 impressions, 22 Reactions, 88 comments, and 0 Repost

You can view this post here

WEDNESDAY 26 April 6,225 impressions

I had to travel to Dublin today and the few days before I was stressing out because your mind tells you of all the bad things that can happen. It’s travel anxiety so I was wondering who else suffered.

I got a few people saying what they thought, but I also got loads of congratulatory comments.

It seems that people love good news stories and want you to do well. So why not share your little wins?

Here’s my post

Do you get excited when you travel?

Or do you get a little bit of anxiety?

I am so excited today.

And also a little anxious.

💚 Have I got my passport?

💛 Will the car make it?

💚 Can I find a parking space?

💛 Will the plane be delayed?

💚 Did I remember my props?

💛 Is the laptop charged?

And so many other things. What have you forgotten in the past?

Is this normal? Do you feel like this when you travel?

I know people who just don't worry and go for it, but I worry too much.

I guess that's a good thing though eh? I'm in the departure lounge with plenty of time to stop, write content, and have a good breakfast.

And Yes I have all of the above. I made a list.

My first ever INTERNATIONAL speaking gig!!

I'm off to Dublin!! 🇮🇪 ☘️

I cannot wait to meet Des O'Neill and Alma Carley and all the amazing Accountants at the ProfitPro conference and also try out the local Guinness!

What do you fret about when you travel?

Am I the only one with travel anxiety?

Wish my luck 🍀





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I had 6,225 impressions, 54 Reactions, 96 comments, and 0 Reposts

You can view this post here

THURSDAY 27 April 2,750 impressions

I was staying at The Raddison Blu hotel and saw this incredible clock in the foyer. It got me wondering what we do to stand out and how important it is to stand out on LinkedIn.

Not only did I get comments about standing out, but this clock is so different people were loving the post just for that.

What have you seen that is a little different when you are out and about?

It’s content!!!

Have you ever seen a clock this cool?

I never thought I'd be writing about a clock.

But at the Raddison Hotel at Dublin Airport, this is on the wall by the lifts and I thought it worthy of a photo but now worthy of some content.


Because it's different. Which makes it stand out

You want to be different and stand out too right?

This is why we do social media, isn't it?

We want people to know about us, what we do, and how we can help them.

By showing up regularly on social media and talking about things that you know, are passionate about or have an opinion on you can very easily build a reputation.

💚 You can stand out

💛 You can be a thought leader

💚 You can be the go-to expert

It just takes a bit of time investment and more importantly little regular steps.

This doesn't mean posting every day, but it does mean showing up on social media every day.

Just 15 minutes a day will give you 65 hours of free marketing.

Who doesn't want that?

So what's stopping you? Make a start by commenting on some posts today.

Let people know that you are here 💚

Meanwhile, do you like the clock and have you seen a cooler one?




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I had 2,750 impressions, 79 Reactions, 149 comments, and 0 Reposts

You can view this post here

FRIDAY 28 April 843 impressions

It’s Friday and gratitude post day.

Not sure why we didn’t get many impressions, but I had a lot of lovely comments.

What are you grateful for?

Have you got anything to be grateful for today?

I love to reflect on a Friday and hope that you have something to share too. I love to share what I am grateful for in the hope that it inspires you to reflect too.

Showing gratitude helps us be happier you know!!

What are you Grateful for this week?

⭐️ 🥳 🙏 𝐅𝐑𝐈𝐃𝐀𝐘 𝐓𝐇𝐀𝐍𝐊𝐒. 🙏 🥳 ⭐️

Who or what has impacted your week? Did the car start the first time? Was the milk still fresh? All your little wins count!

First off thanks to Claire Evans for her lovely testimonial. More on that next week. But I wanted to give a big shout-out because you made my day on Monday. Thank you Claire 🙏 💚

Jane Capel has been awesome too. But again more on that to follow. Thank you Jane spot on and a perfect example of how awesome LinkedIn is. 🙏 💛

But this week has to go to the Awesome ProfitPro team. Lovely Irish hospitality, new friendships and so much fun.

And my First Guinness. Yes, it was!!!

Thanks to Dan, Jr and Maeve for making it all work. Lovely to meet you guys. 💚 💛 💚 🙏

Thanks also to all the wonderful delegates. I cannot name you all, but you know who you are. It was lovely to meet you and have a natter over coffee and lunch! Thank you 🙏 💚 💛

And how great to finally meet the man himself. Des O'Neill is a great guy and even better in real life. Thank you for booking me for my FIRST-ever international speaking gig. Meeting you, your team (Family) and your lovely clients (They seem like a Family too eh?). Thank you Des 🙏 💚 💛

All of this wouldn't have happened without the incredible organisational skills of the delightful Alma Carley who made it all happen for me. Flights, hotel and there when I had any questions. Thank you for looking after me and making me feel so very welcome. Thank you Alma 🙏 💚 💛

I have had an incredible week and hanging out with my new Irish friends makes it one to remember.

Thank you to everyone who has impacted my week. ❤️

Who are you going to shout out this week?

Come, drop some names and thank you's




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I had 843 impressions, 22 Reactions, 44 comments, and 0 Repost

You can view this post here

What are my thoughts on this week?

I was away in Dublin for two days which meant that I was not on LinkedIn as much as normal, so the little drop was expected. In fact I’m quite happy that it wasn’t bigger.

I am also working to make the Accounting Community better. This is a LinkedIn Group for our community where we get all kinds of peers adding content to help our industry improve what they do on LinkedIn

You can join the Accounting Community here for free.

Here is the breakdown.

Last week I had 31,877 impressions and only 668 engagements

This week it is 29,715 impressions and only 786 engagements Down on one and up on the engagements. It’s all about the engagements. These are the conversations.

This is where the magic happens!! I am commenting on other posts too so this gets people to see that I am active and therefore the algorithm is rewarding this activity.

Have I said that it’s all about consistency?

Here are my best 5 posts this week.

If you want a hand with your content please get in touch, and sign up for my weekly email that gives 5 new content ideas each week. I call it the Monday Nudge Sign up here

Connect with me on LinkedIn too.

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