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How do I know how I am performing on LinkedIn

SATURDAY 30 July 1,366 impressions

Some days you just cannot think of anything. I didn't have anything today, but asked the question why are you here at the weekend. It’s a great conversation starter and an insight to other peoples habits.

What other questions are burning you? Ask away, always interesting and sometimes super engaging.

Here’s my post.

It's the weekend, so why are you here today?

I love to create content not only to share my thoughts but to help to inspire you to create some content too.

It's not as difficult as it looks and with my ramblings, I'm sure you can see it's just a case of sometimes sharing your thoughts.

So I am here to let you know this and make sure that I am still front of mind.

If we do not create content people will not know about us or look at our profile.

The main point of being here is to let people know that we can help them. That could just be from inspirational posts to full-on services and products, but unless we show up, who'll know about us?

I also find that some of my weekend posts do much better because all the corporate content creators are still in bed or on the beach or something equally interesting.

So let me know why you are here today and why you love LinkedIn at the weekend.

Don't be shy.

And while you're not being shy, try creating your own post today!!

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SUNDAY 31 July 870 impressions

I had a busy week planned so I shared this image with people. Some of my connections actually live nearby, so maybe they’d pop along. I know that a few did. I also posed it as a question to see what other people do when they are busy.

Nobody was interested with this post because the image wasn’t exciting enough. I had some lovely comments though and this is the point.

It’s not the number, it's what people actually say. I am so lucky to have some really lovely friends on LinkedIn and they always have lovely things to say too.

Don't worry about the numbers, worry about the engagement.

Here’s My post.

Do you ever take on too much? How do you cope?

I'm now thinking that perhaps I'm taking this performing thing a little too far this week🤦‍♂️

BUT OMG, I am having a blast. The Folk Week in Sidmouth really is like Christmas for me.

I guess my week is no different from an actor or singer doing a week of shows so it's all manageable. I just need to be mindful eh?

I am making sure that I get plenty of rest, sleep, and exercise and that I am eating the right things too.

What else should I be doing to make sure that every performance this week is like the first and that I'm not on my knees by the end?

What do you do?

Are you a performer in your spare time? Share your top tips or share your photos or gig invites.

I know that I'm not the only one here having fun by dressing up or singing.




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MONDAY 1 August 1,484 impressions

As you know, every Monday I create my video post. Do you think that the title image has put people off?

What do you post on LinkedIn?

Are your posts personal? Business? A mix? Or are you one of the 99% of people on here who just scroll?

Come on, get your keyboard out and get some content out there.

Here are 5 ideas to help you get started, or like many of my friends, some ideas to get your post ut this week!

This is the list, but watch the video for more insight or why not find my Live Audio at 8:20 where I can answer your questions LIVE and you can even drop in and chip in too!!

✅ 1st August!

✅ The Commonwealth Games

✅ Cycle to Work Day 5 August

✅ Edinburgh Military Tattoo

✅ Business meetings this week

If you have any other ideas please let me know. Coming up with 5 new ideas every week does need a bit of a hand now and then.

DM me if you have any questions and good luck with your content this week.




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Previous Week

This post had 1,351 impressions with 379 views of the video and 157 minutes watched!

This Week

I had 1,484 impressions, 18 comments, 16 Reactions, and 0 shares 262 views with 109 minutes watched. Down on last week (No Cohort)

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TUESDAY 2 August 4,580 impressions

I saw a lovely post from Fran the other day which inspired me to remind people that accountants are indeed cool!

I wasn’t wrong. Super engagement and some great conversations. Also a bit of visibility too. This saw my views increase again this week. Do you keep a record of the number of times that people view your profile?

Here’s my post, what do you think?

Do you know a Cool Accountant? Or an Awesome Bookkeeper?

Following a post from the very cool Francesca Tricarico where she told us about her skateboarding accounting friend it got me wondering how many other cool Accountants & Bookkeepers there are.

It seems that the Accountants & Bookkeepers that I work with are cool, but I bet you know of a cool Accountants & Bookkeepers.

My friend Capt. Kelli Doorne-Millott even has a podcast called Accountants Are Sexy, so I am not the only one who thinks Accountants & Bookkeepers are cool!

So come on, don't be shy.

Let me know of all the Coll Accountants & Bookkeepers.




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WEDNESDAY 3 August 1,414 impressions

I was a guest on a webinar panel with Accountancy Manager this week and wanted to let people know, but also to explain to people that no matter what you do, if you keep doing it, you will get there.

I havent given up with the launch of my new business and I am now starting to see the rewards of my compounded efforts.

This post was my way of letting people know that it will all happen. You just need to keep going and not give up.

Here’s my post, starting with an interesting hook.

What did Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel say?

Don't Give Up!!

(Great song, but also a great message)

Especially when we think of social media, or LinkedIn specifically.

I hear of people having a go and then giving up because it doesn't work.

✅ It's all about consistency.

✅ Showing up.

✅ Habits.

✅ Routines.

Because I have been here consistently I get asked to do podcasts, LinkedIn Live shows, collaborations, talks, and webinars.

And today I'm talking about marketing on a panel with Jonathan Stobart from AccountancyManager. I'm joining top people in this field including, Sarah Bradley, Gabo Quiros, Henry Waddilove.

I cannot wait. If you'd like to join this Free Webinar see below

I never gave up and even though my live shows are not getting 1,000's viewers, they are letting people see the real me. Not everyone's cup of tea, but at least I am visible.

What are you thinking of giving up because your results are not what they seem?




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See you here later?

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THURSDAY 4 August 2,158 impressions

You are going to hear me talk a lot about Maxine Cunningham over the coming months. She is not only the brains and driving force behind this wonderful knowledge platform, but she is delightful and super engaging.

I had a session with her and I used our conversation to tell people about the wonderful platform that she has created to help people to get more paid work form their knowledge.

It’s an amazing story, which I hope to tell when I interview her ver soon on my live show.

Here’s my post and if you want to know more about the Pick My Brain platform, then here is my link.

Do you ever meet anyone who just blows your mind?

Maxine Cunningham is one of those people.

We had a Pick My Brain Session last night and she's inspired me to start shouting about the help that I give people.

Her mission is to create 1 Million Conversations. And after spending some time with Maxine, I know that this is going to happen.

Following our chat, I am adding another service to help even more people and help Maxine with her million conversations.

As of today, time permitting, every month I will be offering ten slots of FREE 30-minute Consultations.

Do you Want to "Pick my Brain?"

You can ask me anything about 👇

✅ LinkedIn Strategy

✅ Pricing

✅ Positive Mindset

✅ LinkedIn Profile Optimisation

✅ My Story - From Employee to Fundraiser to Entrepreneur

I have a lot of experience and knowledge to share with you.

If you know anyone who would benefit from this please tag them in the comments section.

DM me today mentioning this offer and we can arrange a time to speak.

Calls will be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.

You'll need to book using my Pick My Brain Profile which is the platform that Maxine and her team are building to enable her dream to come true.

I will also be spending more time with Maxine very soon as she'll be a guest on a Special LinkedIn Live show '15 Minutes Behind the Profile' really soon. Watch this space.

If you want 30 minutes with me, here's that link.

Whom have you met who "Blows Your Mind"?




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FRIDAY 5 August 2,968 impressions

When I was chatting with a software vendor this week they told me that they didn;t have a plan to integrate with Gmail. They said it was because only 6% of people use Gmail. I felt this to be wrong so I set about to find out.

OH SO WRONG. See the results below the post.

This goes to prove that by using a poll on linkedIn you can find out loads of information. You just need to make the poll interesting.

I create a poll now and then, but when you have a burning question, it really helps.

I had great engagement too.

Here’s the post.

Can this be true? - Only 6% of business users use Gmail❓

What do you use?

I was having a chat with a software developer the other day and I asked about the Gmail option and was told that only 6% of businesses use Gmail compared with the huge majority of Outlook users.

I was quite shocked because in my experience many people I know that many people use Gmail, maybe not the majority, but surely more than 6%.

Maybe I only mix with smaller businesses.

Or the cool kids who use anything but Outlook.

Let's see if more people than 6% are using Gmail. I only have 4 options so let's see if this works!

What do you use in your business?




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This is the latest screenshot of the votes.

I have had 158 votes to date. Looking at the percentages overall and breaking it down here are the results to date (just one day later)

Of the smaller companies 40% of people who voted use Gmail and for larger firms 26% of people use Gmail. So I was right, a lot more than the 6% that I was led to believe. Maybe this software vendor will look at Gmail a bit sooner?

Last week Impressions 18,219 and 508 Engagements so I’m not sure why the graph says it’s down?

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