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How do I know what content works on LinkedIn?

NEW WEEK Commencing 22 October

Views Last Week 1,432 and 12% more views

Views This Week 1,439 but down by 17% views

Hashtag Follows Last Week 50 three in a week.

Hashtag Follows This Week 52 up another 2 this week

Followers 5,920

SATURDAY 22 October 5,774 impressions

We got our 5-year service badge this week and although it's just a tin badge it means so much which got me thinking about what other things people had got that meant so much.

It was a good post because it was engaging, had an interesting image and ask questions to invite conversation.

What small thing have you been given that means so much?

Debbie and I both received our 5-year badges this week. BOOM!

That's 5 years of volunteering as Puppy Raisers for The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association

Those five years have flown by and in that time we've been able to socialise 4 cute puppies who have gone on to transform lives.

Sadly our last puppy was withdrawn because he was anxious about travelling in a car (not ideal for a Guide Dog). This was another casualty of Lockdown because we all know that puppies need to be about and about, but when we first had Merlin we were still in strict restrictions.

Our first three dogs however are now living with owners who have sight impairment and to be a small part of the team that delivers the freedom to these people is just incredible.

Guide Dogs are still on the lookout for more puppy raisers so if you fancy a new puppy every 18 months or so then why not reach out?

It's not easy, you'll need to be committed and you'll need plenty of tissues when they move onto the next stage of their training.

BUT OMG, it is so rewarding.

And you get a pin badge too. I am so proud to wear that badge. It's my badge of honour.

What is your badge of honour? What things are you proud of?




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I had 5,774 impressions, 68 comments, 152 Reactions, and 0 shares

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SUNDAY 23 October 1.185 impressions

After a fun day out I wondered what other things there were to do in Devon with my grandson, and also share the love for Escot.

Here’s the post.

Do you love a good pun?

Have you ever been to Escot House?

We spent most of yesterday chasing our grandson around the lovely grounds of Escot House here in Devon.

Imagine a load of land, some of it woodland with lots of animals (mostly endangered) in a lovely setting with plenty for the whole family to do.

We had a fantastic day and are a little tired today😂

Whilst exploring the park I happened across this display outside the wild boar enclosure and it made me laugh.

What puns have you seen recently?

Can you recommend somewhere else to take our grandson? He's only 2 but full of beans.

Escot is very near Ottery St Mary Odessa and Katherine so a fantastic family day out!





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I had 1.185 impressions, 22 comments, 19 Reactions, and 0 shares

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MONDAY 24 October 662 impressions

It’s Video Day

Do you want some ideas to help you with content?

Here you go.

Every Monday I produce a video with 5 ideas to help you get out there and create your own content to help get you noticed and engaged on this incredible platform.

This week my ideas are the following


✅ Energy Saving Tips

✅ National Cat Day

✅ American Football at Wembley

✅ Halloween

In the video - WEEK 43 - I go into greater detail about what you can write about each topic.

Content is everywhere and by just creating one post a week you will see big changes in your activity on LinkedIn.

Get creative, have a go and start to see why I love LinkedIn ❤️

If you want a hand, or have any other suggestions for content, please share them here.

What are your plans for Halloween then?




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Previous Week

I had 1,347 impressions, 40 comments, 18 Reactions, and 0 shares 381 views with 144 minutes watched by 351 viewers

This Week

I had 662 impressions, 11 comments, 14 Reactions, and 1 share 233 views with 79 minutes watched by 225 viewers WAY DOWN. Maybe I need to do my video this week in a Halloween costume

You can view this post here

TUESDAY 25 October 2,486 impressions

I had a client visit me today. Now here’s the truth. I have a Document post to do to share something but I ran out of time, so took this photo.

I used this photo and the fact that I had my client visit to see what others did to impress clients.

This turned into a great post! And I still have my document post to do!

Are you FLEXIBLE with your clients?

How easy is it to change your plans?

I have a brand new client who wants to work with me and for our first session wanted to come to my home office rather than my normal zoom offering.

I'm more than happy to meet people. It's better. Especially with one-to-one coaching.

If my clients want to make the trip to deepest, darkest devon I have no problem and it's a lovely change. As long as I am awake!

We are meeting early, so I've been busy baking fresh croissants, easy to eat whilst having a breakfast meeting and not too much prep.

I cannot wait to meet my new client and start helping them, and I get a posh breakfast rather than my normal egg!

What sort of things do you do to make your client interactions easier?

Do you make fresh croissants or am I setting a high bar?




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WEDNESDAY 26 October 2,771 impressions

I have a couple of people in my network who have been on my training and I’ve suggested that they are posting too much.

I wondered what other people thought and I got a great response.

Here’s that post

Here's something that may be controversial. Do you post multiple times a day on LinkedIn?

Did you realise that this can harm your reach if you do too much?

Many of us struggle to come up with content ideas so the idea of multiple posting is crazy. Hence why I have written my content ideas book! (launching soon)

But there are people who are posting all kinds of amazing content. 2, 3 or even 4 times a day.

I feel that this is probably too often. 🤦‍♂️

Hang on I hear you say. Surely content is great and the more the better eh?

Sadly not.

LinkedIn wants to promote your content so if you post another piece of content soon after your previous one, then this will then get the attention of the algorithm.

Post another piece and then you are starting to confuse the algorithm altogether.

Can you see how messy it could become?

What do the real experts say eh John Espirian and Mark Williams?

What experience have you got with multi-posting and how do you find it?

If you know more than me about the algorithm please share your knowledge and advice.

What do you think about multiposting?




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I had 2,771 impressions, 53 comments, 16 Reactions, and 0 shares

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THURSDAY 27 October 2,550 impression

I had the incredible Stella on my show this week and we talked about how people do not do captions, so live on air I said that I would create a video to help people do it.

This is the best-performing video that I have done!

Have you ever been moved by a story?

I am often moved too.

But this Tuesday on my Live Show my glorious guest, Stella Morrissey moved me to near tears (if you watch it back you'll see my amazing composure)

If I wasn't a live broadcast I would have lost it.

Stella is deaf.

But that doesn't stop her.

In fact, it makes her even more determined and during the interview, we learned some great facts about Stella and being deaf.

The most important question from the viewers was along the lines of "what can we do to help?"

Simple answer.

Make your videos with captions. PLEASE 🙏

So my promise to Stella was to share what I do with my videos. Now please don't judge me on the quality of this video, as I was trying to show how to do it with 2 iPhones🤦‍♂️

But you get the general drift.

I wanted to get this video out ASAP, so it's raw. But the bottom line is that I use the Apple App CLIPS to do my videos because it is quick and easy.

If you have an android phone and you want to share what you do, please add it to this post.

Let's try and get everyone to create videos with captions and include people like Stella Morrissey who miss out on such a lot.

If you have other suggestions for adding captions then please let us know. It's not hard, but we don't all have an iPhone so I am looking for some help here, please.




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I had 2,550 impressions, 73 comments, 49 Reactions, and 5 shares

985 views with 494 minutes watched by 885 viewers

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FRIDAY 28 October 2,121 impressions

It’s Friday again so I am continuing with my Gratitude post and it seems to be growing.

Have you had a good week? What are YOUR highlights?

Did you know that if you remind yourself how things have gone and look for the positives you'll feel better. ❤️ It works. Promise.

Our brain is wired to look for the negatives, so this is a great way to reframe things that have happened.

Do you practice Gratitude?

Each Friday I share my gratitude and thanks to all the fantastic people in my network who have lifted me up over the last week.

⭐️ 🥳 🙏 𝐅𝐑𝐈𝐃𝐀𝐘 𝐓𝐇𝐀𝐍𝐊𝐒. 🙏 🥳 ⭐️

In no particular order here's the people who have been lovely this week. There are many more but I cannot name them all eh 😁

First off has to be Stella Morrissey for coming onto my LinkedIn live show. Stella is deaf, but overcame her fear of live broadcasts to show up, have fun and share her story.

She had me close to tears, but off the back of this show we've started to help people think about adding captions to their videos and to be part of this is wonderful.

Thank you Stella you are phenomenal 🙏

John Espirian has been doing his tricks again and helped me with my new domain. I'll be sharing the secrets next week.

Thank you John Relentlessly Helpful as ever🙏

Jason Brockman for being there each week to keep me toeing the line. His genius this week has got me thinking and just goes to show we all need a coach.

Thank you Jason, brilliant idea! 🙏

Finally, Luke Netherclift, for kicking my butt, and pushing me outside my comfort zone.

Luke is coaching me to help me make more from my LinkedIn Daily Habit Workshop and this week we've managed to get my new program over the line.

Thank you Luke, 🙏 still a bit more to do, but keep kicking that butt and we'll get there.

As you can see I've had a great week. A few hiccups too, but the good things outweigh the bad!

I've also been lucky to have a bit of time off to spend with my daughter and grandson whilst her hubby is away.

So blessed to have enough space (just) to enable them to stay. At 26 months old he is hilarious with his growing use of his vocabulary.

Looking forward to another weekend of being his favourite maternal grandfather 😂

How was your week then?

Whom do you want to thank this week? 🙏




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I had 1,209 impressions, 38 comments, 20 Reactions, and 0 shares

You can view this post here

What a great week for views and engagements

The graph says I am up 6% But the numbers are more impressive

Last Week 14,370 impressions and 454 engagements

This week 17,765 impressions and 641 engagements

That was a great week for engagement, especially the video for the captions. Videos do not get as much engagement, so when you have one that performs better than a normal text post you can celebrate. The bottom line is that I had nearly 1000 people look at the video.

That’s nearly 1,000 people that know me a lot better than by just reading a bit of text and we all know that people buy from people who they know like and trust. This is what we are trying to establish with our content production on LinkedIn.

How was your week?

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