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Get Inspired with The Monday Nudge: 5 New content ideas for LinkedIn™️

WEEK 44 Monday Nudge

The clocks have gone back. Did you remember? What did you do with your extra hour? I was able to crack on with this for you.

I love coming up with new ideas, but if you have any, please share. It would be great to give a feature to another creator.

Content is everywhere and this week because of Halloween and Bonfire Night we have loads to share.

I'm doing another FREE Drop-In LinkedIn™️ Surgery Next week, so keep an eye out for that.

Have fun this week and if you are off to a bonfire or Halloween party, take loads of photos for your content!!


My Nudge is also a VIDEO

Watch HERE

Here are my ideas for Content this week.

There are many ideas to talk about this week.

What will you be sharing?

Don't forget to share your top business tips too.

Bonfire Night

Why do we celebrate the failure of Guy Fawkes in the UK? What other failures do we celebrate? Talk about those and maybe your party or why you like/dislike fireworks. Do you have any great organised charity ones in your area that you can shout about? Share your fun stories of previous fireworks events.

Your Location

Talk about why you love where you live or where you have your office. What made you choose the location? What are the benefits of being where you are? Is your business close to the local businesses that give you all shared opportunities or do you work in a remote part of the world? You could share your view from where you work, or even a local landmark. Come on, put your town on the map.


This is a fun campaign to grow a moustache, but more importantly to highlight men's health and awareness of those blokes in your life who just bottle things up and don't talk. Their website is a treasure trove of help and advice and some great tools and ideas. Here you go If you are growing a tash for Movember, you'll have plenty of content. At least one selfie per week!! Are you doing any fundraising? Share that too!! You've got a few days to start letting people know that's what you'll be doing.

National Authors Day (1 Nov)

BOOM!!! This is the first author's day that I CAN celebrate. My book was launched in mid-November last year!! This is your chance to share your favourite Author, or maybe their books. What book has changed your life, or at least had an impression on you? If you are an author I am expecting a big spread all about you and your book. Why you wrote it and what it is about.

When does Christmas Start?

I notice that they are putting up the Christmas lights in town and that there are tins of Quality Street in the shops so I guess we cannot escape the fact that Christmas is coming. There, I said it. When do you start? Share your plans. Have you purchased all the gifts yet? Have you put the sprouts on yet and when is Stir Sunday? (It's 26 November). I always think that once Bonfire night is over, it's the run-up to Christmas. That'll please my wife

Good luck this week. Have have and be safe with those bonfires


The 15 Minute Guy

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