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How did my content perform on LinkedIn this week?

NEW WEEK Commencing 7 January

Off the back of my previous week where I had a lift from Richard Van Der Blom I wasn't sure how this week would go, but it’s been epic. Lots of engagement and many views. I suppose that it helped that I ran my first ever free week-long challenge

Views Last Week 1,743 and a massive 157% increase!!

Views This Week 1,802 but a 21% reduction

I have had 206 people look at my profile this week which is pretty darn good eh?

Followers Last Week 6,542 - This Week - 6,610 another 68 for the cause

Hashtag Follows Last Week 96 up 6. Will I get over 100 by Friday?

Hashtag Follows This Week I DID IT!! 100 today!!!!

SATURDAY 7 January 2,254 impressions

I was chatting to a couple of people this week about getting out of their comfort zone and doing more videos. My suggestion was to use LOOM!!

What a great idea for a LinkedIn Post!

Here we go.

Does creating your own video scare you? 🤮

Are you wobbly in front of a camera?

Do you want to do more videos in 2023?

Here's a tip that I gave one of my clients who confessed that they feel sick in front of a camera, but they know they should be creating videos.

𝐒𝐓𝐄𝐏 𝐎𝐍𝐄 - Get Loom

LOOM is a really cool tool that allows you to create quick videos on the cloud. I have recorded over 1,300 videos on Loom. Short messages to clients and prospects or big long training videos.

(My Affiliate Link is in the Comments)

𝐒𝐓𝐄𝐏 𝐓𝐖𝐎 - Record a video every day but just keep it for YOU.

Just stand in front of your camera and say what you plan to do today. Or say how you feel. Or say what you did yesterday.

The content really doesn't matter. Just do a little bit each day and you WILL see the results.

💚 After one week you'll be more confident

💚 After a Month it'll seem natural

💚 After a year you'd have done 365 different videos

There will be a day during this period when you'll think...

"I can do this and today I will share this video on social media"

We all have to start somewhere, so why not start "practising in the mirror" by using this easy hack?

What other tips do you have for starting to create videos?




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I had 2,254 impressions, 33 Reactions, 72 comments, and 1 Repost

You can view this post here

SUNDAY 8 January 3,540 impressions

Content is everywhere, you just need to look. When in Lidl the other day I saw their flyers for hiring new colleagues at the store. What a great way to advertise for a new role! They used much better language so I thought that this would make a great piece of content. Especially as so many people are struggling to find staff.

Are you struggling to recruit at the moment?

Do you need new team members?

Maybe take a leaf out of what Lidl are doing.

Rather than the standard way of advertising the vacancies they are focussing on how important each individual role is.

It's just a change of language, but how cool is this?

Or is it just marketing spin?

For customer assistants they say

"This isn't Stacking Shelves. This is feeding families"

For Cleaners

"This isn;t a daily chore. This is taking pride in a spotless store"

For Shift Managers

"This isn't simply running a shift. It's growing a future"

What do you think? Is this a great way to get more interest in your business?

I walk past businesses in my home town and when people hire, they just put a boring note in the window saying hiring xyz role.

What do you do that's different? What is working for you?

Good luck if you are hiring at the moment. Don't forget that LinkedIn have some cool tools to help you.




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I had 3,540 impressions, 44 Reactions, 70 comments, and 0 Reposts

You can view this post here

MONDAY 9 January 2,041 impressions

Every Monday I create a video to help people to create content.

What on earth do you write about on LinkedIn?

Do you make it business or personal?

It's Not FaceBook!! (Not my words, you can do what you like here in my opinion 😁, as long as it's moral and legal)

Every Monday I come up with 5 ideas for you to talk about in your content.

Watch the video for more in-depth discussion points.

Or just use these ideas.

💚 Houseplant Week in the UK

💛 What are you learning?

💚 Down the Gym

💛 January Sales

💚 What new TV series are you watching?

If you have any ideas please shout. Good luck and please try to create just one post per week!! The magic works when you create your own content.





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In the video, I mention my Free Challenge. If you're quick you can join. See the link at the top of my profile. I'm really sorry but there are only a few places left.

Previous Week

I had 1,311 impressions, 20 Reactions, 13 comments, and 0 Reposts

436 views with 124 minutes watched by 422 viewers

This Week

I had 2,041 impressions, 33 Reactions, 43 comments, and 0 Reposts

478 views watched by 459 viewers with 134 minutes. The first Monday back, so maybe not the increase that I was expecting?

You can view this post here

TUESDAY 10 January 5,269 impressions

I was running my free challenge this week and today was the day that I introduce to people the value of commenting and engaging with posts so thought that this would be worthy as a poll. It was a great way to also help our challengers to get commenting.

I think it worked. This post was a great performer!

Did you know that only 10% of LinkedIn users actually add comments or reactions?

It's quite low, but then again we are all busy people eh?

If we engage with the content we get to see more of the same and start to build up our connections, followers and our network.

We also get into great conversations.

It's these conversations that can lead to much better things.

For me this has meant great friendships, wonderful opportunities, speaking gigs and work with lovely clients.

It all starts with a bit of engagement.

What do you get from the platform and are you someone who readily engages?

Let me know your thoughts and please show what you do by adding your vote.

Do you engage?




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I had 5,269 impressions, 38 Reactions, 221 comments, and 0 Reposts

You can view this post here

WEDNESDAY 11 January 1,775 impressions

Back to the ‘content is everywhere’ statement. My daughter sent me this photo that she took of her fridge. Her hubby put it up for their son.

She said, “Dad, how is this for content!!”

Priceless. I am running my workshop so it was another post that our delegates could comment on.

Is every day a school day?

What are you learning today?

This is a photo of my daughter's fridge. They have a little boy who is 28 months old and he is like a sponge.

He is Learning Every Day

He knows the difference between a Porsche 911 and a Lamborghini! Skills for life eh? He can actually say Lamborghini 😁 (proud Bampi)

Watching him grow and learn reminds me of how we learn and how much fun it is learning new stuff. It's the variety of life don't you think?

I'm in the middle of my free challenge this week and I am actually learning loads too. I'm meeting people who are at different parts of their LinkedIn journey which is helping me to teach them better.

What are you learning this week and what is the best way that you learn?

What tips do you have to make learning fun?




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I had 1,775 impressions, 27 Reactions, 91 comments, and 0 Reposts

You can view this post here

THURSDAY 12 January 3,155 impressions

I keep hearing the word LURKER and it seems sinister so I want to try to get people to talk with more love on LinkedIn. We do not need to be condescending or rude.

It brought up all kinds of comments, but on the whole, I think the lovely people of LinkedIn have similar thoughts!

Do you like the term, Lurkers?

Can we do better?

It's the generic term used for people who do not engage on social media.

I personally do not like the term. I think it sounds derogatory.

Surely social media is like other media?

TV, Film, Podcasts, Radio, and Newspapers.

If we do not engage with any of the media listed above we are not called lurkers are we?

When was the last time that you wrote to Stephen Spielberg to say what an awesome film you just watched?

Or wrote to the BBC to say thanks for Strictly Come Dancing?

We don't do we? We just consume and think nothing of it.

Then why can't we come up with a nicer term for the people who do not engage?

The people who do not engage have turned into my customers. They have purchased things from me. They have recommended my services to their friends and connections.

Many have even become friends of mine.

What do think?

Shall we stop calling them lurkers?




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I had 3,155 impressions, 36 Reactions, 120 comments, and 0 Reposts

You can view this post here

FRIDAY 13 January 1,563 impressions

My Friday Post is all about Gratitude and this week is no exception. What a great week I’ve had. I want to encourage more people to think about their gratitude and these Friday posts seem to be working.

What are YOUR highlights for this week? How did it go?

⭐️ 🥳 🙏 𝐅𝐑𝐈𝐃𝐀𝐘 𝐓𝐇𝐀𝐍𝐊𝐒. 🙏 🥳 ⭐️

Every Friday I share my gratitude and thanks to all the fantastic people in my network who have lifted me up over the last week.

Who or what has impacted your week?

Yesterday I jumped in the car and drove to Welsh Wales to record some training videos with the wonderful Zoe Whitman and Jo Wood from The 6 Figure Bookkeeper.

We had so much fun. To work with these inspirational superstars is such an honour. Thank you ZoJo ❤️

I have run my first ever LIVE FREE training.

It was my LinkedIn Daily Habit Challenge (My recorded version is available at the top of my profile)

I had 66 people turn up On Monday for 15 minutes of fun and every day this week they've been popping in for more 15 minute sessions.

Thank you to all of you for making this week so brilliant and thanks for all your lovely comments. I cannot name you all, but OMG, you've been brilliant 🥳. Thank you 🙏

On my Live Tuesday show I had the lovely Gemma Connolly, a fellow guide dog hero and owner of scoff paper. What a fantastic guest. Thank you Gemma 🐶

And Finally........

I had a message from one of my connections to say that they were inspired by what I did with The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association that they have applied to be a Puppy Raiser too.

How incredible is that?

Last night in my inbox was a message to say that they PASSED the last round of the interview process and they will be getting a puppy!!

What a fantastic way to end the week. BOOM!!!

What are you grateful for this week?

Did you have any BOOM! moments?




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I had 2,088 impressions, 45 Reactions, 64 comments, and 0 Reposts

You can view this post here

What an incredible week. So much fun and so much going on. Also, the engagement was fantastic and lovely.

Last week 17,045 impressions down 12% and 593 engagements Up by 14%%

This week 27,725 impressions UP by 47% and 1,165 engagements Up by a whopping 79%. The joys of running a week-long challenge!!

Here are my top five posts

What a fantastic week and thanks to everyone who took the time to engage with my content. What will happen this week?

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