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Festive Ideas for Posting to LinkedIn

Merry Christmas, only 5 more sleeps. Are you feeling festive yet? If you'd like me to create a festive headshot for your LinkedIn Profile this week, (Like mine above) please send me a suitable photo and I will give it a festive makeover as my Christmas gift to you.

Thank you so much for reading my Monday Nudge each week. I hope that it helps you with your creativity each week. Take some time off and have a lovely break and I'll be back in January. Raring to go and looking forward to an exciting 2022. If you want a hand with anything, please get in touch.

There will be fewer people posting on LinkedIn this week, so your creative work could be seen by more people. However, they will be fewer people online too . It'll be interesting to see what happens, but keep up the good work.

Here are your 5 ideas for posting this week

  • Weekly Summary. What have you been up to? What challenges have you had to face and how did you overcome them. What success have you had this week? people still buy Quality Street, or what about the new kids on the block. You could come up with some great fun polls on this topic. Didn't a tin of these sweets used to be about £10.00 in the olden days? Now I see that you can buy 2 for £7 in some stores.?

  • The Shortest Day I love the summer. The light evenings and warmth so as the nights start drawing in I long for the long days again. Tomorrow is the shortest day and the official start of winter. I am sure you think of many things to post around this topic?

  • Christmas Plans. Do you have a Plan B? Has anything changed? What about your festive traditions? We all have new PJ's at Christmas. We also lie in bed with the kids and read them 'The night before Christmas'. Our Small kid-free Christmas has changed because of the Covid infection (not us). How do you cope with extra mouths to feed?

  • Lockdown Looming sorry to mention this, but it will be a hot topic this week so if you can find light relief people will respond. Or what about some controversial views? How does another Lockdown affect you? Or your customers? Again there is a lot of things that you can write about this topic.

  • Christmas TV. Is this your last week at work? If it is always something to talk about. What's on, give some recommendations. What series are you binge-watching, WHat is your favourite Christmas Film?

Advanced Level LinkedIn Daily Habit Workshop 10 January

Booking Is now available for a deeper dive into LinkedIn. If you loved the LinkedIn Daily Habit Workshop this is going to be a similar format, but looking more into the topics that we either didn't look at or need further help. It will run at £125 per person but as this will be the very first run of the Advanced Level LinkedIn Daily Habit Workshop there is a discount code especially for previous cohorts. See below. Day One - What to do to make your Post attract engagement. Creator Mode Day Two - Hashtags and Cover Story Day Three - Making Connections Day Four - Company Pages Day Five - Content Strategy If you want to be part of this new course and get even more from LinkedIn then please click here to book your place includes your EARLY BIRD discount code. Once you book there is also a quick survey to let me know what else you'd like to see in the workshop!. For ALL Bookings I'll conduct a video review of your current profile so that you've got a plan or a pat on the back for a job well done ) (please note that to get the most from this advanced workshop you should have already graduated from the LinkedIn Daily Habit Workshop booking link) What you should aim to do daily on LinkedIn.

You should aim to do most of these actions every day!!

  • Check your notifications and respond to any comments.

  • Answer any messages

  • Respond to any connection requests

  • Make a note of your numbers for monitoring

  • Comment and like posts

  • Consider writing your own post. PLEASE aim to write ONE post per WEEK

  • Connect with someone

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