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How Can I Improve My LinkedIn Profile

Do you want to Ask Me Anything?

Do you want to find out a few tips and tricks about LinkedIn?

If you have been on one of my LinkedIn Daily Habit Workshops then why not drop in again for a surgery session, catch up with old alumni cohorts and share how you are getting on?

If you haven't, why not come along and see what all the fuss is about?

This regular monthly free catch-up gives me a chance to find out what you're struggling with and then enable me to help you.

Plus it gives you the chance to ask ad-hoc questions.

(Please Note. There is no such thing as a silly question!)

We'll talk about the challenges that we are facing. Come up with some new ideas so that we can all get more business and great connections from this incredible platform.

The topic this month is we will be discussing how you can reach out and make more connections

Plus' I'll also give you the opportunity for a profile or post review if you are happy to share this with the group.

This session is FREE to attend, all I ask is that you show up on the day as the places are limited to 49 people.

Here's some typical questions that can answer for you

💚 How can I optimize my LinkedIn profile to get more visibility?

💛 What are some tips for networking on LinkedIn?

💚 How can I use LinkedIn to find a new job?

💛 How can I improve my LinkedIn profile to attract recruiters?

💚 How can I use LinkedIn to grow my business?

💛 How do I create an effective LinkedIn company page?

💚 How can I use LinkedIn groups to expand my professional network?

💛 How do I effectively use LinkedIn's advanced search feature?

💚 How can I use LinkedIn to build thought leadership and position myself as an expert in my field?

💛 How can I improve my LinkedIn headline to stand out to potential employers or clients?

You can book your place at

or if you cannot make this one 😁

Or just DM me with a question

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