Here are some ideas to help you come up with your content.

7 ideas for posting this week

  • The John Lewis advert is out. There are many things that you can talk about here. Do you understand it? Does this mean the start of Christmas for you? If you mention John Lewis by name use the @ sign so that they are tagged. Their marketing teams will be monitoring things and will thank you for spreading their name, so you may get more views. This is just something that I think, rather than having any hard evidence, but it could be true eh?

  • Remembrance Day This is on Thursday and Remembrance Sunday is here too. Have you got your poppy? What else could you write about this huge subject?

  • Productivity Hack. Do you use any tools in your business that you could share? I use Grammarly which is awesome.

  • What are you listening to? E With all these streaming sites we have so much music to listen to we are overwhelmed so we just listen to old stuff we know. Why not share what you are listening to or ask for suggestions. Music is my passion and so many people share this passion too so why not tap into this? I'm currently listening to No Jacket Required by Phil Collins!!

  • Have you forgotten anything? I missed my friend's firework party at the weekend. 🤦‍♂️ We had it in our heads that it was Saturday so when we checked our emails for the time on Saturday we realised it was Friday. Talk about how you got away with it or if it caused huge problems. Missed holidays, weddings there is loads that you can talk about here I am sure.

  • What is your best customer doing? If your business is about helping or servicing customers, share what your best customers are doing and how you are helping them. Make it sound like information on what is best to do. DO NOT make it sound like you are awesome and that if I do not sign up with you my business will fail. REMEMBER LinkedIn is a social network and People buy from people who they know, like, and trust. Will they trust you if all you do is keep banging the drum about buying your stuff?

  • Black Friday Deals Already? I have just had an email telling me about Black Friday. This is the USA's answer to our Boxing Day deals. Do you do anything? Are you using this as a Marketing Push?

This should inspire you to come up with some great ideas for posting. Please tag me in your post if you'd like my thoughts on your efforts. Or drop me a DM on LinkedIn with a link to your post. You know that I am happy to help!!!

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