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How do I know if my content is working?

Each week I share what I do on LinkedIn to help you to see what works and what doesn't and give you my narrative on my content. This week was an odd week because in the UK we had the state funeral of the longest reigning monarch. Queen Elizabeth II who was our Queen for 70 years.

NEW WEEK Commencing 17 September

Views Last Week 1,449 Up

Views This Week 1,400 Down again? Why? I did not do ANYTHING on LinkedIn on Monday. Nothing. No post, no commenting. I didn't even come in! So maybe theres my answer. If I didn't then I wonder how many other people followed suit?

Hashtag Follows Last Week 36 No Change

Hashtag Follows This Week 38 Going in the right direction. It’s slow, but it is increasing!

SATURDAY 17 September 2,692 impressions

With all talk this week about the passing of the Queen I wanted to make sure that I was doing the right thing so I asked an important question and had lots og help and support.

What a lovely group of people we have on LinkedIn eh?

Thank you.

What will you be doing on Monday as the nation says Thank You to her Majesty the Queen and wishes a fond farewell to her?

As a mark of respect,

I will not be working on Monday.

I'll not be on social media

I will not be sending out my normal Monday Nudge email

So what do I do about my weekly email and video?

Do I send it a day early, just in case people are expecting it? Or is it OK to send it a day late, on Tuesday?

I obviously spend the week curating the email, so should I just send it Monday Morning like I have been doing for the last 18 months?

What are you doing on Monday and do you have any thoughts on my email please?




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I had 2,692 impressions, 55 comments, 15 Reactions, and 0 shares

You can view this post here

SUNDAY 18 September 1,361 Impressions

We had a car show, so I used a document post to make the photos stand out and asked a question to get engagement.

How many of these old cars do you remember?

How many did you own when they were just your average run-around or a secondhand first car that only cost a few hundred quid?

Are you lucky enough to own one now?

If only I had kept my Austin Allegro 🤦‍♂️

We went to the Sidmouth Classic Car Show yesterday. So I thought that you may like to reminisce with me.

Organised by Sidmouth Chamber Of Commerce it was a cracking day out and our grandson loved looking at all the zoom cars!

Thank you to Martin Crockett and his awesome team for making it such a fantastic event.

If you won enough money which would be your car of choice?




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I had 1,361 impressions, 32 comments, 11 Reactions, and 0 shares

You can view this post here

MONDAY 19 September 2,139 impressions

I did not post today. It was the Queens funeral

TUESDAY 20 September 1,404 impressions

Do want some ideas to help you to create content this week?

Here are 5 ideas for you.

Here is my weekly video, Week 38, in my series that I started back in January. I'm a day late because I wanted to pay my respects to HRH The Queen, so no social media for me yesterday.

This week my ideas are the following.

✅ Off to University

✅ Adult Learners Week

✅ London Design Week

✅ Is it Autumn yet?

✅ Photo Share

With only 1% of LinkedIn users creating content, you can easily get noticed and start building a following of people who could be your clients and customers.

You just need to be consistent and create content that your audience enjoys.

What is stopping you this week?

If you have any other suggestions please let me know, or if you want a hand, please shout.




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Previous Week

I had 1,812 impressions, 30 comments, 30 Reactions, and 1 share 510 views with 172 minutes watched by 494 viewers

This Week

I had 740 impressions, 16 comments, 14 Reactions, and 1 share 239 views with 106 minutes watched by 231 viewers

That is a huge drop from normal, but that is what happens when you break the pattern! Back to normal next week.

You can view this post here

WEDNESDAY 21 September 2,257 impressions

Our LinkedIn Local is tomorrow.

I didn't want to do a post that said come along, because these do not work. Especially because it is geographically based so I’m really excluding 95% of my audience.

So I used an image and asked the question, who is your favourite

double act.

I partnered with my friend Odessa to bring the event together and used this to evoke conversations.

It worked. Look at the engagement!

Who's your favourite double act?

And don't say Odessa Sherreard and Ashley Leeds 😂

There have been so many double acts over the years. From musical heroes like Simon & Garfunkel and the Walker Brothers to comedians like French and Saunders and the Two Ronnies.

And then we have the modern-day equivalents like Phil and Holly or Ant & Dec.

Do you like a double act? Do you work with someone to form your own double act where you collaborate and share your knowledge?

Sally Chapman and Kate Ashmore are two local business owners who are embracing the double-act formula.

Do you know of any other double acts that we should look out for?

Is there anyone that you would like to work with?

If you fancy meeting either Odessa or myself then tomorrow we are at The Sidmouth LinkedIn Local. We'll be totally informal at The Balfour in Woolbrook road.

The event is all about meeting local business owners and having some networking chats.

Odessa will be sharing some tips for creating engaging content and I'll say a few words about optimising your LinkedIn profile, but it's more about networking!

We start at 7:30am and we'll be done by 9:00am so you'll be able to pop into work all fired up and fed and watered too as we'll be providing bacon rolls (vegetarian and vegan options)

If you want to know more.

Hopefully see you tomorrow, eh Paul Maddison?




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I had 2,257 impressions, 86 comments, 25 Reactions, and 1 share

You can view this post here

THURSDAY 22 September 1,733 impressions

In my training workshops I suggest that people should not sell on their posts. Well not often and also not at the bottom of a really good post.

To illustrate this fact I took a screen shot of a great post that discussed that LinkedIn is not Facebook.

At the end of the post was a a call to actions saying to contact the author if they needed this or that and that the author could help them.

This turned a great piece of engaging content into a sales pitch and it duly bombed. Each time I do a session I say that I will rewrite the post and remove all sales mentions.

This is the result and the engagement that I had was brilliant.

Is this Facebook? What do you think?

Do you see people shout that it's "NOT FACEBOOK"

I totally agree


🤗 On Linkedin, you can post and everyone is supportive.

❌ On Facebook, are there too many trolls?

❌ Are there too many bullies?

❌ Do you find that people are trying to put people down?

Basically, is Facebook not such a friendly place?

However, on Linkedin...

✅ There is a sense of community

✅ You can learn things for free.

✅ It's a fantastic place to Network

✅ And I've definitely met fantastic people, many of whom I am proud t call friends.

If you think this isn't Facebook.

You are so darn right.

This isn't Facebook.

It is so much better.

What do you think? Is LinkedIn your favourite platform?


#LinkedinLove ❤️


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I had 1,733 impressions, 47 comments, 22 Reactions, and 0 share

You can view this post here

FRIDAY 19 September 1,220 impressions

We had our LinkedIn Local yesterday so I wanted to share it with everyone because it was s such a great event and we had some wonderful photographs. It made for a great engaging post too!

Here you go

How was your week?

Did you have time to reflect? Have you had fun? What have you learnt?

We started this week with the Queen's funeral so it gave us time to reflect. With everything closed, we also had time for each other and to switch off.

We had our LinkedIn Local in Sidmouth this week after a summer break and what a cracking event it was. We've already got bookings for the next one on 24 November.

Lovely to see some new people and some newbies to LinkedIn too.

Odessa Sherreard was on top form with her content ideas where she talked about LISTENING first. Giving us all ideas for when we create our own content.

The lovely Sarah Aires took the photos and although it was only scheduled until 9:00am many people were still there at 10:00 because there was so much to take about.

Don't you just love a live face-to-face?

This week I learnt some great things, made some new friends and moved my business by 1%. My book now has a forward and is close to being published. Should I have a launch party? Where?

What did you do this week?




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I had 1,220 impressions, 49 comments, 36 Reactions, and 0 shares

You can view this post here

The graph says I am down 23.4%

Last Week 12,935 Impressions and 446 engagements

This week 11,581 Impressions and 455 engagements

That is actually up on last week, so why does the graph disagree?

That was a good week on LinkedIn and some lovely comments and great engagement. It just shows how important consistency is eh?

Keep going. It is a long game and if you have any questions please get in touch. I want to help. Keep an eye out for my book. It wont be long!

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